Primitives Auction

Single Owner Auction
Fabulous Primitive & Country Antiques
Bid Live in the Gallery or Online

Began: 02/06/18 at 10:00 AM EST
Ended: 02/06/18 at 3:00 PM EST
Location: 4644 Route 309, Schnecksville, PA 18078

Single Owner Auction
Fabulous Primitive & Country Antiques Auction

10am Tuesday, February 6th

4644 Main St. (Rte 309), Schnecksville, Pa 18078

Bid Live in the Gallery or Online.

Owners Phillip and Kathryn Hari have retired…

We are so pleased to be bringing you a very special auction of primitives and country antiques from their personal collection and Black Cat store inventory from their shop in New Milford, Pa. just south of Binghamton, NY. 

400 lots of fabulous primitive and country antiques including rare nutmeg graters, vintage kitchen collectibles, stoneware, chocolate molds, butter molds, teddy bears, butter churns, Halloween items, cookie cutters, ice cream scoopers, sleigh bell straps, canisters sets, spice boxes, salts boxes, children’s vintage shoes, advertising items, National brass cash register, Black Cat collectibles, store scales, painted wood sleds, skating lanterns, agate ware, milk bottles, wire baskets, oil lamps, wooden buckets, coffee grinders & MORE! 

Preview the items Monday, January 29th from 2pm-4pm, Tuesday January 30th from 9am-12noon, Monday, February 5th from 2pm-4pm and auction day at 9am or by appointment.

Terms: Cash, Check w/Photo ID, Major Credit Cards, 13% Buyer’s Premium w / 3% discount for cash & checks.

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Tom Hall Auctions, Inc. (AU-1734) 610-799-0808 *


Catalogue Listing

  Tom Hall Auctions, Inc
  4644 Route 309
  Schnecksville, PA 18078
  Phone: 610-799-0808  Fax: 610-799-2199

2/06/18 Black Cat Country Store Auction  1/4/2018-2/6/2018

   1    Antique butter churn
        “Dazey Turn” number eight, glass, 8qt., model B,

   2    Antique butter churn
        1 quart butter churn, glass bottle with wooden paddle

   3    Antique mixer
        square glass jar, Even Full 1 quart, New Keystone
        Beater, Culinary  Utilities Company, New York

   4    Antique triple chocolate mold
        triple mold, Santa’s with backpack and walking sticks

   5    Antique Straw filled mohair teddy bear
        movable arms and legs,bear has been re-stitched, foot
        missing felt pad and some minor wear spots.

   6    Antique chocolate mold
        Santa with toy sack standing at chimney, made in USA
        number 6741

   7    Antique chocolate mold
        5 inches, Santa holding Christmas tree and basket,
        number 7296, made in USA.

   8    Antique chocolate mold
        4 1/2 inches  x 5 inches, Santa with reindeer, number
        7189, made in USA.

   9    Antique wall hanging spice box
        eight drawer, 17 inches tall,  white washed paint

  10    Antique double strand sleigh bells
        38 inch long leather strap, 34 bells

  11    Antique wood butter mold
        double acorn and leaf pattern

  12    Antique square ice cream scoop
        ICYPI, Automatic Cohen Company, Cambridge Massachusetts

  13    2 Antique chocolate molds
        Stork 5 1/2 inches and 4 inch bird with long beak,
        German, has clamps

  14    Atlantic oil lamp
        15 inches, clear glass shade, Red base

  15    Antique chocolate mold
        seated Scottie dog, 5“ x 6“, marked TC Weygandt, New
        York, #29011

  16    Large antique chocolate mold
        figure of West Highland Terrier, 6 1/2 inches x 9
        inches, Number 292

  17    Large antique chocolate mold
        Hen on nest; 6 inches  x 8 inches,

  18    Ornate Antique brass easel back dresser mirror
        frame measures 14 inches x 12 inches

  19    2 Antique pewter chocolate molds
        4 1/2 inch Santa holding sack Marked S & C number 427, 4
        1/2 inch Santa mold unmarked.

  20    Antique chocolate mold
        solid nickel silver, Santa, number 88, 7 inches tall.

  21    2 Antique chocolate molds
        5 1/2 inch Santa holding fan marked number 167, 5 1/2
        inch Santa holding horse.

  22    2 early Easter paper mache candy containers
        2 Easter Paper mache candy containers; seated rabbit
        painted gold with removable head, standing rabbit has
        removable head and ears.

  23    2 early  Easter candy containers
        made in Japan composition bunny holding horn with spring
        activated head, paper-mâché pink rabbit with spring
        activated ears.

  24    6 antique paper Easter eggs
        Some made in Germany,  various sizes, largest 7 inches

  25    Antique tin Easter lot
        3 items including tin Chein egg, Lovell & Covel Co.
        rabbit pail (no lid) and tin egg with chicks and rabbits

  26    Lot of 10 celluloid animal figures
        Includes horse, elephant, swans, chicken, etc. Largest
        is horse 6 inches x 7 inches

  27    Lot of two celluloid and cloth ball player dolls
        7 1/2 inch baseball player, 9 inch football player, made
        in Japan.

  28    9 Vintage Halloween noisemakers
        including paper horn, Life of the Party Products, some
        made in Japan

  29    3 Vintage tin Halloween tambourines
        marked US metal toy company

  30    Antique chocolate mold
        10 inch seated rabbit, made in USA, number 4603

  31    Antique chocolate mold
        seated rabbit, 10 inches

  32    Antique wooden butter mold/print
        sunflower impression

  32a   Antique Wooden Butter Mold/Print
        Rooster impression

  33    2 Antique horse hair brushes
        both 11 inches in length, horse hair brush 3 1/2 inches
        in length

  34    Three antique metal food choppers including
        Bowles Hardware Company single blade, and two double

  35    Lot of two antique ice cream scoops
        including Gilcrest 30 size 20

  36    Lot of three antique ice cream scoops
        Lot three antique ice cream scoops.

  37    Lot of 3 antique advertising items
        including McLean, Black and Company tin egg holder, Egg
        Baking Powder and Coca-Cola bottle opener

  38    Child size shoe stretchers and shoes
        3 stretchers and 1 pair baby leather button shoes;

  39    4 Small antique wooden mashers
        largest is 7 1/2 inches, smallest is 5 1/2 inches.

  40    Three antique wooden mashers
        three antique wooden mashers, largest is 10 1/2 inches

  41    Childs tin sand tools and pail
        5 1/4 inch sand pail by Chein, five sand shovels and one
        sand rake

  42    Small brown stoneware crock and 7 child size
        rolling pins; 4 1/2 inch tall brown crock, six rolling
        pins have red handles.

  43    Iris stoneware pitcher
        8 1/2 inches tall
  44    Stoneware pitcher
        decorated with blue flower,  5 1/2 inches tall

  45    Sponge ware pitcher
        7” tall with a few fine lines at the rim

  46    Child’s size dish strainer and 10 kitchen utensils
        strainer is 8 inches x 6 inches, all the utensils have
        red handles, they include ladles, spatulas, rolling
        pins, masher etc.

  47    Circa 1800s tin stencil wheel
        13 1/2 inches in diameter with wood handle, features the
        alphabet, numbers and symbols, patent date August 11,
        1868, separated at letter X

  48    Childs tin lithographed sand pail
        7 1/2 inches tall decorated with pigs at the beach, made
        by T. Conn. Inc. USA

  49    Thompson bowling set
        includes (10) 10 inch bowling pins and a 2 inch
        diameter bowling ball.

  50    Antique Cottolene tip tray
        4 1/4 inch diameter, The source of Cottolene, Best for
        Shortening – Best for Frying, made only by the N. K.
        Fairbank Company

  51    Antique cookie cutter
        10 inch Santa with sack, made in Germany

  52    Lot of 11 antique cookie cutters
        including Santa, cat, which, goose, bird, etc.

  53    Early wooden knife box
        12 1/2 inches long x 7 1/2 inches wide x 3 inches deep
        with carved decoration

  54    Antique wood spice box
        10 1/2 inches long by 5 1/4 inches wide by 5 inches
        tall, six spice drawers with white porcelain knobs.

  55    2  Antique still Banks
        tallest is 4 1/2 inches both depicting bank buildings

  56    4 Antique tin chocolate molds
        all seated rabbits number  4050

  57    Lot of 2  antique tin chocolate molds
        rooster, and turkey

  58    2  antique tin chocolate molds
        seated rabbit number 40441 and rabbit on hind legs with
        basket number 4046

  59    Antique pewter ice cream mold;
        3 1/2 inches  x 5 inches,  hinged rabbit mold

  60    Lot of two Bennington pottery milk pitchers
        5 inch tall and 4 inch tall sizes

  61    Lot of  7 antique brass stencils
        the largest Ross Brothers Monticello New York is 12
        inches x 4 inches, others include Taylor Brothers, T.
        Waters, R. Astrachan (some made by W.E. Banning,
        Syracuse, NY)

  62    Lot of three antique  feather trees
        each approximately 20 inches tall with wooden block

  63    Antique shaving mirror
        one drawer with two glass knobs, dove tailed, mahogany
        veneer, overall nice condition.

  64    Antique dove tailed knife box
        old paint still visible, 15 inches  x 8 inches

  65    24 antique cookie cutters
        various shapes including fish, cat, bird, turkey,
        Christmas trees, Santa, etc.

  66    Lot of 12 antique cookie cutters
        including duck, cat, chicken, fish, figure of man and
        woman, etc.

  67    Primitive spice tower
        7 1/2 inches  x 3 1/2  inches, four compartments, paper
        labels, one label torn.

  68    Antique pegged knife box
        box measures 13 inches  x 7 1/2 inches

  69    Lot of 12 spun glass Victorian Christmas ornaments
        including Saint Nicholas and  angels, all measuring 3
        inches and 4 inches.

  70    Diminutive antique china cabinet
        13  inches x 6 inches  x 3 1/2 inches,  single glass
        door with lower drawer.

  71    Blue and white stoneware salt box
        decorated with butterflies, lid has some chips

  72    Durham Mustard advertising box
        9 inches tall by 11 inches long by 7 inches wide with
        sliding lid

  73    Primitive wood barrel
        10 inches x 6 inches with wooden stopper, one wood band

  74    Primitive wooden Firkin/ bucket
        13 inches tall by 7 inches diameter, with lid

  75    A lot of nine framed double sided advertisement
        including J & P Coats, Clarks, Chicago Dental, Armours
        Beef Extract, etc.

  76    A lot of 10 framed antique advertisements
        including Shaker Extract of Roots Serum, Household
        Sewing Machine Company, Niagara Starch, Heinz, etc.

  77    A lot of seven framed antique advertisements
        Including Fairbanks Santa Claus laundry soaps, horsfords
        tonic, rublfoam for the teeth, etc.

  78    3 pair childrens antique leather button shoes
        one pair tall boot, all in excellent condition.

  79    Early split Oak basket with swing handle
        basket is 6 inches  x 9 inches, very nice condition

  80    Large antique pewter chocolate mold
        full body of turkey, 10 inches tall

  81    Large antique pewter chocolate mold
        Saint Nicholas mold, 12 inches tall, marked N. Thoma and
        C. E. Thomas on the base

  82    Yellow ware salt box
        with blue slip decoration

  83    Blue and white stoneware saltbox
        wild flower pattern

  84    Blue and white stoneware butter crock
        with lid, blue decoration

  85    Antique wooden advertising box;
        Graduated Boxed Glass can, Fred white, New York, 14
        inches tall by 8 inches deep by 8 inches wide, Hinged

  86    Primitive diminutive cupboard
        painted green, 14 inches tall by 7 inches wide by 5
        inches deep, open top with three drawers

  87    Childs antique highchair
        32 inches tall, weaved  leather seat

  88    Lot of 3 antique tin chocolate bar postcard molds
        molds; 4 inches x 7 inches, Kefelsheumehr Number
        7197-depicting rabbit riding dog while being chased by
        chickens, the other Germany number 252 depicting rabbit
        running from chickens with man and woman in the
        background, rabbit carrying chicken & basket, Germany
        number 254.

  89    Anton Reichey Dresden chocolate mold
        number 26498 depicting to rabbits on a seesaw

  90    Antique tin chocolate mold
        donkey with baskets, number 2044

  91    Lot of 3 tin antique chocolate molds
        all made in Germany upright rabbit with basket number
        165, Anton Reichey pig playing the harp number 8588 and
        upright rabbit, tallest is 4 inches

  92    Lot of two antique chocolate molds
        both 3” Anton Ricci Dresden teddy bear with purse 26614
        and teddy bear with guitar 26618,

  93    Toledo store scale
        Toledo scale company, Toledo Ohio, style number 4608AT,
        number 870742

  94    Primitive wooden utility box
        dovetailed, four compartments, 17 inches long x 13
        inches wide x 5 inches deep

  95    Lot of two wooden painted spice cabinet
        tallest painted green is 12 inches with eight drawers
        and the other is 9 inch painted white with five drawers,
        some paint loss

  96    2 Antique advertising tins
        Pickaninny Brand advertising can 10 inches x 8 1/2
        inches, Jumbo Salted Peanuts and 11 inches x 6 inches
        Mammy’s Favorite Brand Coffee, CD Kenny Company, Buffalo
        New York

  97    Antique pewter chocolate mold;
        pewter Hen on nest

  98    Primitive cheese box with wire swing handle
        6 1/2 inches tall  x 11 inches diameter with lid,
        excellent condition

  99    2 Antique chocolate molds
        2 rabbits with basket- 5 1/2 inches tall, number 7214
        and 6 inch tall number 320

  100   Decoy carved wood duck
        Drake, Lower Susquehanna River decoy circa 1940s, red
        paint initials FD

  101   Set of four blue and white stoneware canister jars
        all measure 6 inches x 5 inches, raisin, coffee, rice,

  102   Antique wire mouse trap
        9 inches x 6 inches wire mouse trap

  103   Blue decorated 2 gallon stoneware jug
        decorated in blue with bird

  104   Lot of two antique candle molds
        hog scraper candlestick and six mold

  105   McCormick’s advertising tin
        McCormick’s Biscuits and McCormick’s Jersey Cream Sodas
        on reverse

  106   Antique sleigh bells strap
        82 inch leather strap with 32 bells

  107   Vintage Kit Kat klock
        electric Kit Kat wall klock with wagging tail and moving

  108   National brass cash register;
        17 inches x 16 inches x 10 inches, nice brass cash
        register, five keys missing numbers, working, no key

  109   Antique bear pull toy
        13 inches tall by 21 inches long, mounted on metal frame
        with wheels, bear has been loved a lot, glass eyes and
        rubber tongue in tact

  110   Antique teddy bear
        22 inches, movable arms, legs and head, glass eyes,
        growling box not working, hair loss

  111   Antique Fries tin spice box
        painted metal box with six removable spice compartments,
        comes with grater

  112   2 Antique advertising items
        Swans Down cake flour bunt pan, Atlantic milk pail

  113   Antique sleigh bells strap
        82 inch leather strap with 26 bells

  114   Lot of  2 stoneware pitchers
        includes blue and white stoneware with running stag,
        blue and white stoneware with grape clusters, both have
        thin line cracks

  115   Page’s Choice Flower Seeds advertising box
        Hinged lid and front flap, colorful paper interior,
        contains dozens of Page’s seeds packets.

  116   Wooden Antique advertising box
        and Lydia’s button and carpet thread

  117   Antique wooden advertising box
        Mason’s Challenge Blacking box with wired lid opens to
        expose a colorful paper interior

  118   12 drawer hanging spice cabinet
        wooden cabinet with 12 drawers, 19 inches x 13 inches  x
        4 1/2 inches

  119   Set of four antique tiger maple doll chairs
        with plank seats, nicely  hand made chairs

  120   Lot of two antique chocolate molds
        German 4 1/2 inch seated rabbit number 249, German 3
        inch pocket watch number 625

  121   A lot of 2 tin antique chocolate molds
        5 inch hen on nest  and 3 inch German baby chick

  122   Lot of 2 tin antique chocolate molds
        6 inch German standing rabbit with basket number 303, 2
        3/4 inch German seated rabbit number 309

  123   Vintage Black cat spice sets
        includes 11 inch black cat pyramid spice set, 9 inch
        wall mount black cat spice set and black cat salt and
        pepper shaker

  124   Antique Blue and white stoneware saltbox
        blue and white stoneware salt box with hinged lid, made
        in Germany

  125   Antique mohair jointed bear
        11 inches tall with movable arms and legs and swivel
        head, noise maker not working, glass eyes

  126   Antique Sponge-ware stoneware jug
        11 inch sponge-ware jug

  127   Shaker wooden oval box
        12.5 inches x 8 inches, no lid, remnants of old paint

  128   Antique tin chocolate mold
        10 inch tall stork mold, number 55

  129   Antique tin chocolate mold
        8 inch double rabbit with basket, number 4882

  130   Antique cheese box with lid
        13 1/2 inches x 9 1/2 inches x 6 inches, monogrammed lid

  131   Early hand stitched Felix the cat
        13 inches tall straw filled Felix the cat, glass eyes,
        some wear

  132   2 antique nesting sponge ware mixing bowls
        stoneware bowls, largest is 5 inches tall by 9 1/2
        inches in diameter

  133   Antique Blue decorated stoneware crock
        4 gallon, E and LP Norton, Bennington, Vermont, blue
        floral decoration

  134   Borden’s Malted Milk tin advertising canister
        9 inches including lid

  135   Lot of two early stoneware pitchers
        includes windmill pitcher and cattle pitcher

  136   Lot of three early peanut butter advertising tins
        Includes Saltana, Red Seal and Try Me,  all with lids
        and swing bale handles

  137   Antique Balance scale
        Brown and Sharp, Providence, Rhode Island cast iron

  138   Bilaterale brass scale
        unique brass scale, 6 inches tall, made in Austria

  139   Antique scale
        antique spring activated, 7 1/2 inch tall metal scale
        manufactured by Jos & Edm Ratcliff

  140   Antique scale
        made in Germany, 11 inches tall, ornate cast iron base

  141   Antique scale
        8 inches tall, cast iron and enamel base

  142   Lot of three antique yellow ware bowls
        largest is 3 1/2 inches deep by 13 inch in diameter, two
        smaller bowls are decorated

  143   Antique wooden spice box
        10 inches wooden spice box  with five drawers

  144   Antique hand painted wooden sled
        49 inches long, painted green

  145   Lot of 2 Antique Nutmeg Graters
        Lot of 2 Antique Nutmeg Graters;  tin slide graters, 6
        inch long

  146   Antique Nutmeg Grater
        Marked Boye,  tin slide grater, 6 inches long

  147   Rare Antique Nutmeg Grinder
        Vermont pierced tin nutmeg grinder, slide with wood
        handle, 5 inches

  148   Rare Antique Nutmeg Grater
        The Edgar , 5 inches,  pierced tin nutmeg grinder,
        slide with wood handle

  149   Antique Nutmeg Grater;
        6 inches, Hughes Nutmeg Grater with turn handle

  150   Lot of 2 antique Nutmeg Graters
        largest is 6 inches, both spring loaded

  151   Lot of 3 Antique Nutmeg Graters
        all have lidded compartment to accommodate the nutmeg,
        approximately 6 inches in length.

  152   Rare Bellows circa 1870 cast iron Nutmeg Grater
        mechanical, spring loaded mechanism holds the nutmeg
        against the grinding wheel

  153   Rare Primitive Nutmeg Grater
        7 inch, early to mid 1800s, cast iron and steel, with
        crank handle grating wheel

  154   Rare Nutmeg Grater
        7 inch, Wood handle, rotating grater , Pat. dated 1867

  155   Antique Nutmeg Grater
        4 inch, wood  handle, tin and cast iron Grater, rotary
        nutmeg Grater

  156   Rare Antique Nutmeg Grater
        4.5 inches long, made of wood and tin with sliding

  157   Lot of 2 Antique Nutmeg Graters
        includes grater with clamp, and wooden grater “ Little

  158   Rare Bellows Nutmeg Grater
        5 inches x 3 inches, wood and cast iron grater,  circa

  159   Antique Nutmeg Grater
        4 inch,  wood and tin with crank handle and wooden

  160   Lot of two antique Nutmeg Graters
        includes 8 inch circular tin grater, and Acme tin grater
        with compartment

  161   Lot of four antique food mashers;
        Wooden antique food measures, all approximately 11- 12

  162   Primitive cast iron food/nut press
        6 inch, cast iron with table clamp

  163   Antique wood Firkin bucket
        19th century, 10 inches with swing handle attached with
        wooden pegs, Nice condition

  164   2 antique glass jars with Clay marbles
        clear Masons circa 1858 jar, clear Simplex jar, both
        filled with colorful early clay marbles.

  165   Post card album filled with colorful vintage
        and antique postcards; Postcards include mostly holiday,
        Approximately 75+ postcards

  166   Antique yellow ware covered box
        4 inches  x 5 inches in diameter, with removable lid

  167   Antique wooden butter mold/ press
        3 inches x 8 inches  x 4 inches with removable wooden
        butter mold/press

  168   Antique tin chocolate mold
        German 8 inch mold, Father Christmas with apples

  169   Antique tin chocolate mold
        Reiche Co. 5 inch Father Christmas

  170   Antique tin chocolate mold
        made in Germany, 6 inch hiking Santa.

  171   Antique tin chocolate mold
        7 inch large Santa, number 76

  172   Antique tin chocolate mold
        6 inch full body  turkey

  173   Lot of two antique tin chocolate molds
        6 1/4 inch large rooster made in USA number 6185, 3 inch
        hen on nest made in USA number 6210

  174   Antique Stereoptic viewer and viewing cards
        Includes viewer and approximately 20 viewing cards

  175   Lot of two sponge ware mixing bowls;
        Largest is 5 3/4 inches x 10 inches in diameter, several
        chips to the base, 4 1/2 inches  x 8 inches
        in diameter sponge ware mixing bowl, nice condition

  176   Antique diminutive cupboard
        11 inches x 11 inches x 5 inches, 4 drawers  with glass
        drawer knobs

  177   Oak Hill Creamery stoneware crock
        6 3/4  inch by 8 1/2 inch diameter stoneware crock, Oak
        Hill Creamery Jersey Butter R. D. Button

  178   Bennington pottery butter crock
        5 inches x 6 1/2 inches diameter, with lid, nice

  179   Bennington pottery large and small bowls
        5 inch x 10 1/2 inch large mixing bowl with some minor
        chips to the base glaze, 2 inch x 6 inch small bowl nice

  180   Antique butter press
        brass and wood, 9 inches tall,  press mold is the letter

  181   Rockingham pottery pitcher
        pitcher is 7 1/2 inches tall, nice condition

  182   Circa 1800s salesman sample size hand painted sled
        16 inches x 6 inches, metal and wood, hand painted
        floral design, signed in pencil on underside of sled
        Jean List 167 E. McMicken Ave. Cincinnati Ohio

  183   Primitive set of seven fly screens
        used to protect food at a picnic, graduated sizes from 6
        1/2 inch diameter to 10 1/2 inch diameter.

  184   Lot of 5 vintage Santa collectibles
        tallest is 7 inches, felt and cotton and paper mache

  185   Nine pair of childrens antique leather shoes
        and two pair of leather gloves; button up and tie, one
        pair of gloves with fur cuffs

  186   A lot of 2 primitive wooden Firkin buckets
        largest is 7 1/2 inches tall with a 7 1/2 inch diameter
        lid, the other has an Ideal Raspberry and Apple corn
        syrup label

  187   Lot of two lanterns including Pennsylvania
        Railroad; Dressel Arlington, New Jersey, the other is a
        number 210 supreme lantern.

  188   Antique figural glass Christmas bulb
        figure of Santa, 7 1/2 inch tall, screwed into a 1 1/2
        inch base

  189   Antique tin 12 candle mold
        mold stands 11 inches tall

  190   Three antique lanterns
        including two skaters lanterns, and a Deets Scout

  191   Lot of 10 vintage Santa decorations
        all approximately 4 to 5 inches in size with the
        exception of Santa in the sleigh, cotton, felt and paper

  192   Lot of two vintage Christmas decorations
        both 9 inches tall, standing Santa holding Tree branch
        made of cotton, felt and paper mache, bobble head Santa
        made in Germany with cotton beard holding tree sprig

  193   Lot of 3 Antique Victorian carpet balls
        Largest is 3 1/2 inches in diameter, smallest is 2 3/4
        inches in diameter, various colors

  194   Lot of two Victorian carpet balls
        both 3 inches in diameter, matching pattern but
        different colors

  195   Lot of four Victorian carpet balls
        all approximately 2 1/2 inches in diameter, various
        colors and patterns.

  196   Antique balance scale;
        Henry Troemner, Philadelphia Pennsylvania, 4 ounce,
        number 6

  197   Lot of three antique scales
        including 2 brass  John Chatillon and Sons New York and
        a tubular B and W brass scale

  198   Lot of six glass advertising milk bottles
        including two with original paper advertising lid,
        Overton farms Montrose PA and Lambs dairy Susquehanna
        PA, also included in the lot are three New Milford PA
        bottles and a small South Montrose bottle

  199   Lot of two primitive wooden stools
        one with remnants of original orange paint, the other
        with a circular seat

  200   Blue decorated 2 gallon stoneware crock
        blue decorated 2 gallon stoneware crock

  201   Antique advertising box
        Gilt Edge Dressing Ladies Shoes, 8 inches tall by 18
        inches wide by 11 1/2 inches deep, paper labels on two
        sides, top lifts to expose advertising on the interior
        as well

  202   2 early plush black cat stuffed animals
        14 inch Felix the cat original Gund label- some wear,
        The other 11 inch hand stitched cloth cat, some wear to
        the foot

  203   2 Primitive wooden  buckets with swing handles;
        Clear Vinegar with remnants of old yellow paint, also
        green painted bucket

  204   Lot of two early tin candle molds
        single mold is 17 inches long, triple mold is 10 1/2

  205   Rare salesman sample concrete burial vault
        4 inches x 11 inches x 4 inches, original paperwork from
        Martin F Hand manufacturer, New Milford, Pa.

  206   Antique doll bed
        four posts, 8 1/2 inches x 15 inches  x 9 1/2 inches,
        modern cloth doll being sold with bed

  207   2 Yellow ware bowls
        Includes-mixing bowl 6 1/2 inches tall by 12 inch
        diameter with brown band decoration, The other is 6
        inches x 11 inches, Both with brown decoration and as is

  208   Primitive wooden box with removable lid
        7 inches tall by 14 inches wide by 12 inches deep, lid
        is removable with 2 swing hooks for fastening, early

  209   2 antique advertising boxes
        largest Black Cat Polishes 4 1/2 inches x
        16 1/2 inches x 12 inches, the other is shoe and harness
        repairing outfit Lawton and Bushman

  210   2 Primitive wooden cutlery boxes
        Both with remnants of old paint

  211   Primitive wooden tote
        4 1/2 inches tall by 17 inches ling by 13 1/2 inches
        wide, dovetailed, with three compartments

  212   Child size primitive buggy seat;
        5 1/2 inches tall by 19 inches long by 10 inches deep,
        early painted decoration

  213   Antique Tin Candy mold
        mold makes 10 cigar shaped candies, 10 inches x  4
        inches, original clamps

  214   Antique multi shape candy mold
        8 inch  x 12 inch metal tray, Anton Reichy Dresden,
        Weygandt Co. made in Germany, shapes include polar bear,
        rhinoceros, lion, tennis racket, donkey, train, hearts,
        pocket watch, cat

  215   Antique multi shaped candy mold
        6 inch x 12 inch metal tray, Mold number 142, 28 squares
        with animal forms.

  216   4 Antique multi shape candy molds
        all  measure 4 1/4 inches  x 7 3/4 inches,  metal trays,
        made in Germany, mold numbers 6688, 6691, 6692, 6693

  217   Lot of three antique candy mold trays
        includes 3 inch x 10 1/2 inch chicks-number 6835, two 3
        inch  x 7 inch rabbits number 333 and 42

  218   Antique metal candy mold tray
        6 inch  x 13 inch, mold depicting cat heads, no mold

  219   Lot of five antique wooden bocce and croquet balls
        largest approximately 6 inches in diameter, all wooden

  220   Lot of two early wood boxes
        no lids, 7 inch tall by 11 inch diameter grain measuring
        box with metal straps and an early 6 inch x 14 inch wood
        box, Possibly for cheese

  221   Lot of three antique tiger maple rolling pins
        nice tiger maple, longest is 20 inches

  222   A lot of 2 primitive wooden silverware/knife
        caddies; largest is 14 inch  x 11 inch

  223   Lot of five flow blue plates
        various sizes and patterns, largest is 10 inches in
        diameter, Pick Wick by Charles Dickens, Pekin , Carlton,

  224   Lot of two flow blue platters
        largest is 8 1/2 Inches x 11 inches, Scinde and Coburg

  225   Lot of two primitive tin items
        Hanging spice box, 10 inch long green painted hanging
        document box

  226   Treene Ware and wooden bowl lot
        includes 14 1/2 inch x 7 inch Treene Ware bowl and 2
        Wooden bowls -largest is 14 inches in diameter

  227   Lot of eight antique Christmas decorations
        includes 12 inch Santa holding pig, 7 inch bobble head
        snowman candy box, Five 3 inch round belly Santas and a
        5 inch cotton Santa

  228   Antique blue onion rolling pin
        Blue Onion rolling pin-total length 13 inches (few

  229   Lot of three early yellow ware creamers
        tallest is 5 inches, minor flake on rim of tallest
        creamer, all blue band decorated.

  230   Yellow ware rolling pin with wooden handles
        15 inches in length, one minor chip on yellow ware

  231   Primitive milking stool
        remnants of blue green paint visible, pegged

  232   The Adams Westlake lantern with red glass globe
        The Adams Westlake lantern with red glass globe, Adlake
        Kero 2-43

  233   Dietz lantern
        Acme Inspector Lamp, New York

  234   Lot of 3  blue and white in enamel agate pots
        largest with fixed handles is 7 1/2 inch x 11 1/2 inch
        in diameter, swing handle pot is 6 inches x 9 inches in
        diameter with ladle, smallest swing handle pot 5 inches
        x 8 inches in diameter

  235   Lot of  4 antique tin chocolate molds
        approximately 6 inches each, 3 Dutch children,  mold
        number 17, 45, 8068 and Mold of young boy -no mold

  236   Lot of nine antique wooden stocking stretchers
        and dryer’s; various sizes including child size

  237   Circa 1800’s Pair of copper rain/spouts
        14 inches tall  x 10 inches wide

  238   Lot of two antique red ware crocks
        largest is 9 inches x 9 inch diameter

  239   Antique wooden doll trunk
        9 inches x 12 inches x 8 inches with hinged lid with
        removable interior drawer

  240   Lot of two antique doll trunks
        includes dome top with paper exterior 8 inches x 12
        inches x 8 inches with removable interior drawer and 6
        1/2 inches x 10 inches x 6 inches metal trunk with
        removable anterior drawer

  241   Primitive cobblers wooden caddy
        22 inches tall, pegged construction

  242   Primitive cobblers bench with seat
        wood and leather construction, 19 inches tall by 34
        inches wide by 17 inches deep, leather seat with hinged
        chair back, sets on four legs,  with multi compartment

  243   Primitive cobblers caddy
        wooden construction with stationary iron handle, 28
        inches tall by 22 inches wide by 19 inches deep, four

  244   Blue decorated stoneware crock
        blue decorated stoneware crock

  245   Stoneware crock and jug
        2 gallon Stoneware crock E.W. Farrington, Elmer, N.Y and
        John Burger, Rochester stoneware jug

  246   Cookie cutter and coffee grinder lot;
        8 figural Cookie cutters and CI coffee grinder lot

  247   Large primitive red ware bowl
        7 inches tall by 16 inch diameter

  248   Lot of 13 early brass candlesticks
        some pairs,  various sizes, some push-up, tallest is 10

  249   Lot of two rare metal advertising pot scrapers
        Henkel’s Flour and Penn Stove Works Pot and pan scraper

  250   2 Wooden Storage Boxes
        Smaller one is 3 inches high and 4.75 inches wide.
        Larger one is 7.25 inches in height and 4.75 inches
        wide.  Not split or cracked.  Metal banded on top and

  251   De Nobili Cigars Glass Top Show Case
        Size 8 by 7 by 12 inches.  Cabinet is made out of tin.
        Glass top.  Has wear from use and storage.

  252   Child’s German Cast Iron Tin Sewing Machine
        Numbered 171267.  Works when the handle is turned.  Made
        in Germany.  Has some wear from use and storage.  The
        toll ware style design is still nice on it.

  253   Felix The Cat Toy Lot
        The rubber squeeze toy is 6.5 inches in height.  The
        rubber is still good on it.  4 piece chein tin tea set.
        Some pogs from the 90s.  Homemade napkin holder.  Tin
        clicker for Felix that is made in Germany.  Made in
        Japan Celluloid Felix that is 2 inches in height.
        Wooden joint Felix that is made by Sullivan 1925. The
        wooden joint figure is just under 4 inches in height.

  254   Bar Items Cork Stoppers and Openers
        The 3 friar looking ones are  made out of syroco wood.
        The two person bottle is mechanical.  They are 5 inches
        in height. When the lever is lowered the their head

  255   Cranberry Scoop Cradle
        Interesting version with a metal base.  Most are made
        entirely out of wood.  There is three initials on the
        backside of it g g l.  Size is 16 by 11 by 10 inches.

  256   Jiffy Ice Cream Scoop
        There is a slight curve to it.  Made by Jiffy Dispenser
        Co and It has a patent date of Feb 25 1925.  Functions
        with ease.  No cracks or chips in the handle.  Size is
        12.5 inches.  Has some wear from use and storage.

  257   Lot of five primitive wire baskets;
        Baskets include chicken shape, collapsible, egg, etc.

  258   2 Primitive Wooden Mashers
        The larger square  one is 14 inches in height.  There is
        some wear from  use and storage.  2 piece construction.

  259   Early Spice Rack with Porcelain Plaques
        and knobs, drawers are dovetailed,  Size is 10 inches in
        height and 3 inches wide.  No cracks or chips in the
        porcelain plaques.

  260   6 Drawer Wooden Spice Rack
        The bottom right drawer has some of the wooden face
        missing on it on the bottom.  Size is 2.75 inches wide
        by 11.5 inches in height.  Each drawer is multiple piece
        constructed with nails holding it together.

  261   Tin Peter Rabbit Candy Container
        Tin is made by Tindeco.  Missing the handle.  It is 4.5
        inches wide.  Has some wear to the litho here and there.
        Neat that it has Peter Rabbit and all  his friends on
        parade going around the sides.

  262   Necco Sweets American Fig Confection Wooden  Box
        Nice paper label on the top lid.  Some of the label  is
        missing, the base there is a split running down the
        center of the wood.  It is 8.5 inches wide and 3.5
        inches in height.

  263   Lot of 3 Wooden Black Cats
        The one is missing its base and is 10 inches in height.
        The one that is just a face and a tail is a match holder
        with a brass striker.    They have some wear from use
        and storage.  The third one is a candle holder.

  264   Wooden Butter Press
        Has a square pattern on it.  Size is 5 x 5.5 x 6 inches,
        Works smoothly.

  265   Smith’s Ice Cream Serving Tray
        13.5 inches across. Made out of tin.  Has some wear from
        use and storage.  Nice full color graphics.

  266   2 wooden Treen ware bowls
        The oval one is 19.5 inches wide.  The oval  has a crack
        that runs through.  But has a neat staple repair on it.
        The other is 17.5 inches in length.  They have some wear
        from use and storage.

  267   Lot of tin food molds
        Large lot of tin food molds. Various shapes and designs.
        Some are 4 inches wide.

  268   Wagner Ware Little Slam Bridge Pan
        Made out of cast iron, marked Wagner ware Sidney O no
        1340 little slam bridge pan. No cracks or chips in

  269   Griswold and Wagner Cast Iron Molds
        The corn one is a Griswold.  Marked on the backside no
        27 wheat and corn stick pan Griswold Erie Pa USA pat no
        73 326 639.  Other is marked Wagner ware f.  No cracks
        or chips in the castings.

  270   Brass Pan Scale Fulton’s Gravity Scale
        Base is made out of cast iron.  Goes up to 4 pounds.
        Patent March 16 1880. Height is 13 inches with the pan
        on it.

  271   2 Easter Chocolate Molds Basket Rabbit with Cart
        Both have both their clips.  The basket Is 6 inches
        wide. The rabbit with the cart is 7 inches wide.  Molds
        are two piece.

  272   Vintage Wire Christmas Tree
        Stands 17.5 inches.  Multiple piece construction.

  273   2 Easter Bunny Chocolate Molds
        2 pieces molds, the one that is standing is 7 inches in

  274   2 Vintage Cat Chocolate Molds
        2 pieces molds. The one has a clip and another one has
        two clips.  The one with one clip is maker marked and it
        is 4.25 inches.

  275   Large Running Easter Bunny Chocolate Molds
        2 piece molds,   9 inches across

  276   Antique Chocolate Molds
        2 Easter Bunnies over a Basket,  2 piece molds, 6 inches
        in height.

  277   3 Wooden Mashers
        Roughly 13 inches in length. They have wear form use and

  278   Blue White Stoneware Butter Crock
        No cracks or chips on it.  6 inches wide.

  279   Blue Painted Biscuit Store Display Counter Top
        Nice old blue paint. Glass panels.  Size is 12 x 12.5 x
        17.5 inches.  Has a lid on the top for easy access to
        the items.  Lid has a porcelain knob.

  280   Antique wooden pail bucket
        The straps have a blue paint hue,  stands 8.25 inches.

  281   Early Coffee Grinder
        Interesting version. There is a marking of a lion on a
        pointing arrow on the lid.  The wooden base is split.
        Moves with ease. Roughly 7 inches in height.  Top
        unscrews off.

  282   Large Treen ware wooden bowl
        Has a period repair that has a staple to hold the crack.
        Width is 16 inches.  Shows a lot of scratches from being
        used over a long period of time.  Nice rib styling going
        down the side

  283   McCoy Green Stone ware Mugs and Pitchers
        One pitcher has a chip on the base and the other has one
        has a chip on the inside on the opening of the spout.
        The one mug has a a few flaws in the making.  The other
        two are fine.   Pattern is grapes and vines.

  284   2 Measure Wooden Bucket
        The bottom stops in the center.  For two different units
        of measure.  Stands 11 inches in height.  The one wire
        band is off needs to be put back on.

  285   Blue White Stoneware Butterfly Crock
        No lid.  No cracks or chips in it.  Has a butterfly
        pattern around the sides.  6 inches wide.

  286   Tanglefoot Sanitary Fly Destroyer Wooden Box
        Size is 17x6x10.  Finger jointed box. Nice clear

  287   1873 Enterprise Coffee Grinder
        Size is a No. 1.  No cracks or chips in the casting.
        The pullout drawer is cast iron. Handle crank turns with

  288   Cresca Company Vintage Raisin Tin
        1 pound tin box.  Has some rust on the front top right
        corner of the lid.  8.25 inches in length.

  289   Fries Metal Butter Churn
        Made out of tin  Marked Fries.  Stands roughly 8.5
        inches in height.  Clean working piece.

  290   Nucoa Butter Churn Mixer
        Made out of cast iron and tin.  Lid is marked Nucoa
        Mixer.  Handle turns with ease. Has a clamp for easier

  291   Early Light Blue Paint Spice Rank
        Knobs are porcelain. Size is 9x9x3 inches.  4 drawer.
        Shows age from use and storage.

  292   2 Wooden Square Mashers
        2 piece construction.  Roughly 14 inches in length.  The
        smaller block one is stamped all over W Cooper.

  293   Made in USA Halloween Skull Cardboard Lantern
        Marked made in USA.  Nice die cut out of a skull.  Four
        sided lantern.  Flatten it is 10 inches in height. Has
        the original cardboard base.

  294   Halloween Witch Devil Black Cat Cardboard Lantern
        Could not find a marking on it.  Nice die cuts of a
        flying witch, owl, devil, black cat and pumpkins. When
        flatten it is 9.5 inches in length.  Still has the
        original cardboard base.

  295   German Die Cut Mickey Mouse Pumpkin Head and Black
        The black cat is marked Germany.  He stands roughly 16
        inches.  Smaller pumpkin head Mickey Mouse looking guy
        is not marked .  There is some bends in the cardboard in
        the neck and legs.

  296   2 Halloween Cardboard Black Cats
        Larger one is marked H E Luhrs and is roughly 18 inches
        in height.  Has some creases in the body.  The other is
        a easel. Pull the back out and it has a body to it. Head
        moves sideways.  Made in USA.  Both for one money.

  297   Tin Halloween Tambourine Noise Makers
        Large tambourine is made by T Conn and is 7 inches
        across.  Nice graphics of a black cat and witch going
        around the sides.  Other noise maker is made by US Metal
        Toy Company.  Nice scenes of a witches and black cat on
        it.  Both for one money.

  298   Skookum Style Indian Dolls
        Both have celluloid heads.  Larger one is tagged Made in
        Japan and the size is 9.5 inches.

  299   Tin Delaval Cream Separator Machine Display
        Neat piece don’t see this one too often.  Stands 6.5
        inches in height.  Has some rust on it.  Shows some wear
        from use and display.

  300   Brass Face 2 Hook Scale
        No makers mark on it.  Goes up to 35 pounds.  2 rings
        and 2 hooks (different sizes).  Size of the piece with
        the largest hook and ring is roughly 9.5 inches.

  301   Felix the Cat Vintage Composition Doll Figure
        No makers mark on it . Missing his tail.  Stands 13
        inches.  There is age cracks all over his body.  Nice
        large size.

  302   Primitive wooden tote;
        Primitive wooden tote; 18 inches long by 10 inches wide
        by 7 inches deep, with three compartments, iron handle

  303   3 Small Wire Egg Baskets
        The smallest one is 4.5 inches high by 6 inches wide.

  304   Blue Decorated Handled Jug Flower 2 Gallon
        Maker is hard to read, rim chip right under the stem of
        the flower,  two gallon jug.

  305   Matey’s Motor Express Thermometer
        Interesting piece from Delhi New York.  Delhi has a two
        digit phone number and Binghamton has a 5 digit.  Shows
        age and wear. Thermometer works.  10 inches in length.

  306   Black Americana Doll Lot
        The largest one is made out of composition and is 9
        inches long.  Others are made out of bisque and one is
        celluloid. In the red dress with the polka dots she is a

  307   Black  Americana Kitchen Items
        Uncle Remus and Aunt Jemima, The ones dressed in green
        are made out of plaster of Paris.  They have some edge
        chips in them.  The others are made out of plastic by F
        & F Molds.

  308   Black Americana Lot with Little Sambo Thermometer
        Thermometer is made out of Syroco wood and it works, 5.5
        inches in height. Noise maker is made in Japan.  The
        celluloid is neat with the boy having problems with a
        goose but the mirror is broken on it. Aunt Jemima is
        made out of wood. Black jockey’s hat the lid on the edge
        was glued back together.

  309   Soldier and Bride Ice Cream Molds
        Made by E & Coof Ny.  The soldier stands 5.5 inches in

  310   2 Shoe Ice Cream Molds
        Larger one is 6 inches in length and marked s & co 590.
        The other is marked 1094.

  311   Turkey and Hen Ice Cream Molds
        Turkey is marked E & Co 662 and is 4.5 inches in length.
        Hen is marked 290.

  312   Heart and Cupid Ice Cream Molds
        Heart is marked 475.  The bell shaped one is marked 1019
        E & Co NY and is roughly 4 inches wide.

  313   Acorn and 2 Flowers Ice Crea Molds
        Three piece flower one is really unusual.  Numbered 210
        and stands 3×3 inches.  Acorn is marked E & CO Ny.  The
        other flower is marked E & Co NY.

  314   2 Hard Candy Molds Hen Bear
        Hen mold is marked 230 and is 7 inches wide while the
        bears is numbered 124.

  315   1810 Penny Doily and Runners
        Red white and blue one with the stars is 8.5 inches
        wide. There is 2 that are pin wheel and dated 1810.  2
        33 inch runners.  Nice full colors on them.

  316   Universal Vegetable Slicer
        Made out of cast iron. Handle turns with ease.  Roughly
        13 inches in length.

  317   2 Cherry Pitters Stoners
        One is made by Enterprise and the other is by Rollman.
        They work with ease.

  318   2 Made in Germany Santa Claus Die Cuts Belsnickel
        Both are marked Made in Germany  One is numbered 1863
        and the other is 5049.  Size is roughly 13×10 inches of
        the sheet.

  319   Antique ice skates and shoe rest
        Antique ice skates and shoe rest,  skates are made of
        wood and iron 11 inches, shoe rest is solid wood 10
        inches in length

  320   Black cat cloth doll
        Black cat cloth doll, 5 foot tall

  321   Tin spice container
        6 Blue paint containers.  Container is 4 inches high.
        paint loss

  322   Brass pan general store candy scale
        Pan is made of brass.  16 inches high by 10 inches wide.
        Made by Anglidile style number 3 no 19236.

  323   Chatillon’s iron clad scale
        Brass face with a cast iron frame.  14 inches in length.

  324   Lot 6 antique food choppers;
        Lot 6 antique food choppers;  includes Chapman

  325   2 Necco Candies store display jars
        10 inches in height. No cracks or chips in the glass.

  326   Lot of black cat items
        large grouping with some advertising items.  The stove
        polish bottles are 6 inches in height. The listed jar
        the lid has Tom chips.

  327   Spool tree andTramp Art wall box
        Spool tower tands 5 inches.  Levels are made out of red
        painted wood with metal wire spacers,  Wall box is 11“ x

  328   Lot of seven antique choppers;
        .Lot of seven antique choppers;

  329   Bennington peacock pitcher
        Has minor grazing on it.  Some old edge chips on the
        bottom.  8 inches in height.

  330   6 Dough cutter choppers
        single and double blade, one is made by  R. Jones

  331   Woodman Tin plate bee smoker
        Leather is brittle on it.  Made out of tin.  Made by
        Wildman Bingham.10 inches in height.

  332   Tin plate oil can
        Made out tin with a wooden handle. Size is 7.5 inches.

  333   Gold dust washing powder lot of two
        both appear to be unopened. Box is 9 inches in height.

  334   2 Agate coffee pots
        1 blue, 1 gray, Some rim chips from use, largest one is
        under 10 inches in height .

  335   Lot of food graders
        5 tin food graders.  Largest one is 16 inches in length.

  336   no item
        no item

  337   Early folk art birdcage
        made out at tin, original green and red paint size is 13
        x 10 x 12″ two of the corners are split.

  338   Early Minimax Type B fire extinguisher
        funnel shaped, decal is still nice, 33 inches in length,

  339   Tinplate  sausage stuffer
        Wooden plunger. Overall length with plunger inside is 20
        inches has a brass band in center.

  340   Two wooden levels with brass fittings
        smaller one made by Stanley ruler size is 26 inches.
        Large roller is made by standard rule company show wear
        with no cracks or chips in wood.

  341   Miniature blue painted sleigh
        Overall length is 16 inches x 6 inches wide, there is a
        slight chip on the upper right part of sleigh.

  342   no item
        no item

  343   Miniature wooden sleigh
        front upper left wood rail is cracked in the center,
        there is a crack running down roughly 20 inches in
        length. repainted long time ago

  344   Halloween decorations lot
        lot  contains pumpkin and other black cat items, pumpkin
        is 14 inches wide, some of the pieces are made in the
        United States other pieces are made in Germany

  345   Child size antique split Oak crutches
        made for a child, total length is 33 inches

  346   Antique green miniature sleigh
        total length is 24 inches, the runners are made out of
        cast-iron. A few age cracks in the wood .

  347   Vintage birdcage
        painted green the wire mesh is made out of brass height
        is roughly 14 inches.

  348   Antique grey painted wooden bin
        painted gray with some green, five compartments,
        measuring 40 by 11″ x 8″ .

  349   Antique wooden churn
        Cylinder churn,  number 3, 7 gallon, wheel turns with
        ease, removable lid, overall very clean piece.

  350   Antique wooden shoe shine seat
        interesting version, overall length is 26 inches  x 13
        inches high, the center for your shoe is metal plated

  351   Antique square yellow birdcage
        Painted yellow, green and red, one of the corners is
        split length is 13 inches with a height of 16 shows wear
        from use and age .

  352   Wooden mold
        made out of wood in cast-iron total links is 14 1/2
        inches no markings.

  353   Lot of 14 antique wooden tools
        14 pieces including buttonhooks, ice picks, 6 prong
        tool, etc.

  354   Cast-iron Buffalo Scale Works sign
        total length is 37 1/2 inches, no cracks or chips in it.

  355   11 Antique wooden kitchen items
        includes spoons, rolling pin and mashers, etc.

  356   Lot  5 antique kitchen items
        lot has ice cream dipper, miniature meat grinder,
        corkscrew, tin plate mold and a donut cutter.

  357   Meat tenderizer and Tongs
        no makers Mark on the meat tenderizer or tongs

  358   11 Antique wooden  kitchen items
        includes hog scraper, multiple small wooden mashers,
        Issac Garner and a wooden cat butter print

  359   7 Antique kitchen items
        includes strainers, cutters and other items, Summerwood
        handled most are made out of tin

  360   6 Bottle openers and corkscrews
        the corkscrew is for Chippewa whiskey, there is a
        Coca-Cola bottle opener and other local advertising

  361   3 Pieces gray agate
        includes bread pan, soap dish and berry bucket.

  362   Black Porter wooden walking toy
        made by Barry Sales Corp out of Philadelphia, missing
        the stick that goes in his back, 12 inches in height
        shows wear from use and display.

  363   Gray agate coffee pot
        Height is roughly 12 inches, wooden handle shows very
        little wear from use.

  364   6 Antique kitchen items
        includes strainers, forks, strainer, etc.

  365   Antique nine drawer spice rack
        has 8 small drawers and 1 long drawer, size is 17 inches
        x 9 inches  x 4 inches

  366   3 Antique kitchen items
        consist of bottle cap opener, Acme November 1876 frying
        pan and a strainer, the frying pan is 12 inches in

  367   Lot 7 antique tools
        includes tongs, can openers, and various other tools.
        Tongs are 12 inches in length.

  368   Antique apple peeler
        screw down bass, no makers mark, works with no problem

  369   Lot of 4 antique brass face scales
        one is PSNW, another is Russan and Chatillon.  Largest
        with hook is 8 inches.

  370   Cow chow brass scale
        Comes with two hooks. Length of the brass scale is over
        11 inches

  371   Primitive wooden hanging cabinet
        dovetailed, 19 inches x 10 inches x 12 inches, hinged
        door front with key, has interior shelf

  372   Round antique birdcage
        has brass mesh in the center, roughly 14 inches in

  373   Lot of three scales
        one of them is a postal scale, the other two are egg
        scales. One is made by Oaks manufacturing company.
        Another is a Jiffy Way and postal scale is made by Gem.

  374   Lot of three postal scales
        largest one is roughly 3 1/4 inches

  375   The Black Cat sign
        signed by Kratzer 1986, 18 inches wide, copper
        lettering, The cat is a Halloween decoration

  376   Antique glass front store display case
        glass on 3 sides, 19 inches x 12 inches x 12 inches,
        opens in the back, Red top

  377   Diminutive antique cabinet
        24 inches roughly by 9 inches  x 16 inches, 2 solid door
        front, interior shelves, porcelain door knob

  378   2 Antique kitchen items
        large tin strainer and pot with handle

  379   Antique needlepoint picture of two rabbits
        walnut deep frame,  Size is 13 x 15 x 2. Some staining
        on the background of the picture

  380   Victorian fashion print
        walnut deep frame, 15 inches x 13 inches  x 2 inches,
        Print is done by Goudoure.

  381   2 Vintage green sprinkling cans
        The one has a hole by the spout, 7 inches in height.

  382   Lot of 4 antique sewing needle cases
        the wooden one is 2.25 inches in height. The swirl
        colored ones are made in Germany

  383   Antique blue and white stoneware cracker jar
        missing the lid, chip in the finish above the word
        crackers height is 5.5 inches

  384   2 early copper tea kettles
        1. height is almost 9 inches. The handle  it’s fixed,
        dovetailed, some small dents, 2. 8” tall to finial, also

  385   Lot of  6 antique tin molds
        lot of 6 food mold, largest mold is over 6 inches wide

  386   2 Black cat stove bill hooks
        2 Black cat stove bill hooks

  387   4 Pieces antique blue and white agate
        Consist of funnel, coffee pot, pan and ladle. The size
        of the coffee pot is 9 inches. There is some chip on the

  388   Lot of two antique blue and white enamel pails
        Largest is 12 inches in diameter, both have swing

  389   Ornate wire bird cage
        17 inches tall including hook, scrolled wire design,
        beehive shape.

  390   Antique apple peeler and other kitchen items
        3 items, consist of tin grater, a Dover mixer and a
        Hudson Apple peeler. Apple peeler works with no problems

  391   Lot of 4 vintage Santa Claus dolls
        the largest one is 14 inches in height.

  392   Lot of 6 Antique kitchen items
        six pieces in the lot including strainers, melon scoop,

  393   Lot  of  6 antique choppers
        Lot  of  6 antique choppers

  394   Lot of 6 antique kitchen utensils
        includes ice cream scoop, grinder  marked Raisin Seeder
        by Gem, etc.

  395   Lot of 8 Antique kitchen items
        includes scoop, mashers and rolling pins. The size of
        the largest rolling pin is 16 inches.

  396   Lot of 2 children’s sand pails
        J Chein Sand bucket Humpty dumpy and Steelechase
        buckets; Humpty Dumpty Looks like it was never used.
        Still has price sticker of $.25 on bottom comes with
        shovel, Steeplechase is rusted

  397   Ridley’s Little Piggy sand pail
        tin pail, has multiple pigs with their stories around
        the sides. Size is 3 inches

  398   Antique spice box and cutlery tote;
        10 inch tall wooden spice box with three long divided
        drawers, 14 inch x 9 inch cutlery/knife box

  399   Antique blue and white large stoneware bowl
        sponge ware bowl, 13 inches wide. There is a  few chips
        on the bottom rim and one on the top rim.

  400   Lot of 5 antique tins
        The tiger basket is 8 inches x almost 6 inches. The
        other cans are a Maxwell House Coffee: Cream Dove
        Shortening, Cottolene and a goose chasing a little black
        Sambo character.

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Click on any image to view larger.

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