Autographed Non Sports Collection

One Owner Collection Of Non Sports Cards!
70+ Lots of Autographed Collector Items!
 Agent of Shield, Sara Michelle Gellar, Vampire Diaries, James Bond, Game of Thrones, Spartacus, Green Arrow, Xena, Star Trek,  Gaurdians  of the Galaxy & MORE

Began: 10/13/17 at 11:00 AM EDT
Ended: 10/24/17 at 6:00 PM EDT

One Owner Collection of Non Sport Cards!
70 Plus Lots Autographed  Collector Items!

Agent of Shield * Sara Michelle Gellar * Vampire Diaries * James Bond * Game of Thrones * Spartacus  Green Arrow * Xena * Stargate * Star Trek * Gaurdians of the Galaxy * Plus!

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Catalogue Listing:

  Tom Hall Auctions, Inc
  4644 Route 309
  Schnecksville, PA 18078
  Phone: 610-799-0808  Fax: 610-799-2199

10-24-17 – Autographed Non Sports Collection  10/11/2017-10/24/2017

   1    Lot of Agents of Shield Autographed Cards
        3 are bordered autographs. The border autographs are for
        Eddie McClintock, Nick Blood, and Jaimie Alexander.  The
        full  bleed are for Adam Kulbersh, Eddie McClintock,
        Simon Kassianides and a graded by Becket 9.5 for the
        card 10 for the autograph of Chloe Bennet.  All for one

   2    Lot of Agent of Shield Costume Cards
        Two sets of id cards.  They are all from 2015.  Cards
        are for Agent Phill Coulson (235/350 cc1), Agent Phil
        Coulson (127/350 cc2), Agent Melinda May (043/350 cc3),
        Agent Grant Ward (285/350 cc4), Agent Grant Ward
        (124/350 cc5), Agent Leo Fitz (265/350 cc7), Agent Jemma
        Simmons 318/350 cc6), Agent Leo Fitz 357/425 cc6), Mike
        Peterson (018/350 cc19), Director Phil Coulson (385/425
        cc1), Grant Ward (307/425 cc4), Jiaying (307/425 cc12),
        and Lady Sif (141/425 cc15).

   3    Lot of 2 Autographed Sara Michelle Gellar Cards
        From the Buffy the Vampire Series.  Both are dated from
        2013.  No numbers on them.  Both for one money.

   4    Lot of Vampire Diaries Autographed and Wardrobe Ca
        The autographed card is of Taylor Kinney numbered a14
        from season 2.  Other two cards are from season two both
        are from Taylor Kinney set number m26 and m4.

   5    Lot of 3 Warehouse 13 Autographed Cards
        All three are autographed by Eddie Mcclintock.  The one
        with the gold border is from 2010.  The other two are
        from 2012. The one with the golden star sticker on the
        top is also a wardrobe card.  All for one money.

   6    Lot of 3 James Bond Autographed Cards
        The two Pierce Brosnan are from 2010 and are full bleed
        autographs.  The one for Douglas Wilmer is from 2011 and
        is also a full bleed.  All three for one money.

   7    Lot of 2 Games of Thrones Limited Edition Cards
        The green one is for the house of Baratheon numbered
        202/300. The other is a quote card from 2014 set number

   8    Avengers Age of Ultron Locker Card
        Set numbered al4 cbth.  Has a piece of Captain Americas,
        Black Widow, Thor and Hulks costumes on it.  From 2015.

   9    Lot of Green Arrow Cards Season 1
        Two of them are autographed.  They are A9 Manu Bennett
        and A20 Seth Gabel.  The wardrobe cards are numbered
        dm1, m13, m14, and m23.  There is a complete set of
        chrome cards ccc1-6 and complete set of acetate cc1-6.
        Plus two promo cards.  All for one money.

  10    Thor The Dark World Autographed Card
        Signed by Chris Hemsworth.  Not numbered.  Graded by
        Beckett.  Both the card and autograph are a 9.

  11    Lot of 2 Spartacus Cards Autographed
        Two are signed cards, one is a thick card in the memory
        of andy whitfield, and one is a costume card. The one
        card is from Spartacus’s sleeve armor numbered cc1.  The
        other two are autographed.  One is by Liam McIntyre and
        the other is John Hannah. All for one money.

  12    Lot of 13 NCIS Autographed Cards
        All are from 2012.  They are Pauley Perrette, Jessica
        Steen, Alan Dale, Brian Dietzen, Pancho Demmings,
        Charles Durning, Michael Nouri, Alicia Coppola,
        Stephanie Mello, Sean Harmon, Sandra Hess, Scottie
        Thompson, and Rena Sofer.  None of them are numbered.

  13    Lot of 13 NCIS Costume Cards
        All are from 2012.  They are Cote De Pablo (cc3
        302/500), Cote De Pablo (cc20 134/500), David McCallum
        (cc2 039/500), David McCallum (cc19 465/500), David
        McCallum (cc9 484/500), Michael Weatherly (cc21
        397/500), Cote De Pablo (cc12 414/500), Sean Murrary
        (cc5 003/500), Brian Dietzen (cc8 226/500), Brian
        Dietzen (cc15 097/500), Rocky Carroll (cc18 244/500),
        Rocky Carroll (cc4 491/500) and Mark Harmon (cc11

  14    Once Upon A Time Costume and Autographed Cards Sea
        All are from season 1.  The autographed cards are Lana
        Parilla a1, Kristin Bauer van Straten a8.  The costume
        cards are of Rumplestiltskin m03, Siren m05, Prince
        Charming m06, Snow White m08, and Prince Charming m09.

  15    24 Bordered Autographs From Continuum
        All are bordered.  They are Tanaya Beatty x3, Janet
        Kidder x3, Nicholas Lea, Ian Tracey, Tahmoh Penikett,
        Omari Newton, Richard Harmon, Catherine Lough Haggquist,
        Rachael Crawford x2, Hugh Dillon, Mike Dopud x2, Zak
        Santiago x2, Brian Markinsonx 2, and Adrian Holmes x3.

  16    12 Full Bleed Autographs From Continuum
        All are full bleed.  They are Rachael Crawford x2,
        Catherine Lough Haggquist, Tanaya Beatty, Zak Santiago
        x3, Nicholas Lea x2, Hugh Dillion, Adrian Holmes x2.

  17    Avengers Age of Ultron Autographed Thor Card
        Set numbered aa hc.  Beckett has the card graded at 9.5
        and the autograph at a 10.

  18    2 Sleepy Hollow Series 1 Autographed Cards
        The cards are both signed.  One is signed by Nicholas
        Gonzalez and the other is by Tom Mison.  Both for one

  19    Xena Autographed Beauty and Brawn Card
        Set numbered DA1.  Autographed by both Lucy Lawless and
        Renee O’Connor.  Graded by beckett 9.5 for the card and
        9 for the autographs.

  20    Xena Autographed Costume and Portraits Card Lot
        The two autographs are of Renee O Connor A12 and one of
        Kathryn Morris a9.  The costume card is for xena and
        gabrielle dc5.  The whole portraits of a warrior set is
        there numbered pp1 to pp18.  All for one money.

  21    Stargate Atlantis Joe Flanigan Costume and Autogra
        The autographed and costume card is for Joe Flanigan and
        is numbered 10/250.  The other card is a cstume card.

  22    Stargate SG1 TV Prop Silver Chain Necklace
        Came from MGM and has a seal of the commpany that issued
        it to the collector.  The chain is silver but the
        pendant is not.  It is known to be used in a episode but
        they do not know what episode or by what actor.

  23    Stargate SG1 Jewelry
        Keychain has a light up piece of glass with a etching of
        the stargate at the end.  Three stargate pendants with
        no history on them.  Must likely just for the fans.
        There is a SG1 team dog tag that is carded.  It is a
        licensed product but nothing that says it is a prop. All
        for one money

  24    Large Lot  of Star Trek Chase Cards
        4 cards of Into the Darkness numbered b20 (135/250), b18
        (169/250), b7 (190/250), and b21 (168/250).  6 gold
        foil promo cards for the 50th anniversary of the
        original series, gold foil card from star trek the
        original series numbered g57 ep57.9.  2 star trek
        voyager promo cards and a acetate card of the original
        series.  Mirror mirror cards of spock and kirk numbered
        mm2 mm1.  Sketchafex insert cards of a hand drawn card
        of kirk and spock fighting to the death.  4 artist
        return cards 2 of voyager, 1 next generation and 1 of
        aliens.  Finally a hand drawn oversized sketchafex card
        signed by the artist for voyager.

  25    Large Lot of Star Trek Autographed Cards
        Lot of 9 cards.  There is 2 different Mariette Hartley,
        Elinor Donahue, Robert Pine, Dennis Christopher, Lee
        Meriwether, Amy Lindsay, James Horan and Budd Albright.

  26    Lot of 6 Autographed Stagate SG1 Cards
        Looks like two different series.  The one with the
        purple star gate series has Teryl Rothery A3, Don S
        Davis A2, Richard Dean Anderson, and Michael Shanks.
        The green series there is only two, one of Richard Dean
        Anderson and Michael Shanks.

  27    Large Lot of Stargate SG1 Chase Insert Cards
        There is a complete set of alien cards numbered s1 to
        s18.  9 card set of SGC folders numbered pf1 to pf9. C12
        C 13 Dual Relic cards from SG1.  2 SG1 relics cards one
        numbered r2 (255/457) and the other is r11 (224/411).
        Complete 6 card set of costume cards numbered pc1 to
        pc6. Another SG1 costume card set with numbers c1, c2,
        c11, c17, c23, c29, c62 and c66. All for one money.

  28    Lot of 2 Stargate Sterling Silver Necklaces
        Each one is marked .925 on one of the lower legs and on
        the clasp.  Matching set.  Both for one money.

  29    Sealed Rittenhouse Archives Agents of Shield
        Never been opened. Has boxes for archive box a and b.

  30    Stargate SG1 Prop Replica 1/25th Scale Limited Edi
        Signed by the whole cast.  I could not find any paper
        work for it.  Numbered 14/295.  The stargate wheel does
        not move.  Slight chip on the top.

  31    Stargate SG1 Golden Stargate Plaques
        Theses were given to the cast members for the 10th
        Anniversary of the series.  Size is 15 inches by 15
        inches.  There is some damage to the edges of the
        frames.  None to the golden stargate.

  32    Stargate SG1 Wall Panel from the Goa ‘uld Mothersh
        There is a COA on the backside from Legends
        Memborabilia.  Size is roughly 11 x 13 inches.

  33    Stargate Volume 1 Set Portofolio Art Print Series
        All are numbered 17 out of a 1000.  They still have
        white borders and no fading to the color.  Size is
        roughly 20 x 13 inches. Complete set of 5.

  34    Star Trek Ornaments and other Star Trek Items
        Unopened box of pez, box of large ornaments from
        hallmark, a small box set of ships from hallmark, some
        unused stamps and a what might be one end of a bookend
        All are in used condition.  All for one money.

  35    Thor 12 Inch Boxed Action Figure
        The factory sealed were cut on the ends.  Looks like it
        was hardly used maybe for display. Box has some wear on
        it from storage. Scale is 1/6th.  Made in 2013.

  36    2 12 Inch Spartacus Action Figures
        No boxes for them.  They were on display.  12 inches In
        height  They have some wear from display.  Only have
        what accessories that are in the pics.

  37    3 Trail of Painted Ponies
        One is not boxed. That one is No. 154 Motorcycle Mustang
        numbered 7014 and both ears are chipped.  No 1473 Happy
        Trails numbered 8655.  Happy has a chipped ear.  Storm
        rider is numbered 2965.  Then one ear look like it has
        small chips out of it or it might be the glitter.

  38    Large Lot of Non Sports Cards and Set
        There is no autographed or rare chase cards in there.
        Some of the cards are already made into sets.  In there
        is star trek, stargate 1, true blood, avengers, flash,
        once upon a time, angel and others.

  39    Complete Topps set of Dr Kildare Casey & Kildare
        Complete set of 110 cards.  Even has a original wrapper
        with it.  Cards are in used condition. First checklist
        was used.  The second one is unchecked.

  40    Stargate Lot of Stargates Buttons Pins and other s
        There is no paper saying if any of it Is a prop or not.
        There is buttons, stargates, stones, and xena items.
        All for one money

  41    Lot of Twilight Ornaments and Action Figure
        All for one money.  The one ornament of from eclipse
        still has the insert for the box.  The other two do not
        have the inserts. Edward and Bella action figures were
        never removed from the package.

  42    Large Amount of Artist Signed Cards
        They are for various shows.  Xena, spartacus, Stargate
        1, hunger games and others.  Some of the artists are
        uniqueley handmade, wu wei, margret price, and others.

  43    Large Lot of Xena Artist Signed Cards
        All are from Blue Hand Art. Some are limited edition and
        others are open editions.  All for one money.

  44    Disney Cats Hamster Artist Signed Cards
        All for one money.  I cant make out the artists
        signatures on the back of the cards.  There is a few
        different signatures.  Comes in hard plastic cases.

  45    Lot of 3 Spartacus Autographed Cards
        Two are of Lucy Lawless and one of Andy Whitfield. They
        are full bleeds.

  46    Richard Dean Anderson Autographed Photo
        Comes with a COA that is numbered. It is a 10×12 photo.

  47    2 Autographed Xena Cards
        One is of Alexandra Tyoing numbered A11 and the other is
        autographed and a costume card of Renee O’Connor
        numbered ac12.

  48    Battlestar Galactica Autographed Card
        The card is Alisen Down border autographed card.

  49    Guardians of the Galaxy Marvel Art Sketch Card Aut
        Numbered 1 of 1.  Cant make out of the autograph. Not
        sure if it is of the artist or the alien.

  50    Stargate SG1 Autographed Cards from Convention
        Beth went to a SG1 convention and had some cards signed.
        They are of Michael Shanks, Amanda Tapping, Chris Judge,
        Corin Nemic, Don S Davis and Stephen Amell.  Some have
        tickets behid the card and some have generic COAs with
        the person name on them.

  51    Stargate SG1 Autographed Cards Amanda Tapping
        Both are of Amanda Tapping. One is from atlantis and the
        other is from SG1.  SG1 is numbered ac3 and it is a
        autographed costume card.  Both for one money.

  52    Stargate SG1 Autographed Richard Dean Anderson Car
        All three for one money.  Two are from two different SG1
        sets and the other is from SGU.  The one SG1 is nubered

  53    4 Binders of Non Sports Card Sets
        The sets Marvel Civil War Inserts, Under the Dome Die
        Cut Set, Sleepy Hollow quote cards and pre tv series
        cards, and the third larger binder.  That binder has a
        lot of promo cards from many different series. Like x
        files, star trek, dexter, new moon, true blood, and

  54    Spartacus Insert Autograph Card Lot
        There is 5 autographs and a lot of inserts.  3 cards are
        costume cards.

  55    Autographed Stargate SG1 Cast Photo
        No paperwork on it.  Comes in a SG1 binder.  The only
        one that didn’t sign it is Don s Davis.  Photo is a 8 x

  56    Lot of Miniature Movie Posters
        They are smaller than normal.  Size is 11×17.  The paper
        stock is a little thicker than normal.  Great for

  57    Lot of Sean Patrick Pence Autographed Art
        They are autographed by Sean Patrick Pence but they are
        prints of his work.  Some are printed on HP Advanced
        Paper.  None are numbered.

  58    2 Sets of Harry Porter Gold Foil Cards
        One is still in the box and the other from removed from
        another set and placed in plastic sleeves.  Made by

  59    Stargate SG1 Slides Film Shots and Others
        There is 5 film shoots of the series SG1 from episodes
        chain reaction, the curse, the 1st commandment, beneath
        the surface and enigma.  2 key chain viewers of Richard
        Dean Anderson and Renee O’Connor. Carded twlight zone
        keychain tv and 5 magnets.

  60    Sean Patrick Pence Stargate Atlantis Prints
        They are made out to the previous owner Beth.  They are
        signed by Sean Patrick Pence in 2008.  Size is 8.5 x 11
        inches.  There is 6 prints.

  61    Hunger Games Card Poster Pin Lot
        The pin is a promo from Lionsgate. The card box is still
        sealed.  Some artists design cards.  Small promo
        posters.  Last a hardbound book signed and done by Tim

  62    Lot of Star Trek Costume Cards and Card Game
        There is a few costume cards and they are numbered rc1,
        rc2, rc3, rc8, rc9, rc10, rc11, rc13, rc19, rc25, rc31
        and rc34. Art and Images insert set cz1 to cz9.  Two are
        that were hand drawn for the previous owner Beth.  One
        card in a shadow box that has a piece of the USS
        Enterprise in it.  Book on star trek cats.  Over a 100
        hologram cards from the card playing game.  Some of
        those cards are still factory sealed in plastic.

  63    Lot of 3 Autographed Star Trek Cards
        The cards are of Chris Hemsworth, Chris Pine and Patrick
        Stewart.  None are numbered.  All for one money.

  64    Lot of 2 Autographed William Shatner Cards
        Both for one money. The yellow bordered one card
        numbered a199.

  65    Lot of Outlander Costume and Autographed Cards
        There is 7 autographed cards and they are numbered sh,
        tm1, tm2, dl, go, gm and sh. Costume cards are numbered
        dm1, dm6, dm3, dm7, m12, m14 and m37.

  66    Twilight Autographed Cards and Pieceworks
        The signed cards are not from a set.  But signed at
        maybe a showing or a convention.  All 12 pieceworks
        cards are there.  Along with some other cards that have
        actual pieces of the movie film with them.

  67    Spartacus Used Dacian Slasher and Scabber
        There is paper work that the primitive looking sword was
        on and used for Spartacus.  Comes with COA.  The other
        sword is nothing but a pakistan show piece.  Beth
        probably had it to display with the Dacian.

  68    Lot of Stargate and other Personalized Autographs
        These are from the original owner as she is pictured in
        them.  Even has her NCIS and SG1 ids.  Almost of the
        signatures are made out to her.  All for one money.
        Plus another binder of scenes from the q&a part of the
        convention with the characters.

  69    Huge Lot of Outlander Cards
        The boxes contain loose cards.  There is no autograph or
        costume cards in there.  Mostly some promos or easier to
        find inserts.  Beth even made of sets of the basic set.
        All for one money.

  70    Stargate Card Sets
        They are from various series.  There might be a few
        small sets of easier to find inserts.  All for one

  71    Twilight Card Sets
        There is various sets from various movies. Some smaller
        easier to find insert sets are included.  All for one

  72    Xena Warrior Princess Card Sets
        There is two basic sets in the album.  No inserts.

  73    Stargate as the Wizard of Oz Print Limited Edition
        Numbered 8 out of 100.  Done by Adele Beverly.  Size of
        the whole thing is 11×14 inches.

  74    Stargate Scene Props
        They came in the special wooden box.  There was papers
        found in the collection for certain items.  I think this
        is some of them. One is a drawing of a zat gun, some
        bits and pieces of fake glass and crystals and a drawing
        All for one money.  Comes with COAs.

  75    Large Lot of Signed Photos of Stargate and others
        There is two COAs for Richard Dean Anderson autos but
        the rest do not have them. They are various sizes. Some
        are from Stargate, Star trek and others.  All for one

  76    Stargate Atlantis Autographed Convention Poster
        No COA for it.  Has mulitple autographs on it.  From
        2006.  Size is 11×14.

  77    Stargate DVD Lot
        Huge amount of boxed DVDs.  They have some light wear
        from use.  All for one money.

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