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One Owner  “49 Lot Circa 1940’s Toy Auction”

Includes 1940’s Pressed Steel, Buddy L, Marx, 
Wooden WW2 Trucks, Fisher Price, Wyandotte,
Vintage Cap Guns, Roy Rogers Hat & Costume, Kingsbury Bus, Plus!

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Auction starts closing 6pm Tuesday December 12th,  2017.

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Items are located at Tom Hall Auctions, 4644 Rt. 309, Schnecksville, Pa. 18078
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Catalogue Listing

  Tom Hall Auctions, Inc
  4644 Route 309
  Schnecksville, PA 18078
  Phone: 610-799-0808  Fax: 610-799-2199

   1    Marx 6 Wheel Tractor
        Nice clean piece.  Rarer style with the 6 wheels.
        Rubber treads are original and not all dry rotted out.
        The key is not present so we do not know if the mech
        works or not.  Comes with the original driver.  Nice
        bright colors on it.

   2    Marx Turnover Tank
        Different than the ones you normally see.  The cannon is
        missing on it.  Unusual red US soldier that pops up from
        the turrent.  No key to check on how the mech works.
        Shows some wear from use and storage but not abused.

   3    Fisher Price 544 Donald Duck Cart
        All original.  There is some wear here and there.  Came
        out the same estate as the other toys that are from the
        mid to late 40s.  The arms move with no problems. The
        paper litho is nice with full bright colors.

   4    Late 40s Buddy L Ladder Fire Truck
        All original.  Comes with metal ladders.  Shows wear
        from use and storage.  Made out of pressed steel.

   5    Buddy L and Wyandotte Part Truck Lot
        The Buddy L was repainted. The Wyandotte is missing the
        back part.  Hard truck is either Marx or Wyandotte.
        Good for parts for restoration.

   6    Marx Comet Key Wind Up Race Car
        Came as a set with another car and track.  But this was
        the only thing from the estate I could find. Has some
        wear on it from storage.  I do not have the key to test
        the mech on it.

   7    Fisher Price 198 Band Wagon
        All original as it came out of the original owners
        estate.  For a 60 70 year old Fisher Price the paper
        litho is nice on it.  The back wheels are loose.  They
        also rubbed into the liho in that area which is to be
        expected.  Still makes the sounds as it moves.

   8    Fisher Price 525 Peter Cottontail with Cart
        All original as it came out of the original owners
        estate.  There is some staining on some parts of it.
        Legs still move.  Litho stil retains full color.

   9    WWII US Army Wooden Military Vehicles
        They are in various stages of completeness. They are not
        Buddy L’s since they are stenciled and Buddy L’s are
        decaled.  Also they wheels are different on Buddy L’s.
        The grill on the large jeep is cracked and it is missing
        some of the front bumper.  All for one money.

  10    WWII Era Wooden Toy Truck
        Some are made by Halsam and some are unmarked.  There
        are in various stages of completeness. They are in
        played with condition.

  11    Buddy L Wooden Tractor Trailer Cab
        I could only find the front part.  Has a few extra holes
        in the hood and grill area from storage.  Love the Buddy
        L decal for victory.  Shows some wear from use and

  12    Rubber Car Toy Lot
        The army car is really cool with the decals still on the
        doors.  They all have some kind of issue i.e warping or
        like the red car some chips here and there out of the
        body.  All for one money.

  13    Buddy L Army Truck and Trailer
        They are slightly different meaning the wheels on the
        truck are wooden.  The trailer has rubber wheels.  There
        is 2 different trucks.  The one that is painted blue
        actullay went with the trailer.  I didnt see it right
        away when I did the photos and descriptions.  When I got
        to the blue truck I looked at the Buddy L area to see
        what kind of truck it was.  The original decal is there
        for the army truck.    Missing everything else.  In
        played with condition.

  14    Wyandotte Truck Lines Moving Truck Pressed Steel
        All original but in well played with condition.  The
        hard to find rear door is there.  The cab was repainted.

  15    Buddy L Wooden Ladder Truck w Ladder
        Comes with the original ladder.  The decals are missing
        here and there.  All original.  The front driver side
        tire is missing the yellow wooden hub.  Not sure why the
        tape is on the ladder. Possiblilty that is cracked.

  16    Buddy L Wooden Combat Car
        The axle for the front wheels is missing.  Decals are
        fairly nice.  Has some wear from use and storage.

  17    Buddy L Wooden Tank
        Not sure if it had a piece under the turrent.  On the
        inside there is a black wooden piece.  I cant get to it
        without ripping apart the tank to see if that piece
        moved and that is why the turrent does not sit right.
        There is a chip out of the front (looking at it) right
        tread area.  Dont see the tank too often.

  18    Buddy L Wooden Victory Truck
        Nice victory Buddy L decal on the hood.  All original.
        Shows some wear on it from use and storage.

  19    Marx Wyandotte Tow Truck Wrecker
        Not sure which one it could be.  Not marked anything.
        Missing the front grill.  Has some wear on it from use
        and storage. The sides are stenciled like marx would do
        but no markings.

  20    Pressed Steel Dump Truck
        Missing the front wheels.  No markings on it.  I am
        leaning towards Buddy L with the design of the front end
        and the wooden wheels for the rear two.  Shows wear from
        being played with and storage.

  21    Marx Car Carrier w Cars
        All original with cars and two ramps.  Has some wear
        from use. Made out of pressed steel.

  22    Early Orange Blue Dump Truck
        I could not find any markings on it.  I believe it is
        Buddy L with the front end like that. Missing the front
        two tires.  The tires that are on it are wooden.  In
        used condition.

  23    Parker Brothers 30s 40s Old Maid
        All the cards are there.  The one instruction card is
        written on in pen.  They  were used.  The old maid card
        has the corners cut off.

  24    WWII Era Wooden Holgate Vehicles
        The car and trailer is complete as I found the 4th
        person later in a box of other toys.   The army truck is
        all there.  They have some wear from use and storage.
        Both for one money.  Army truck is numbered 666 and ther
        eis a chip out of the front bumper.

  25    40s Wooden Easter Bunny Pulling a Cart
        I could not find a mark on it.  Done well like it is was
        manufactured.  Length is roughly 13 1 4 inches,  Well
        done for the time it was made.

  26    3 Marx Pressed Steel Trucks
        They are not the ones that went on train flatbed cars.
        They are the version that are slightly bigger at roughly
        8 inches.  They have some wear on them from use and
        storage. They all have wooden wheels.

  27    WWII Era Red Wooden Trucks
        I could not find a maker mark on them.  Too well done
        with the stencil like paint job to be home made.  The
        truck with the pegs on the back half is over 12 inches
        in length.  They have wear on them from storage and use.
        Both for one money.

  28    Plastic Rubby Car and Soldier Lot
        The rubber soldiers are in pieces.  The jeeps the
        windshields are broken off.  The rudder on the large
        boat is broken in two.  The gray bomber the wings are
        warped.  The other plane is missing a wheel.  Mostly a
        parts lot.  The large race car the center of the body is
        warped and the mech doesnt work and the driver is
        missing.  All being sold as is.

  29    Vintage Tin Noise Maker Lot w Halloween
        The tin trumpet is different.  The orange bell like
        noise maker only has a top and it was made that why.
        The halloween one is made by Kirchhof.  All for one
        money. Trumpet is msade by T Conn.

  30    Lot of Vintage Cap Guns
        The Hubley Texan the one grip is cracked and the tip of
        the hammer the tip is broken off.  Functions well.  Made
        out of cast iron.  The olive military green one is made
        out of rubber.  Hard like a rock and slightly curved.
        Comes in a holster that says souvenir of the circus.
        The gun on the bottom right is a water gun.  Hubley
        trooper is missing a screw, warped and heavily corroded
        in the hammer area.  All for one money.

  31    Kenton Toys Gene Autry Cap Gun
        Made out of cast iron.  Some surface rust on it here and
        there.  No cracks or chips in the grips.  Slightly has
        some warpage to the bottom of the grips. Functions well.

  32    Lone Ranger Cheerios Town Pieces
        There is a roughly a shoe box size box full of them.
        But they are in various states.  Made out cardboard that
        came off the back of the cheerios box.  There is one map
        layout of the town.  I didn’t try to open the layouts
        since they feel very dry and likely to rip when opened.

  33    Marx Boxed Army Staff Car
        I saw this and I was like WOW.  Thing is almost dead
        mint.  The box is really nice with some rips in the
        flaps on the tabs that lock it in.  The instructions for
        the car is there.  THE RARE INSTRUCTIONS.  Car looks
        like it was never used.  I hate grading toys I would
        grade this roughly at 8.5 ot a 9 since there is some
        very very light surface rust on the on off switch for
        the battery and the bar that helps hold the battery in
        place.  Most of the time when you find this style of car
        it is usually a dick tracy or a fire chief.  Its a
        beauty.  I wound up the key wind.  All the way and it
        didnt go at first.  I barely touched the back tire and
        off she went.  I didnt try the battery compartment to
        see if that works.

  34    Western Saddle Bag for a Boys Bicycle
        Made out of harden leather. Has wear on it from storage
        and use.  Leather is stiff.  Western motiffs all through
        it. Buckles have rust on them.

  35    Roy Rogers Trigger Hat and Costume
        Hat is a 6 7/8.  Made by Lancaster hat co.  Costume is
        made by yankiboy.  In played with condition but not

  36    Pirate Western Hopalong Cassidy Costumes
        The hoppy item is a tie.  There is masks that look like
        the lone rangers.  The cowboy hat is generic western
        design. The one cap has wheat pennies on it.  The newest
        one is 1947 and the oldest is 1926.  All for a child. I
        would have opened the pirate’s costume but when I picked
        up the shirt item it crackled. So it is brittle.  I left
        everything else alone.

  37    Marx Builders Truck
        Under 12 inches in length.  Only have the truck.  In
        played with condition.  All the wheels are there for it.

  38    Rich Toy Borden Horse Drawn Milk Delivery
        Nice version of it.  Has wear on it from use and storage
        but not abused. Has the RARE glass milk bottles and
        wooden carrier.  There is a chip on the roof on the back
        driver side of the toy.  Nice colors that are still
        full.  Missing the 2 back wheels for the horse.

  39    Kingsbury Greyhound Bus
        Weird coloring on it.  Usually it is grey and blue.
        This one is brown and tan.  The wheels are warped and
        hard from age. The key wind has sprung.  You can wind it
        up and some it catches and sometimes it doesn’t.  In
        played with condition. Missing a red light on the sign
        area on the front on the top.

  40    Marx Stake Body Truck Pressed Steel
        The truck is roughly 20 inches in length.  Fairly nice
        considering the age.  Shows some wear here and there.
        Still has the original grill for it.

  41    Unique Art Tin Typewriter
        The buttons still make it move but it is rough.
        Probably needs some wd 40.  The litho is still bright
        and full.  Some surface rust on the spots that were not
        lithoed. Not one you normally see.

  42    Buddy L Wooden Tow Truck Wrecker
        The one headlight is missing and the back passenger side
        hub cap is missing and replaced with a chunk of wood. No
        boom.  Shows wear from use and storage.

  43    Roy Rogers Binoculars
        The carrying case the top flap is destroyed on it. The
        binoculars are fine.  They look barely used.  No cracks
        or chips in the lenses.

  44    Fleron Signaler Morse Code Key Boy Scouts
        The bakelit cases are fine with no cracks or chips on
        them.  Comes in the original box and with paper  work.
        The box shows a boy scout version while the ones in the
        box lack the boy scouts symbol on the top.

  45    Walt Disney Coloring Books and Story Books
        Both the coloring books have pages that were colored in.
        The book on the bottom looked fine as I thumbed through
        them.  All for one money.

  46    Slatington School Slate Board
        Made out of local Slatington.  Not cracked or chipped.
        Neast piece of local history.

  47    Ethan Allen’s All Star Baseball
        Well Joe Dimaggio is in there.  So the set has to be
        before 1951.  No Michey Mantle .  All four pegs are
        there.  Used but not abused.  No split corners on the
        box. Copyrighted 1942.  But if I remember correctly
        Jackie Robinson didn’t come onto the scene until 47.

  48    Boxed Bill Ding Clown Wooden Block Set
        The box is all but gone.  Very dirty from storage. The
        blocks are really nice.

  49    Milton Bradley Hopalong Cassidy Game
        Clean game. Looks like it was barely used.  The money is
        still straight and looks barely touched  Still has
        bright colors.

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