Military Fighter Jet & Vehicle Parts Auction

Military Jet Aircraft Fighter Parts
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Began: 07/14/17 at 7:00 PM EDT
Ended: 08/01/17 at 6:00 PM EDT

Military Jet Aircraft Fighters Parts, Military Vehicles Parts
& Memorabilia Auction

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Auction starts to close Tuesday, August 1st.,  2017 at 6pm
Preview the items on Monday, July 31st from 2pm-4pm
Items located 4644 Rt. 309, Schnecksville, Pa. 18078

Soft close begins 6pm Tuesday, August 1, 2017, 2 items close per minute, bidding continues as auction closes.

Extended bidding, if a bid is placed within the last 2 minute of a lot’s scheduled close time the bidding will be extended 2 minutes from the last bid.
Auction Highlights….
120 lots Consists of F4U Coursair,  F4 Phantom, F14 Tom Cat, parts consist of gauges, panels, 2 ejection seats, 2 pilot seats, pilot pressure suites, helmut, Joy sticks, motor parts including Pratt Whitney radial engine, values and pistons, military vehicles for US army half track and dummy 50 caliber machine gun, military ID vehicles and desk top models and planes and signed pieces by Chuck Yeager, Plus 5 Lots Nasa Space Items include Bolts, Lever Arm, Heat Dispenser, Chart for After Burner & MORE!

Terms: All Major Credit Cards * 13% Buyer Premium * 6% Sales Tax




Tom Hall Auctions, Inc
4644 Route 309
Schnecksville, PA 18078
Phone: 610-799-0808 Fax: 610-799-2199


8-1-17 – Military Fighter Jet & Vehicle Parts Auction 7/18/2017-8/1/2017


1 WWII Half Track Speedometer
Refurbished. Speedometer is of a m2 half track.
Overall length is 12 inches long by 7 inches high. The
plaque appears to be new with no serial numbers punched
on it.


2 Soyuz TM34 Flown Heat Shield Plug
Ed Hoffman bought it from Alex Kelebeev off ebay and
there is paper work from Alex about the history of it.
Ed bought it for 120 back in 2006. Diameter is 2 inches


3 F 14 Fuel Dump
Off a F 14 plane. Roughly 19 inches long by 9 inches


4 German Luftwaffe Messerschmitt Turbine fan Section
Ed got this off ebay for 50. It is a rusted piece of a
me 262 turbine fan section. Measures roughly 2 feet


5 Liberty Bell 7 Bolt Nut and Washer Acrylic
Came off the Liberty Bell 7 that spent decades on the
ocean floor. Part of the restoration project to help
fund was selling off this acrylic. Acrylic is 5.5 x 7 x
2 inches in size.


6 B 17 Ball Turret Controll
Ed was part of shoo shoo baby restoration project.
Might have been a extra piece of that plane. The tag
states that it is from sperry gyroscope co for the US
Army Air Forces. So it is from WWII. Buttons on the
controllers click and move with ease. Overall size is
11 inches by 9 inches.


7 2 Douglas and 1 Grumman Foot Pedals Lot
All three for one money. They show some wear from use
and storage. Grumman is 6 x 7 inches.


8 WWII US Navy Gun Camera
Still has a cassette in it. I do not know if there is
any film on it or what is on the film. All the knobs
move with ease Shows some wear fro use and storage.
Size is 7 inches long by 3.5 inches wide.


9 F6f-5n Hellcat Exhaust Pipe
Ed marked the side saying it is off a F6f 5n Hellcat.
Size is roughly 8.5 inches by 4 inches. Shows some wear
from use and storage.


10 B 17 B 25 Bomber Valve
The larger is for a B17 or B25. The smaller one was
with the larger one. Larger one has a woodn base. 3
inches wide by 5.5 inches high. Reburished.


11 F 14 D Tomcat Joystick
Original piece. All the buttons move and make their
clicking noise. 10 inches in height.


12 F16 Fighting Falcon Joystick
Original piece. All the buttons move and make their
clicking noise. 9 inches in height.


13 Columbia Flown Space Shuttle Thermal Insulation Pi
Ed bough this off ebay for 152.50. Comes with paperwork
says what it is. From the cargo bay thermal protective
cover 5.5 x 4.5 inches in size. Was removed from the
shuttle may 12 1998.


14 WWII Trench Art Ashtray Airplane
The brass one is post wwii. In form of a corsair. The
other is marked on the bottom William Hoffman Australia
1942-43. The chrome one measures 6 inches wide by 4
inches high. Props on the plane spin.


15 Late 1940’s Early 50s Airplane Cockpit Instrument
I seen the one gauge is dated 1948. I think (but not
100% sure) it is off a corsair. There is naval markings
on some of the gauges. 23 x 9 x 17 inches in size. I
have no way I testing the gauges to see if they work.


16 Boeing B-47 Srtatojet Yoke
One a wooden base. Metal plaque is stamped airplane mod
b47 dwg or part no 5-29630-14 contr no af 33 (-600)
22284 ser no cv v 814 date accepted 10-6-54. 16 inches
in width. Buttons move and click.


17 F4U Corsair Joystick
All the buttons move and click like they should. Stands
roughly 8 inches in height. No cracks or chips in the
hard plastic. Marked on the side naf 1173 2.


18 F3H Demon Joystick
All the buttons move and click like they should. Stands
roughly 7 inches in height. Shows wear from use and


19 WWII German Luftwaffe Exhaust from a Me109
Ed bought this off ebay for less than $120. In relic
condition. Measures roughly 8×8 inches.


20 US Air Forces Jet Pilot Helmet
The government tag on the inside is missing. There is
scratches and other signs of use on it. There is 2
visors. A clear one and a darked one. The clear one
does not want to move down and I am not going to force
it. Size is not given. Missing one ear piece.


21 Cowl from a F4U Corsair
Ed says this is from a corsair. The width is 33 inches
and 26 inches in height. Made out of aircraft aluminum.
Shows wear from use and storage.


22 Vintage Airport Sign
Made out of sheet metal. 30 inches across. Great for


23 Jet Engine Turbine
still has a cassette in it. I do not know if there is
any film on it or what is on the film. All the knobs
move with ease Shows some wear fro use and storage.
Size is 7 inches long by 3.5 inches wide.


24 F4U F 86 B 24 Mk 18 Aircraft Gun Sight
This one was used by the navy since it has a anchor and
us on the side. There is a cracks on the lower left
corner of the plate. Size is roughly 7x8x5 inches. All
the knobs and buttons turn.


25 f-14 Tomcat Ge fterburning Turbofan Stator Van
Ed bought it off ebay for $48. Junk of the turbofan
engine. Size is 6 x 2.5 inches.


26 Space Shuttle Connecting Rod
Ed bought this from RR auction. He paid $200 for it.
Dated Dec 15 1982. This was used on the shuttles payload
bay door. Length is 15.5 inches.


27 Airplane Display Control Panel
Not sure what plane this is from. All the knobs click
and lock into place or pushed into place. Size is 8 by
7.5 inches by 4 inches deep.


28 B17 Boeing Horn Button
It is a paperweight that is in the form of a horn
button. Just over 3 inches across.


29 Flap Master Ext Light Control Panel
Not sure what plane this is from. All the knobs click
and lock into place or pushed into place. Size is 8 by
5 inches by 5 inches deep.


30 M 4 Sherman Tank Joystick
Covered in rubber, Might be new old stock or
refurbished. Trigger moves with ease. 7 inches in
height with base.


31 F-16 Fighting Falcon Joystick
I think it is a mock up. None of the buttons or
triggers move on it. I tried to move the big gray
button and it popped off. I reglued it back on. 8.5
inches sin height.


32 Hook Bypass Taxi White Red Flood Control Panel
Not sure what plane they are off of. All the buttons
and levers move. Shows wear from use and storage. 6 x
6.5 x 7.5 inches in size.


33 Hatch Jettison Handle and Panel
Not sure what plane it came out of. Has some wear on it
from use and storage. Size is 14 x 6 inches. Lever
does move and is tight.


34 WWII B17 24 25 Bomb Release
Neat piece. This one looks like it was hardly used.
Right now it is only set up to drop bombs out of the
center. The metal plate needs to be moved up to be able
to seleve the left or right side of the plane. Lever
moves smoothly.


35 4 Airplane Gauges
The largest one is a temp oil and fuel gauge. Which is
a type b-7. 3 inches across. Blinker for a oxygen flow
indictator. Temperature gauge from a navy plane.
Finally a cabin air temperature gauge. They have some
wear on them from use and storage. All for one money.


36 Flight Control Panel
Very dusty from being in storage for years. I tried all
the levers and switches and they move. The roll and
pitch bars move with ease. Not sure what plane it is
for. Size is 6 x 10.5 x 7 inches in depth.


37 4 Airplane Gauges
Largest one is for climb per thousand feet per minute.
One for manifold pressure. Another for PDI. Last one
is navy marked for compass pilots standby. They are in
used condition. The largest one is 5 inches long and 3
inches wide.


38 WWII Half Track Boogie Wheel
The rubber is marked military 1944 from Firestone.
Fairly hard rubber. Size is 12 x 4 1/8 x 10. Very


39 WWII Khaki Pilots Helmet
Size is large. Model number an h 15. Made by society
brand hat co. Still has the cord for the earphones.
Shows some wear from use.


40 US Air Forces Airplane Radio Set
I think it might have came out of a corsair but I could
be wrong. All the knobs turn and such. Very dusty from
sitting on a shelf for years. The cover comes off with
ease. I have nothing here to test it. Great for
display. 6 inches wide by 6 inches long. Dated 1970.


41 F 105 Thunderchief JoyStick
All the buttons move it and click. Stands just over 10
inches in height. No cracks or chips in the plastic.
Shows wear from use and storage.


42 P 51 Mustang Joystick
The trigger moves with ease. Made out of a rubber like
material. Stands just over 6 inches. Shows wear from
use and storage.


43 Apollo 11 Piece of Kapton Foil
Small piece of gold foil from the command module
Columbia Apollo 11. It is in acrylic. Whole thing is
3.75 by 2.75 inches. No paper work comes with it.


44 USS Lexington Blue Ghost Wooden Piece of the Fligh
Sealed in acrylic. Size is 3.25 by 3.25 inches. Does
not have paper work.


45 Grouping of Fighting 84th Items
Consists of 2 zippo lighters, challenge tokens, vfw
license plate, glasses from the officer’s club, and
other newer military items. All for one money.


46 US Navy llluminated Sight
Marked on the side for the Navy. Made by Bell and
Howell. No cracks or chips in the lenses. Stands
roughly 9 inches in height.


47 Navy A-6 Intruder BN Wind Drift Calculator
Ed bought this off ebay for $22. The craft was sunk in
the ocean to make a coral reef. This was removed before
it was sunk. Has some wear on it from use and storage.


48 B-29 Enola Gay Nut Bolt
Ed worked on a few restoration projects. The plaque
says B-29 enola gay. But there is no paper work stating
this. The long bolt is 4 inches in length.


49 Airplane Id Tags
Some are wwii and others are later. You have tags for
pratt whitney, unused nasa tags, mcdonnell phnatom, f14a
and f86h. Various sizes.


50 Military Vehicle Id Tags
Some are wwii and others are later. Id tags are for 13
ton m5, amored light car m8 , white m16, mk 21 mod 8,
gun carrier m16, 105mm howitzer, and m5 carrier. There
is a few military restoration plaques. Various size.
All for one money.


51 Jet Fighter Airplane Ejection Handle
Not exactly sure which plane this came out of. Handle
is tight. Size is 5.25 by 14 inches.


52 Landing Gear Audible Warning Signal
I have nothing here to test it with. The id tag states
signals landing gear audible warning volts 24 order
ga131546 by sparks withington co. 5 inches wide.


53 Autographed Hook Gun Control Panel
I cant make out the autograph on it. Size is 3.5×3.5×6
inches. Shows some wear from use and storage.


54 F 100 Super Sabre Throttle Control
There is a plaque on a homemade base that says it is for
a F100 Super Sabre. Shows wear from use and storage.
Size is 15.5x6x11 inches. Throttle moves back and forth
with ease.


55 Airplane Drop Fuel Tank
I believe it is a drop fuel tank. But I do not know
what it comes off. Size is rughly 24 b 14 inches. Made
out of a graphite material.


56 Airplane frame piece
Size is 17 x 20 inches. Numbered vs23842r.


57 WWII US Army Rawlings Tanker Helmet
It is a size 7 comes with goggles. Has some wear on it
from use and storage. Made by Rawlings for armored
personnel. Leather is stiff.


58 F 14 Tomcat Mach Limit Controller
Made by Grumman. Bottom is marked in black maker f 14
tomcat mach limit controller. Size is 4.5x6x4 inches,


59 Boxed Delco Remy Switch
Looks like it was never used. Comes in the original box.
Knobs move with ease. Size is 4×3.25 inches.


60 Airplane Fighter Jet Panel
49 x 10 inches in size. Not exactly sure what it came
off of. Maybe a f-14 tomcat. Marked interchangable
part a51825123 – 93.


61 Pratt Whitney Radial Engine Cylinder
Some of the cooling fins are broken or bent. Extremely
heavy. I have no history on what plane it came off of.
1 of two in the auction.


62 NASA SPS Burn Checklist
Was bought from RR Auctions in Nov 2013. Was used
during training in the Apollo Command.


63 Jolly Rogers Print Nicolas Trudgian Navy Corsairs
Just a print no signatures. Size is 17 by 28.


64 F 14 Grumman Presentation Certifcate Enola Gay Pri
The f14 is for the first flight of the f14. Size is
14.5 by 12. The other is just a print or picture of
enola gay. Size is 24×14 inches. Copy of a Morning Call
Parade insert on Sunday. The top is autographed by
Chuck Sweeney retired major general of the air force.


65 Grumman Eject Mode Selector
Made by Grumman. Cant make the handle move. Dated 1973.
Size is 6.25 by 9 inches.


66 Lamp Assembly Cockpit Type B 7
Made by Pittsburgh Reflector Company . No cracks or
chips in the plastic casing, 6 x 3 inches, Knob and
switch moves with ease.


67 Lot of 4 Airplane Gauges
The largest is 3.5 by 2 inches. The mph is made by
kollsman, 24 hour clock is stamped us navy by waltham
watch co, fuel is made by liquidometer corp, and the
smaller clock is made by waltham. No cracks or fungus
on the the glass.


68 Lot of Airplane Pieces
Not sure what kind of plane they came off. There is a
blister aux control box for a 20mm gun (knobs and switch
work), type c-1a valve, larger black valve 6.75 by 3
inches (has a brass plaque on it under the rubber cover
but I cant get the cover off), f-14a airpax hour gauge,
and a grimes part no a 4255a.


69 Lot of 4 piston heads
Not sure what kind of plane and engine they are from.
The largest head is 5.75 x 4 inches in size. All for
one money.


70 F14 Spares Cover Panel
There is a sticker on the panel f-14 spares final dest
whse 3m. Size is 19 by 6.5 inches.


71 P 51 Mustang Fuel Gauge
Contract number is af 33 088 15489 other numbers are 106
48 246 b. Size is roughly 3×3 inches.


72 Tank Sights Sites Periscopes
Both for one money. The larger one is extremely heavy.
Stamped 2510 630 0790. You can see the layers of the
glass with the materials separating on it. Both have
wear from use and storage. Both for one money.


73 Airplane Control Panels
One the covers or panels. There is no electronics
attached to them. Largest one is 12.5 by 3.5 inches.


74 WWII VINTAGE Bomber Oxygen Tank
No dents in it. The only marking I could find was us
property. Size is 23 inches long.


75 25 Pound Practice Bomb
Shows wear from use and storage. Size is 25 inches.
Made out of metal. Front heavy.


76 Pratt Whitney Radial Engine Cylinder
The second one in the sale. Some of the cooling fins are
bent or broken off. Missing two covers on the top.


77 Gyro Horizon Indicators
The round one is made by jack & heintz inc. Size is 8
by 5 inches. Everything moves with ease. Other is a
directional gyro indicator by garwin inc. The knob
moves with ease.


78 Lot of 4 Airplanes Gauges
The largest is 6 by 3.25 inches. That one is made by
schwien engineering for a type c 6 indicator bank and
turn. There Is a general motors engine water gauge.
Cylinder temperature head gauge by weston electric inst
corp. And finally f-14 clock by waltham. THey have
wear on them from use and storage.


79 Deactivated Hand Grenades and Rounds
Pineapple grenades opened at the bottom and nothing is
inside of them. Marked rfx. The others are dummy
rounds or had the gun powder removed. All for one
money, ]


80 Canopy Jettison Handle
Still has the cartridge on it. Shows some wear on it
from use. Size is 6.5 inches in height.


81 Tomcat Patch Lot #1
Most of the patches are farewell patches from when the
plane was going out of service in the early 2000s.
Doubt that any of them were ever used in action. There
is 101 patches.


82 Tomcat Patch Lot #2
Most of the patches are farewell patches from when the
plane was going out of service in the early 2000s.
Doubt that any of them were ever used in action. There
is 80 some patches.


83 Tomcat Patch Lot #3
Most of the patches are farewell patches from when the
plane was going out of service in the early 2000s. Doubt
any of them seen action. There is some earlier patches
stickers and insignia mixed in.


84 Airplane 50 Cal Gun Box
Box LH number 2 on a plane. Held all the rounds for a
50 cal on a airplane. Has wear on it from use and
storage. Size is 11 x 16 inches.


85 Airplane Canopy Glass
Extremely thick and heavy. Dated 12/4/1984. Im
guessing it came out of a f-14. Size is 21.5 by 17
inches in size.


86 Chuck Yeager Autographed P 51 Mustang Diecast Airp
Made by Liberty Classic Spec Cast (division of ertl).
Wingspan is 10 inches. Made out of diecast. Prop even
spins. No paper work with it.


87 Danbury Mint Chuck Yeager Signed X-1
Made by Danbury Mint. The autograph on the wing is
faded. Scale is 1/32. Made out of wood. Weird part is
the base we have is different from the paper work we


88 Space Shuttle Atlantis and Corsair Desk Top Models
The scale for the shuttle is 1/200th. Made out of wood.
The corsair is made out of brass. Wingspan is 6.5
inches. It never had a prop.


89 XB 70 A Valkyrie and X 15 Rocket Desk Top Models
Made out of wood. Made by aerospace marketing. The
Rocket is 12 inches long with a wing span of 5 inches,
Both for one money.


90 WWII Bomber Load Adjuster Rules Signed
The one is signed by chuck sweeney and the other I can
not make out. The rules work and both for one money.
One is for a b 29 and the other is for a b 17.


91 Grumman F 14 Desktop Models
There is 3 of them in this lot. Each is slightly
different. The one has damage on the bottom fin area.
Only one of the stands is clear. Others are yellowed
from age. When the wings are closed the wingspan is 6.5


92 Desk top Model Autographed of a Me 109e
Largest desktop model of the collection. Wingspan is 16
inches The one autograph I can not make out. The other
is walter something. There was a few luftwaffe aces
with the first name of walter. No paper work on it.
Great for display.


93 Desk Top Model P -40E Warhawk Autographed
I cant make out the autograph on it. Made out of wood.
Wingspan is roughly 9 inches. Made by toys and models


94 Desk Top Model F-14 Tomcat Corsair and Phantom
All are made out of wood. The tomcat and corsair state
the scale Is 1/48th. I assume the phantom is the same.
All three for one money. Wings on the tomcat move.


95 Pot Metal Military Vehicle Id Models
I think they were refinished. I don’t remember them
being that color of green. The six wheeled armored car
is a resin kit. The others are pot metal and the small
one is made by midge toy. The 105mm howitzer the cannons
are plastic which isnt right. The tank is 6 inches in


96 Airplane Id Models Lot
All are vintage and made out of rubber. The previous
owner drilled holes in the top of them to hang them off
the ceiling., The trainer plane is cracked and melted in
areas. All for one money.


97 WWII Vehicle Spot Lights with Blackouts
Most of been extras for Eds half track he had back in
the 90s or so. They look to be repainted The largest
one is 12 inches in length. Very heavy lot.


98 Tags Hangers off Airplanes WARNING
For engines and bombs these were placed on. There is
also a few ocean rescue dye markers. All for one money.


99 Various Vintage Airplane and Vehicle Pieces WWII
Ed helped himself to little pieces of vehicles and
planes. Some are off corsairs, na 0-47, half tracks
rubber, f 86 sabre, p 61 skin, t 33, b 17, and such.


100 Carburetor for a Corsair Stromberg
Not sure if all of it is there. Ed said this is a
carburetor off a corsair. Size is 16 by 8 inches.


101 Carburetor for a Sherman Tank Stromberg
Not sure if all of it is there. Ed said this is a
carburetor off a sherman tank. Size is roughly 8.25 by
8.25 inches.


102 Jet Airplane Pilot Seat Cushions
Worn from use. Both for one money. Size is roughly 17
by 14.5.


103 Korean War Us Army Helmet
The seam for the helmet is in the rear and it has the
quick release on the chin strap. Liner is a wwii


104 US Air Force Oxygen Mask
Size is medium. Type A-14. Comes in a field pouch for
a m17. Rubber is soft and movable.


105 Military Aircraft and Vehicle Parts Lot US Army Ai
Theres a little bit of everything in here. Hand crank
for a engine. Unused champion igniter spark plug for a
jet engine. Gas tank cover for a boeing plane. Cockpit


106 Lot of 4 Aircraft Gauges
The largest is gyro horizon indictator and the size is 8
x 5 inches. Everything moves with ease on it.
Altimeter is made by astek. The knob moves with ease
but I only was able to turn it to 1500 ft. AOA gauge
out of a f 14. Free air temperature gauge and a grumman
commerical clock.


107 Lot of Military Craft Boxed Parts
Two of the boxes are empty. The largest piece is 6 by
3.5 inches. The center knob comes out and it is
attached to a cord. Has a on off switch. 1956 Boeing
Reducing tee that looks like it was never used. A well
worn id light in the box. The other two boxes are
empty. ONe was for a lamp assembly for a cockpit, and
the other was for some kind of light.


108 Illuminated Sight and Other US Naval Instrument
Both are marked with US Navy stampings. Illuminated
sight is made by wollensak optic and the size is 6 by
3.5 inches. Don’t see any cracks or chips in the
lenses. The other piece has a canvas tag that it is
attached to the detonator junction box. Both for one


109 Lot of Military Airplane Parts
The things that look like horse hooves are extremely
heavy. The brackets are marked base mount elec equip mt
4578/u. They are 9 by 5 inches in size. 3 masonite
left wing tank gauges. Cockpit light with cord. All
for one money.


110 Lot of Military Airplane Parts
The large piece is marked aero supply mfg corp. Size is
8 x 5 inches The mirror is out of a f14. The valve
with a handle is for a inlet to a gun. All for one


111 Huge Engine Coolant Piece
It was mixed in with the race cars items that was sold.
Too big and heavy for a race car. The inside has
corrosion in it. So it had to pump some kind of coolant
or water through it. Size is roughly 14 by 17 inches.


112 Lot of Air Force Pilot Gear
There is a russian pilot chart or log. US Air Force
pilot clipboard. A few tools for charting. All for one


113 Lot of Air Force Signal Lights off a plane
Not sure what plane they came off. The largest one is
14 inches in length. The smallest one has a cracked and
reglued red lense. All for one money.


114 Lot of 3 Ejection Handles
Look like for ejecting out of a pilots seat. The
longest is roughly 24 inches. All for one money.


115 Lot of Airplane Body Parts
I think the green one came off a corsair since Ed had
mulitple parts from one. The green piece is 13 x 15


116 F 4 U Corsair Windscreen Parts
Ed has them in a box marked f 4 u corsair windscreen
parts. The largest is 7.25 inches in length.


117 Flying Aces and F14 Bottles
Never opened. Flying aces is a light lager. The other is
a a pinky with a f14 maker label on it. Both for one


118 Columbia Space Shuttle Tile
There is paper work saying this came off the Columbia.
Tile is roughly .5 inches by .5 inches,


119 Lot of Airplane Parts
There is parts for exhaust and lights. The one box with
all the switches is for recongnition lights and the
switches move with ease. The largest piece is roughly
15 inches long and it is that grey weird shaped piece.


120 US Army Field Gear Lot
There is a duffel bag, canteens, a colt 45 bb gun with
US unmarked holster, gas mask, cruising calculator and
other items. Everything is in used condition.


121 Dummy 50 Cal Machine Gun
Looks good from a distance. There is even dummy rounds
and extra links for it. The barrel is open all the way
through. But when you get to the back half that is
where the life like part of it stops. One there is no
action for it never had any. The part that helps the
gun to be hang from something is in the area where you
have to cock it. Even through there is a handle there it
does not cock back. The triggers in the back of it are
for show. They dont move and are part of the body. Ed
had it on his half track. Looks good from a distance


122 Landing hook for a Corsair
Came off a corsair. Length is roughly 55 inches. Solid
metal. Comes with another long piece off a airplane.
Both for one money.


123 B 17 Bomber Shoo Shoo Baby Parts
Ed was on the restoration team for this one. Comes with
patch, pin, booklets about the restoration and a piece
of the plane. The length is 67 inches by 21 inches


124 F 4 U Corsair Wing Rib
Length is 41 inches. Extremely light. Has some wear
from use and storage.


125 T 33 Jet Airplane Front Windshield
Looks like it might have been refurbished. Has a good
amount of weight to it. Size is roughly 24 inches by 15
inches. No cracks in the glass.


126 Jet Exhaust Pipe
Off some kind of plane. Painted army olive drab green.
Marked on the side k108 53s111a. Size is roughly 4.5 by
11.5 inches.


127 F 14 Jet Airplane Piece Panels
The large piece is off a F 14 Tomcat. The other piece
not exactly sure. The large panel is rooughly 38 inches
in length. Extremely heavy.


128 Hamilton Standard Metal Airplane Propeller
Extremely heavy. Only this piece. Size is 58 inches in
length by 11 inches wide.


129 Military or Airplane Cushion Seats
All for one money. Size is 15 by 17 inches. Done in a
miltiary olive drab green.


130 Mae West Life Vest and Other Vests
Didn’t try to blow up the Mae West. The other item is a
anti g garment cut away. Items show wear from use and


131 F 4 Phantom Ejection Pilot Seat
Not sure if everything on it is functional. Ed made a
frame to be able to have it sit up right. Shows wear on
it from use. Size is roughly 5 feet by 3 feet. There is
no parachutes for it.


132 Pilot Ejection Seat Turned into a Office Chair
Ed turned this one into a office char. Gave it
coasters. Has straps and harnesses. Rolls smoothly.
Size is roughly 54 x 38 inches.


133 Early Grey Pilot Seat
Not sure what type of plane it came out of it. Has
levers on the side that are marked recline, vertical and
fore/alt. Size is 46 x 24 inches. Has wear from use
and storage.


134 Boeing 1965 Pilot Seat
Early looking seat. The tag on the back side says it
out of a boeing that was made in November 1965. Size is
39 x 24 inches. Shows wear from use and storage.


135 Lot of 4 Aviation Prints w USAF Thunderbirds
The thunderbird is signed by the guys in the photo and
the support crew. Size of that one is 17.5 by 20.5
inches including the frame. The Tomcat is a print by
Terrance J Ryan. Not signed or numbered. Shuttle is a
print of a photo. The corsair landing on a aircraft
carrier is done by stokes numbered 251 out of 750 from
1980. No paper work on the corsair print.






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