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Just in time for Christmas!
David Winter Cottages  * Dept. 56 Snowbabies * Annalee Dolls *Sebastian Figures * Polish Pewter Figures  & MORE!

Starts closing 6pm Monday, December 11, 2017

Began: 11/23/17 at 6:00 PM EST
Ended: 12/11/17 at 6:00 PM EST

One Owner “80 Lot Collectibles Auction”
Just in time for Christmas!

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Auction begins closing Monday December 11th,  2017 at  6pm with a  Soft Close
Preview the items Monday December 11th, 2017 from 2pm-4pm
Auction Includes David Winter’s Cottages, Annalee Dolls, Precious Moments figures, Sabastian figures, Williraye Studio figures, Boyd’s figures, 4 Ron Lee clowns, Pipka figures, Dept. 56 Snowbabies, Polland Pewter figures, many MIB!

Items are located at Tom Hall Auctions, 4644 Rt. 309, Schnecksville, Pa. 18078
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Catalogue Listing

  Tom Hall Auctions, Inc
  4644 Route 309
  Schnecksville, PA 18078
  Phone: 610-799-0808  Fax: 610-799-2199

12-11-17 Online Only Collectibles Auction  11/28/2017-12/11/2017

   1    1997 Williraye Studio “Country Taxi”
        13″ x 14″, WW3033, Limited Edition 2931/3000

   2    Lot of 4  Williraye Studio Figures
        includes 10″ The Millennium Angel” WW2231, Limited Ed.
        To 1999 prod., 6″ WW2000-97 Exclusive Event PC., 6″
        WW2735, plus another figurine

   3    Lot of 2 Fenton Pieces
        includes 9″ basket-hand painted1997 and artist
        signed-with orig paper label, 8″ hand painted artist
        signed vase

   4    Lot of 3 Fenton Pieces
        includes 8″ Plate #10 – 1979, 5″ x 4″ – perfume bottle
        with original label, 4″ H hand painted artist signed
        vase with original label

   5    Lot of 8 Boyd Collection figurines
        including Prince Hamalot, Zoe the Angel of Life,
        Greenville The Santa Bear, Bailey as the bride, Kringle
        and  Company, Velma Q Berriweather, Elliott & Snowbeary
        and Wison (The wonderful wizard of wuz) all mint in box

   6    Lot of 3 Ron Lee Clown Statue Figurines
        including 5″ Pudge, 5″ Clown Dog in Basket Knapsack
        1987, 4″ Clown Sculpture Dog/Poodle Jumpimg Through Hoop
        (all signed, dated, onyx bases, no boxes)

   7    Ron Lee Elf with instrument
        7″ Ron Lee Elf with instrument, onyx base, signed and

   8    Lot of Snowsnickle & Belsnickle Figures
        including  Snowsnickle by Enesco #275646  Snowman with
        Apples, #276650 Snowman with Earmuffs mini and #275646
        Snowman with Babies. Belsnickle by Enesco #332690 Santa
        in Snowball, 9″ Pipka Ulvilden Gardening Angle 1996
        Limited Ed.-no box

   9    Lot of 2 Boyd Bear Collections
        includes 1993 The Boyds Collection #01998-21 Ms Liberty
        Figure, #01198-11 Ms. Liberty Pin and J.B Bean series
        bear and The Boyd Collection #01999-21 Blossum B.
        Berriweather Figure, #01999-11 Bloomin F.O.B. pin,
        #01999-31  J.B. Bean series  flora Mae…Bloom with Joy
        bear,mint in box

  10    Lot of 2 Williraye Studio Figurines
        includes 15-1/2″ H., WW1306 “Uncle Sam”, Limited Edition
        2806/3500, WW1308 “Miss Liberty,Limited Edition

  11    Lot of 4 Vaillancourt Folk Art Figurines
        includes 10″ 1988 Vaillancourt Folk Art created by
        Grolier Collection Ltd. Santa, Sutton, Mass, Limited Ed.
        741/100, #217 Cheshire Studios Club 1992 Santa, #1769
        Santa, 566 Star 3 1992, #23 1987 Chick with basket
        wagon, dated

  12    Lot of 5 Cottage Houses
        includes 5″ Lillput Lane Cottage House Three Feathers,
        Lillput Cottage House Saxon Cottage, Lilliput Lane
        Cottage Keepers Lodge, 1 in box, David Winter Cottages
        #2 Queen Elizabeth Slept Here, dated, Fraser Creations
        #22 Swan Inn, with box

  13    Lot of 13 Precious Moments Figures
        includes 7″ Precious Moments Special 1993 Limited Ed.
        #523593 The Lord Will Provide, #283592 Faith is the
        Victory, #PM951 You’re One In A Million To Me, #PM942
        Sharing, #PM972 Blessed Are The Merciful, and others,
        all with various dates, no boxes

  14    Lot of 9 Precious Moments Figures
        includes 6″ Precious Moments Inc. #PM983 20th
        Anniversary  How Can Two Work Together Except They
        Agree, as is,  #186457 Plate Collection #13539 “Good
        Friends Are Forever, #520551 “Lord Turn My Life Around”
        Ballerina, and others, all various dates, no boxes

  15    Lot of 13 Precious Moments Figures
        includes 6″ Precious Moments Inc. #PM932 Loving, #PM902
        Special Ed. You Are A Blessing To Me, #PM882 Special Ed.
        You Just Cannot Chuck A Good Friendship,  and others,
        all various dated, no boxes

  16    Lot of 11 Precious Moments Figurines
        includes 6″ Precious Moments Inc. #PM962 Our Club Is
        Soda-Licious, #E0008 A Growing Love, #PM952 Always Take
        Time To Pray, and others, no boxes

  17    1995 Duncan Royale Collectors “Winter Santa
        1995 Duncan Royale Collectors #968 “Winter Santa”
        Figurine, mint in box, signed and dated

  19    2000 Pipka Memories of Christmas “Christmas Ark”
        2000 Pipka Memories of Christmas #13941 Christmas Ark,
        Limited Edition #1968, dated & signed, mint in box

  20    Lot of 2 Hummel Hanging Ornaments, 1 Frances Hook
        includes 2- 9″-1/2″ Hummel Hanging Ornament #296 “Flying
        High”, mint in box and Frances Hook 1980 Roman Inc.
        Beach Buddies figure, Limited Ed. #9950/15m, box

  21    Lot of 2 Annalee Dolls
        includes 22″ Annalee Cloth Female Easter Rabbit with
        parasal and 22″ Cloth Male Easter Rabbit

  22    1981 W.D. Gaither “Bald Eagle” Sculpture
        1981 W.D. Gaither “Bald Eagle” Sculpture, Limited
        Edition 8218/950, with wooden base, signed & dated with
        documentation, box

  23    Snowbabies “Nice To Meet You Little One” Set of 2
        1998-1999 Snowbabies Friendship Club Exclusive Pc. “Nice
        To Meet You Little One, mint in box

  24    1996 Pipka Memories of Christmas “Storytime Santa”
        1996 Pipka Memories of Christmas “Storytime Santa”
        Figurine, Limited Ed. #204/3600, signed, dated with box

  25    Lot of 6 Cherished Teddies by Enesco Pieces
        includes Cherished Teddies by Enesco #597392 Chelsea and
        Daisy Reunion Event Figure “Old Friends Always Find
        Their Way Back, #476714 Cole-Boy With Green Coat “We’ve
        Got A Lot To Be Thankful For”, #476595 Tanna-Girl With
        Basket Of Teddies “When Your Hands Are Full, There’s
        Still room In Your Heart”, #510963 Dennis-Chef With
        Hamburger “You Put The Spice In My LIfe”, #205354
        Commemorative 5 Year Anniversary Figure “Strike Up The
        Band And Give Five Cherished Years A Hand”, Box Set
        “Welcome to the Club” including #CT105 “Lanny” figure,
        mint in boxes

  26    1997 Pipka Memories of Christmas “Norwegian Juleni
        1997 Pipka Memories of Christmas “Norwegian Julenisse”
        Figurine, Limited Edition #420/3600, signed, dated, mint
        in box

  27    1989 Annalee Doll Society Folk Hero “Abraham
        1989 Annalee Doll Society Folk Hero Series 13″ H.  #296
        “Abraham Lincoln”, enclosed in glass dome with wooden

  28    Lot of 3 Annalee Dolls
        includes 9″ Annalee Doll Figure 1991 Victory Ski Doll
        #266, 1990 Annalee Clown Doll, 1991 Mother Goose with

  29    Lot of 2 Annalee Dolls
        includes 1991 Annalee 9″ H. Black Spider with Green Top
        Hat and 8″ H. Black Cat with Green Ribbon with bags

  30    Lot of 4 Annalee Dolls
        Tallest is 6″ all with bags

  31    Lot of 5 Annalee Dolls
        Tallest is 10″ H Goose, all with bags

  32    Lot of 4 Annalee Dolls
        Tallest is 12″ Santa with Bag, all with bags

  33    Lot of 2 Alex Haley Collection Figures
        includes Walking with Grandpa, Limited Ed. 1179/3000,
        Playing Marbles, Limited Ed. 914/7500, mint in box,
        signed and dated

  34    David Winter Cottage “On the Riverbank”
        Cottage Figure “On the Riverbank”, mint in box

  35    1992 John Hine Studio “The Toby Inn” Figure
        Cottage Figure, Limited Ed 208/950, mint in box

  36    Lot of 13 Sebastian Miniature Figures
        Tallest is 5″ Wreath Figure, dated, signed, no boxes

  37    Lot of 6 Annalee Dolls
        Tallest 11″ H Pig, includes 2 bags

  38    Lot of 6 Annalee Dolls
        Tallest 9″ H Frog, 4 with bags

  39    Lot of 11 Sebastian Miniature Figures
        includes 28110 Diedrich Knickerbocker, 9 with boxes

  40    Lot of  9 Sebastian Miniature Figures
        includes #6236 Switching The Freight, all mint in box,
        some signed

  41    Lot of 17 Sebastian Miniature Figures
        includes #6981 1980 Sebastian Plaque, 13 with boxes,
        some signed

  42    Lot of 2 Snowbabies Collection Box Sets
        includes Wizard of Oz Set, all mint in box

  42a   Lot of 2 Snowbabies Friendship Club Box Sets
        Lot of 2 includes 1998-1999 “Baby its cold Outside” box
        set, mint in box with Certificate of Authenticity

  43    Lot of 7 David Winter Cottages
        Lot of 7 David Winter cottages includes “The Coal Shed”,
        5 with Certificate of Authenticity

  44    Lot of Sebastian Miniatures
        includes Museum Collection and 2 Plates

  45    Lot of 5 Annalee Dolls
        Tallest 11″ h. Man in Top Hat

  46    Lot of 8 Martha Holcome Figures
        Tallest 6″ All God’s Children Plaque, all with boxes,
        various dates and Limited Ed.

  47    Lot of 5 Annalee Christmas Dolls
        Tallest 10″ Snowman, 2 with bags included

  48    Lot of 6 Schmid Pieces
        6 Schmid figures all mint in boxes

  49    Lot of  Annalee Society Pins
        6 society pins with boxes

  50    Thomas F. Clark Hand Cast Figure
        Collection #060655 Mrs Claus Figure, signed with

  51    Lot of 9 Schmid Pieces
        9 Schmid figures include #892054 New Arrival, all mint
        in boxes

  52    Lot of 6 Annalee Dolls
        Tallest 15″ H Santa with light pole, 3 with boxes, all

  53    Lot of 2 Snowbabies Figures
        includes Jack Frost, mint in boxes

  54    Lot of 2 Bessie Pease Gutmann Pieces
        includes Happy Dreams, mint in box

  55    Lot of 6 Polland Studios Pewter Figurines
        Lot of 6 Polland pewter figures-tallest is 5″ Cabinet
        #1347, all with certificates

  56    1996 Hibel Convent Wonder of Peace
        Hibel Dress Box – Mint in Box

  57    Swarovski “Inspiration Africa” – The Kudu Figure
        1994 Swarovski crystal Figure, mint in box

  58    Lot of 5 Polland Pcs with base
        5 Polland pewter figures all with Certificates

  59    1988 Polland Studio Pewter Piece
        “Disputed Trail” with certificate

  60    Lot of 2 Cloth Dolls “Miss Daisy and Shot Gun Red
        15″ H Miss Daisy with autographed hat and shot gun red

  61    4 David winter cottages
        Including Audrey’s Tea Room, Home Guard, The Beekeepers,
        Crofters Cottage, all mint in box

  62    4 David winter cottages
        including Cornish Tin Mine, The Pavilion, Ebenezer
        Scrooge’s Counting House, Thameside, mint in box

  63    David Winter cottage
        Will O The Wisp, with box

  64    Lot of 5 Lillyput Lane houses
        including Deer Park Hall, and Hathaway, Isaac Walton,
        etc. all mint in box

  65    Lot two Hallmark Keepsake ornaments
        The Beatles gift set, set of five ornaments, mint in box

  66    grouping of 11 Christmas ornaments
        including Pilonaise 2 Saint Nick, Betty Boop, etc

  67    Lot of 5 Lily Put Ln. cottages
        including the Guild Hall, Yew Tree Farm, etc. all mint
        in box

  68    Lot of 5 Lilly Put Lane cottages
        including Chantry Chapel Wakefield, Mrs. Pinkertons Post
        Office, etc. All mint in box

  69    Lot of five Snowbabies Figures
        5 Snow babies Winter Tales, Department 56, all mint in

  70    Lot of five Snowbabies figures
        Snowbabies Winter Tales, Dept. 56, snow globe all mint
        in box

  71    lot of 4 Snowbabies figures
        Snowbabies, Dept. 56, includes Where did you come from?,
        Can I help to?, Somewhere in dreamland, all mint in box

  72    lot of 6 Snowbabies figures
        Lot of 6 Snowbabies Winter Tales, All mint in box

  73    lot of five Snowbabies figures
        Lot of 5 Snowbabies, Winter Tales, all mint in box

  74    lot of five Snowbabies figures
        Lot of 5 Snowbabies, Winter Tales, all mint in box

  75    lot of five Snowbabies figures
        Lot of 5-Spring Time Stories Snow babies, includes a
        snow globe, all mint in box

  76    lot of 2 Christmas figures including
        Silhouette Treasures Jolly Saint Nicholas, Department 56
        and Pipka ‘s Memories of Christmas Collectors club 2000
        both mint in box

  77    Poland Studios pewter figure
        Limited Edition by Donald Poland, Silent Trail number
        1347, 1987 with packing box and certificate of

  78    Pipka’s Memories of Christmas figurine
        Spirit of Hope, number 2065, 1998 Collectors Club Santa,
        mint in box

  79    Lot six Precious Moments figures
        6 Precious Moments figurines all mint in box

  80    lot of seven Precious Moments figurines
        lot of seven Precious Moments figures all mint in box
        including cup and saucer

  81    Lot three David winter cottages including
        A Christmas Carol, Mr. Fizzy Wigs Emporium, and
        Birthstone Wishing Well, all mint in box

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