Primitives AUCTION

Primitives Galore & MORE… More items from Phillip and Kathryn Hari of The Black Cat Antique Shop located in New Milford, Pa near Binghamton, NY. Plus area estate treasures.
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Began: 02/20/18 at 10:00 AM EST
Ended: 02/20/18 at 3:00 PM EST
Location: 4644 Route 309, Schnecksville, PA 18078

Primitives Auction!  Bid Live in the gallery or online!
10am Tuesday, February 20th.

Primitives Galore & MORE…
More items from Phillip and Kathryn Hari of The Black Cat Antique Shop located in New Milford, Pa near Binghamton, NY.

Gallery: 4644 Rt 309, Schnecksville, Pa 18078
              Located just 6 miles north of Rt 22.
Early Preview: 2pm – 4pm Monday, February 19th
                      9am Auction Day,
                      Or by appointment.

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In House Terms: Cash, Check w/Photo ID, Major Credit Cards, 13% Buyer’s Premium w / 3% discount for cash & checks.

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Catalogue Listing


Tom Hall Auctions, Inc
4644 Route 309
Schnecksville, PA 18078
Phone: 610-799-0808 Fax: 610-799-2199


2-20-18 Black Cat Country Store Auction 2/8/2018-2/20/2018


1 Western electric candle stick phone
11 inches in height. No cracks or chips in the mouth
piece receiver.


2 2 stoneware foot warmers
largest one is 9.75 inches in length. No cracks or


3 2 glass oil lamps
Largest one is 19 inches tall with shade.


4 Little miss wash board and wooden blocks
There is some late 1800 ABC blocks with a child’s wash
board. Board measures 15 inches in height.


5 1876 skating lantern
Marked boy. Pat Sept 19th (18) 76. Brass bottom.


6 6 drawer early tin spice rack
Shows age. Stands 9.5 inches. Early white paint is
flaking off here and there.


7 5 drawer tin spice rack
Bottom 4 drawers are divided. All made out of tin.
Over 14 inches in height.


8 3 stoneware jugs
One was made into a lamp. But the lamp part can be
removed without damaging the jug. Largest is 11.5


9 Tetley Tea, J P Alleys Hambone advertising
Both are made out of cardboard. Tetley is 6.5 inches in
height. Both are double sided.


10 3 Black cat dolls and pillow
Largest black cat is 16 inches. The smaller dolls feel
like oil cloth. Large black cat feels like leather,
some ware in various spots


11 Santa Claus lot with candles, putz houses
Largest Santa is 13 inches and is a blow mold light.
Hard plastic ornaments and candles


12 12 stick tin candle mold
Stands 10.5 inches. Few dents here and there from use.


13 Large cow bell
Bell itself is 6.5 inches. Leather strap is stiff from


14 6 piece tin candle mold
Stands over 10 inches. The corners on the square base
are split with some rusting.


15 Brass shoe lathe
Stands 15 inches. No markings.


16 3 brown stoneware jugs
Largest is 12 inches tall. Lighter colored brown one
with the spout has been repaired in the spout and handle


17 Stoneware batter pitcher
No cracks or chips. Stands 9 inches in height.


18 Primitive wooden measure scoop
2 piece construction. Stands 10 inches. Shows age from
use and wear.


19 Enterprise cast iron coffee grinder
Stands 11.5 inches. Porcelain knob has a chip. Crank
turns with ease.


20 Howe 12 oz. Store scale
10 inches in length. Pan and weight bar is made out of
brass. Rest is cast iron. Weight moves with ease.


21 Early wooden mallard duck decoy
No markings. Paint is cracked and worn from age. Two
piece construction. Length is 16 inches.


22 3 pieces of ironstone floral design
Covered dish has 2 rim chips on the bottom part.
Pitcher is 6.5 inches in height.


23 Cast iron balance scale
No makers mark. Base is cast iron. White plates are
crazed and the one is stained. Length is 15 inches.


24 2 early wooden pairs of ice skates
One pair is made by moulson brothers union works
Sheffield. Other one with the wrought iron curl witches
toe fronts are unmarked. Roughly 11 inches in length.


25 Early wooden child’s toy High chair
Stands 14 inches. Shows age from use and wear.


26 Fiesta cup and saucer lot
1 light blue and yellow cups are chipped. The rest are
fine. Grey cup does not have a saucer.


27 Fiesta demitasse coffee pot
No cracks or chips. Stands 8 inches.


28 Fiesta yellow disc water pitchers
Larger one has some discoloration on the bottom. No
cracks or chips. Largest is 7.5 inches in height.


29 Fiesta turquoise teapot
No cracks or chips. 6.5 inches in height.


30 5 small Fiesta juice glasses
No cracks or chips. They stand 3.5 inches in height.


31 Fiesta serving pieces
No cracks or chips. All for one money.


32 Fiesta plate lot
Largest plate is 12 inches in width. No cracks or chips.
But the 2 Orange plates have knife and fork marks on


33 Fiesta bowl lot
Largest is a soup bowl at 8.25 inches wide. No cracks
or chips.


34 Fiesta 12 inch footed fruit bowl
No cracks or chips. 12 inches across.


35 Fiesta yellow mixing bowl
Size is a number 2. No cracks or chips.


36 Fiesta ashtray utility plate and handled dish
No cracks or chips. Utility dish is 10.5 inches in


37 Redware banded mixing bowl
No markings on it. 3.5 inches in height. No cracks or
chips but has some maker flaws.


38 Watt ovenware apple bowl and pitcher lot
Small pitcher and bowl have some staining and crazing on
the inside. Large pitcher is fine and stands 8 inches.


39 Arcade cast iron lemon squeezer
Still has the porcelain insert unchecked unchipped.
Length is over 8 inches.


40 Rayo electrified oil lamp
Light has a switch and cord that goes through the base.
Shade has areas of roughness on the edges. With chimney
it is 21 inches high.


41 Pagoel Rooster cast iron charcoal iron
6.5 inches in length. There is a crack at the tip on
the bottom.


42 Genesee beer and ale tray
12 inches wide. Has wear from use and storage.


43 6 printers blocks golden tree syrup advertising
Blocks are a elk (maybe Hartford insurance or bpoe),
girl hanging a sticking in front of fireplace, a person,
radio record cabinet, voss ringer washer and golden tree
syrup. Syrup block is 2.75 by 4.5 inches.


44 Tin advertising lot general store
Tins for spices, ealnuts,aspirin, and others.


45 Early tin kitchen items
Chestnut roaster pan, food grader and other items.


46 Early hand wrought hook and sugar nippers
Rat tailed hook is 14 inches in length. Neither have
markings on them.


47 Eight antique wooden kitchen utensils; including
rolling pin, grooved spoons, wooden club, etc.


48 2 wooden butter prints stamp molds
One is a star and other is a flower pattern. Larger one
is 5 inches in height. Large one has a crack on the one


49 10 antique kitchen utensils; including ice cream
scoop swan down cake flour advertising piece, the whole
some baking powder advertising piece, candle wick
cream top ladle, etc.


50 J Chein tin litho three pigs washer
The graphics are nice and bright. Insides are all
there. Handcrank works. Stands 8.5 inches.


51 Brass face Frary’s family balance scale
Brass face is 6 inches long. Comes with pressed steel


52 5 E & Co. pewter ice cream molds
Molds are banana, potato, flower, orange, and pickle.


53 N. White and Company Binghamton 2 blue decorated
crocks ; Both are cracked and chipped. Jug is missing
handle and has large crack going around the bottom, two
gallon crock is cracked


54 5 spout copper parade torch
Height is 11 inches. Crude hand soddered spouts that go
all around.


55 Antique Wooden bucket painted interior
12 inches in height. Interior is painted.


56 2 antique wooden stools
Larger one is 9 inches in height.


57 2 blue decorated stoneware crocks
Fancher&durkee crock is missing the handles and there is
chipping through out the glaze. Its a 2 gallon crock.
Other crock is fine.


58 2 stoneware jugs
2 gallon jugs. Both have rim chips.


59 2 stoneware crocks
Brown one is a 2 gallon. Brown one has a few makers
flaws in it. Smaller one is fine.


60 Large lot of early post cards
Cards are of Christmas,Easter, various US States and
other subjects.


61 1897 Parker Bros Black Cat fortune telling game
All 24 Cards are there. Corners are not split.
Graphics are nice. Some staining to the top lid.
Instructions are included.


62 Lot of early brass candlesticks
3 pair and 4 singles, tallest pair approximately 18
inches, smallest 3 inches.


63 Lot of amber Depression glass
approximately 13 pieces, includes oval bowl, round bowl,
platters, cups, etc.


64 Lot of green Depression glass
approximately 20 pieces, including large plates, sherbet
cups and under plates, cake plate, basket


65 Lot of pink Depression glass
approximately nine pieces, including two large handled
serving plates, for sherbets, pedestal bowl, etc.


66 Sponge ware mixing bowl
Blue and white sponge ware mixing bowl 4 1/2 inches tall
by 9 inches diameter


67 Vintage textile lot
including clothes pin bag, black star doily, blue and
white coverlet small pillow and seat cushion


68 Lot of six wooden antique shoe stretchers
it is 12 inches long


69 Lot of six wooden antique shoe stretchers
largest is 11 inches long


70 Lot of wooden antique shoe stretchers
12 child size shoe stretchers smallest is 5 inches


71 Lot of two child size wooden boot stretchers; a
lot of 2 child size wooden boot stretchers


72 A lot of 2 antique cast iron building stars
stars are 7 inches


73 Lot of three Treen ware bowls
largest has 15 1/2 inch diameter, Smallest has 10 inch


74 Lot of three early toys
including The Toy Tinkers Inc. wooden pull toy, metal
and wood 14 inch long airplane and cork gun


75 Lot of four collectible advertising tins
Including Royal Scarlet, Killarney, Tartan Coffee and
Consolidated Tea company,


76 Lot of six collectible advertising tins
including Petersons salted mixed nuts, Naphey’s leaf
lard, Canco, Luden’s candies,etc.


77 Antique cast-iron scale
scale marked number 4, porcelain weight dishes are


78 Lot of vintage Easter collectibles
including paper mache rabbit candy containers, wooden
rabbit pulling cart, three plastic toys, etc.


79 A lot of 4 Papier Mache Easter items
including 2 hen on nest and rabbit-F.N. Burt Company,
Buffalo New York, patent date May 29, 1919, also a 10
inch two piece duck candy container


80 Early Papier-Mâché rabbit candy container
7 inches tall.


81 Antique bullet loading tool
cast iron and brass, Brevete SGDG, M.D., 12 inches
long, clamps onto table, wooden and cast iron crank


82 Antique cast iron bullet loading tool
no visible makers Mark, clamps onto table, two wooden
and cast iron handles


83 Large pair antique wooden shoe stretchers
with original leather, 12 inches in length


84 Antique trifold mirror
wooden frame, original chain for hanging, three oval
beveled glass mirrors, each panel is 10 inches tall x 8
1/2 inches wide


85 Lot of two antique light fixtures
matching brass wall mounts with different glass shades


86 Lot of 3 vintage advertising tins and lid
includes two 4 inch diameter Peter rabbit tins, lunch
pail style Peter rabbit tin with hinged lid and
additional Peter rabbit tin lid


87 Solidhed Eyelets Advertising box
1 inch x 2.25 inches, contains eyelets


88 Tiddledy Winks game
A Round Game, number 7728, McLoughlin Bros. New York


89 Vintage black cat cookie jar
Shafford Japan, 7 inches tall, Original label on the
base, paint is very good, minor chip on lid interior lip


90 Three-piece vintage black cat tea service
includes teapot, (repair to interior of lid), cream and
sugar, paint is very nice, No label however matches the
other service pieces


91 Six pieces vintage black cat China
includes open mouth cat ashtray souvenir of Waterloo,
Shafford Japan label, (paint very nice), 4 salt and
pepper shakers, marked Japan (paint very nice), Single
black cat figurine, unmarked (paint very nice)


92 Vintage black cat condiment set
4 inches x 6 inches, over all paint condition very good,
minor scratch on red bow tie, Shafford Japan label


93 Lot of 3 vintage Halloween noisemakers
includes a 7 inch tambourine, 4 inch noisemaker, and
paddle noise maker, all marked T. Conn Inc. made in the


94 Lot of 6 vintage Halloween noisemakers
includes horn, paddle noisemakers and 4 additional
noisemakers, 2 marked Conn Inc, 2 marked Kirchhoff


95 A lot of two vintage Christmas decorations
includes 12 inch papier-mâché snowman, Kentucky Tavern,
and 11 inch Santa holding a tree branch, marked Japan on
the base


96 Lot of three vintage Christmas decorations
includes a bobble head Santa, 11 inches tall, small tear
on the back, also a pair of 5 inch Christmas ball
Santas, made in Japan


97 Floredora antique doll
16 inches, leather kid body, 5/0, sleep eyes, fixed
mouth, hands in good condition, wearing an antique


98 Large Pyrex vintage glass jar filled with v
buttons; jar is 15 inches tall, Edison porcelain lid
with yellow knob, contains thousands of buttons


99 Lot of two metal scale signs
19 inch, The Computing Scale Company, Dayton Ohio, and
16 inch, The Standard Computing Scale Company, Detroit
Michigan (2 sided)


100 Large Lot of early postcards
the hundred plus postcards including numerous states in
the United States


101 Large lot early photo postcards
including photo postcards, Pennsylvania postcards,
postcard booklets


102 Lot of four Agate pots
includes great agate, gray agate berry pale, gray agate
bucket, and green enamel wash pan


103 Agate Spooner and flatware
includes three prong forks and early wood handled knives


104 American Cutlery company scale
brass face scale


105 Magnet lamp
with white shade, electrified


106 2 early wooden boxes
advertising box American Navy, early 1850s cheese box
(no lid)


107 Early wooden wash bucket
5 inches x 8 inches diameter, Remnants of green paint,
nice condition


108 Lot of two early Red ware pots
tallest is 6 1/2 inches


109 Tray lot of early cookbooks
approximately 25+ booklets


110 Early milk pail lamp
includes a brand new cloth rooster lamp shade, total
height 17 1/2 inches


111 Lot of three early oil lamps
including miniature heart pattern oil lamp


112 11 early advertising bottles
all advertisements for New Milford Pennsylvania,
including Dr. Geo. Pkace Clements Prescription specialty
company, new Milford Bottleworks, Dean brothers, M. A.
Blair pharmacist


113 White Ironstone lot
includes wash bowl and 2 water pitchers


114 Lot of four food molds
including 1 marked Kramer pudding mold, fish and fruit
shaped molds


115 Early wooden pantry/ cheese box and 21 miniature
tins 3 inch x 6.5 inch pantry/cheese box and 21Miniature


116 Lot of four wooden rolling pins
including an unusual twisted rolling pin


117 Lot of four rolling pins
including Kelvinator advertising rolling pin, milk glass
rolling pin, plastic rolling pin


118 2 Stoneware items
F. H. Cowden, Harrisburg Pennsylvania and Stoneware jug


119 Early round tin pan with 100+ print blocks
Early round 10 pan with 100+ print blocks


120 Early Squirrel Brand Peanut Taffy wooden box
4 1/2 inches tall x 13 inches long x 11 1/2 inches wide


121 Early metal birdcage
13 inches tall by 12 1/2 inches long by 10 inches wide,
green and white paint


122 Lot of two early peanut butter advertising pails
Sultana peanut butter with lid and handle, Mosemann’s
peanut butter with handle and no lid


123 2 early advertising tins
Liggett’s hard candy sticks, Dobbs hat tin, both have


124 Early US Zone German Santa candy container
US zone, made in Germany, 7 inches tall


125 – no description –


126 Lot of 2 early Santa figures
talkers is 7 inches, smaller Santa on sled not marked
but probably German.


127 Lot of 3 early Santa’s on sleds
largest Santa is approximately 6 inches, Smallest is
marked Japan


128 A lot of eight early Santa figures
tallest is 7 inches


129 A lot of 4 early papier-mâché candy containers
tallest is approximately 8 inches, Two red boots, Santa
with bobble head


130 – no description –


131 Lot of 2 tin candy molds
large 8 inch Easter egg and 5 inch tall basket


132 Miniature Stetson hat box and library of games
3 x 5 x 4 inch hat box, set of six volumes- Library of


133 Rare circa 1905 miniature stereoscope with cards
Metropolitan Syndicate Press, Chicago, Stereoptic views
of wild and domestic animals.


134 Black mammy tape measure
2 inches tall, celluloid construction


135 Early brass fish tape measure
2 1/2 inches long by 1 1/2 inches wide


136 Early cat advertising piece and carved wooden cat
figure; metropolitan coal company paper cat
advertisement made in Germany, 2.5 inch x 1.5 inch
carved wooden cat figure


137 Early would brides box
5 inches tall by 11 inches long by 7 inches wide, early
banded box


138 Lot of three child size early garden tools
includes shovel, rake and how


139 Lot of three early celluloid and cotton Santa’s
Tallest is 8 inches


140 Lot of three advertising tin cans
including square deal brand coffee, E. J. Workers
coffee, and Uneeda Bakers Appeteasers, National biscuit


141 Lot of two advertising tin buckets; Lovell and
Covel pure hard candies, Boston, one with little pigs,
one with bunnies


142 Lot of two advertising tins
Ridleys, Brooklyn New York little pigs bucket, Thomas
Lamb little pigs nursery rhyme pale with hinged lid


143 Lot of three advertising tins
Lake shore pumpkin, The Cummins Canning Company,
Conneaut Ohio, Peter Rabbit peanut butter pale, The
Newton Tea and Spice Company, The Kamo Peanut Butter can


144 Lot of two black cat items
includes a plastic cat with movable mouth, door stop
cat- paper mache composition


145 Lot of three black cat door stops
2 are wooden door stops with hand painted decoration,
reclining cat is aluminum and newer


146 Lot of vintage Halloween paper decorations
Includes Hand painted crêpe paper, napkins, Paper cut


147 Lot of 5 vintage articulated Halloween
decorations; includes three cats, one witch (foot as
is), accordion pumpkin


148 Lot of vintage paper Halloween decorations
seven hanging cut outs, printed in Germany die cut paper


149 2 stoneware advertising pieces
Including Wesson oil, Western Butter Market,
Wilkes-Barre PA


150 Lot of 3 stoneware advertising liquor jugs
Geo. Jungkurth, Pottsville PA and Casey brothers,
Scranton PA ( chip on handle), Buena vista distributing
company, Baltimore Maryland, (minor flakes on the jug


151 Lot of (12) 1939 New York world‘s fair spoons
a lot of (12)1939 New York world‘s fair spoons


152 Lot of for antique porcelain dolls
largest is 6 1/2 inches all with porcelain arms, body
and head, Smallest dog is 3 inches


153 Vintage lot of doll items
includes any enamel chamberpot, Crystal glass washboard,
tin telephone and two made in Germany Horns


154 Lot of three vintage toys; 2 key wind
including Santa on bicycle and ice cream delivery cart,
both with celluloid drivers, 5 1/2 inch 10 Santa figure
with articulated arms, Santa suit is worn


155 Lot of three vintage Christmas tins
including one and 1.5 inch x 4 inch diameter box,
nursery rhyme pale (worn), and tin egg (scratched)


156 Lot of three vintage key wind toys
tin mechanical pig, made in Germany with original box
and key, tin key wind turtle, made in USA, no box and
amazing yackety-yack talking teeth, original box and
key, made in the USA


157 Elephant match safe
cast iron 3 inch x 3.5 inch cast iron elephant match


158 Rare Made in Germany, Felix the Cat glass candy
container; 3 inches tall


159 Antique metal doll bed
twisted metal bed frame with piece of early coverlet for
a blanket


160 Lot of two antique autograph albums
velvet and celluloid autograph album with only one
entry, colorful paper autograph album with many entries
from late 1800s.


161 Vintage Christmas lot
including glass garland beads, celluloid dear, five
candy container red boots


162 Lot of three antique items
wooden doll chair, 4 drawer diminutive chest and chalk


163 Antique highchair
32 inches tall, plank seat child highchair


164 Victorian towel rack
chip carved decoration, 22 inches long


165 Antique wooden tool tote
20 inches long by 11 inches wide


166 Lot of 3 antique wooden cigar molds
including 22 inch Durex, 22 inch Excelsior and 13 inch
cigar mold


167 Vintage Brass birdcage
Hendryx, approximately 18 inches tall by 13 inch in
diameter with painted green base, to porcelain feeders


168 Rare 1800s primitive wooden maple sap tap or
spills; hand carved wood, approximately 38 inches long


169 Rare 1800s primitive maple sap tap or spills
hand carved wood, approximately 30 inches long, early
grey paint


170 Primitive tin wall mounted double bin
approximately 14 inches tall by 18 inches long by 6 1/2
inches deep, 2 hinged bins with side holders


171 Antique Minute Man Fre-Zee-Zee;
4 quart size, green paint, original lid, crank handle


172 Antique wooden and iron sled;
36 inches long by 17 inches wide, with remnants of red
paint visible


173 Miniature hand made cabinet
circa 1930s, two door with two drawer interior,
Approximately 7 inches tall by 8 1/2 inches wide by 6
inches deep


174 Antique Standard Churn Company
wooden butter churn, Wapakone TA. O., One metal band


175 Vintage bird cage; Hendryx, 11 inches tall by 13
inches long by 10 inches wide


176 Large early antique wooden shovel
37 inches in length


177 Child size antique school desk seat
24 inches tall


178 Antique Dwight’s advertising box
Cow Brand Saleratus, 60lbs. , colorful label and
impressed sides, 9 inches tall x 21 inches long x 14
inches wide


179 Rare Cast iron egg roaster grate
18 inches x 21 inches


180 Early needlepoint rug
approximately 59 inches long by 36 inches wide, floral
pattern, some ware on the edges


181 Painted hanging cabinet
18 inches tall by 20 inches wide by 8 inches deep, two
drawers single small door and open shelf


182 Antique four prong hay fork
85 inches long


183 Antique carved wood post
64 inches tall, carved with floral decoration


184 Pair green painted rowing oars
53 inches long, some paint loss


185 Antique doll chair
15 inches tall with beautiful rush seat, very nice


186 Antique Regal egg carrier
10 1/2 inches tall by 18 1/2 inches long by 9 1/2 9
inches deep, Columbia coffee company advertisement on
one side, Great piece.


187 Lot of two antique National washboard’s
including tin National Washboard Company Soap Saver, and
glass National Washboard Company number 860


188 Early dovetailed one door hanging cabinet
20 inches tall by 17 inches wide by 11 inches deep,
original key


189 Blue decorated 3 gallon stoneware crock
F. H. Cowden Harrisburg Pennsylvania, blue floral
decoration, two old chips on the rim


190 Gilbert steeple clock
eight day and 30 hour, reverse painted door, Mclean
Asylum, Somerville Massachusetts, As key and pendulum,
nice condition


191 Antique Hanging cupboard
18 inches tall by 10 1/2 inches wide by 6 inches deep,
single door opens to expose shelves, single drawer


192 Ladies dress form
cast iron base, 60 inches tall


193 Small antique four drawer cupboard
4 inches tall by 16 inches wide by 10 inches deep, each
drawer has porcelain knobs


194 Antique yarn winder
41 inches tall


195 Child size antique rocker
25 inches tall with a beautiful woven seat and back


196 Primitive Farrier’s tote
19 inches tall by 18“ x 9“ wide, multiple compartments


197 Painted shelf unit
23 inches tall by 24 inches long by 8 inches wide, green
and white paint, 2 shelves


198 Antique single ox yoke
24“ x 18“, great iron accents


199 Child size primitive jelly cupboard
red painted, 21 inches tall by 21 inches long by 9
inches deep, two doors open to expose two shelves


200 Child’s antique rocker
with pressed seat, 27 inches tall


201 Lot of two small antique stools
one painted white, one natural wood


202 Child’s primitive potty chair
17 inches tall, remnants of old stenciling and paint


203 Antique doll cradle
Red painted decoration, 21 inches long by 12 inches
wide, comes with early red, white and blue coverlet
mattress and pillow


204 Lot of two child size Adirondack rockers
20 inches tall, matching pair, beautiful woven seat


205 Half moon glass window
wood frame 15 inches tall by 29 inches wide, 4 glass
panels, some caulking missing


206 Early No smoking wooden sign
yellow and black paint signed Walton 47 inches long x 11


207 Primitive wall hanging spice cabinet
15 inches tall x 9 inches wide x 4 inches deep, 5
drawers, Old brown paint


208 Lot of three antique kitchen utensils
including toast tongs and whisk


209 Child’s Lot including metal hangers
green painted iron, metal doll wheelbarrow, watercolor


210 Antique kitchen utensils lot
6 items including hand mixer, grater, milk pale, etc.


211 Lot of two antique stoneware jugs
including redware jug (chips to the base), and brown
stoneware jug


212 Lot of two antique stoneware jugs
including cider vinegar jug and brown jug


213 Child’s Antique stool and metal doll chair
wooden school is 10 1/2 inches tall in very nice
condition, doll chair is made of metal and painted blue


214 Antique hanging spice cabinet
19 inches tall x 4 inches wide x 4 inches deep, painted
white, five drawers


215 2 antique metal fixtures
bathroom cup holder, and steam stand


216 Lot of six antique kitchenware items
2 food molds, grater, funnel, colander, Rumford
measuring cup


217 Brass school bell
brass school bell


218 Blue enamel electric coffee pot
has an original cord, Enamel is very nice


219 Lot of four pieces Yellow ware
2 food molds (both with chips), Small teapot and bowl


220 Lot of two pieces yellow ware
including cream pitcher and miniature chamber pot sample


221 Two spring loaded brass scales
Both 9 inches in length excluding hooks, One marked
Chicago Spring Balance Company, patent date 1890


222 Antique Brooklyn Ship clock
24 inches tall beautiful impressed oak case and reverse
painted, Brooklyn, eight day, half hour strike, Face
marked Welch, original pendulum and key, great clock.


223 Lot of antique two sandwich glass items
7 inch clear perfume bottle with Metal lid, 6 inch
umbrella whimsy


224 Milk glass cat on box
Westmoreland 7 inches tall by 8 inches long by 5 inches
wide, cat has blue glass eyes


225 Primitive cast iron hand held tool
possibly to chop and lift lids


226 Antique cast iron hanging scale
17 inches long, comes with two weights


227 Lot of 2 pottery pitchers
includes 9 inch green double handle pitcher in the shape
of a sack with ribbon, 6 inch fish decorated pitcher


228 Brass pail
H. W. Haydens, patent December 15, 1865


229 Antique color print
buffalo hunt, 23 inches x 27 inches total, Frame has
some minor damage, Matting is stained


230 Primitive wooden tote
8 1/2 inches to the handle by 22 inches long by 11
inches wide, six compartments, remnants of old gray


231 Early wooden advertising box
11 inches tall by 13 inches x 12 inches, John J. Hand
Groceries and Provisions, New Milford, Pennsylvania,
removable lid and wire swing handle


232 Unusual small antique wire birdcage
5.25 inches tall by 7.5 long x 5.5 wide


233 Antique Quarter sawn Oak file
file cabinet; 10 inches tall by 14 inches wide by 15.5
inches deep, very nice condition


234 Stickney & Poor’s Mustard advertising box
4 inches tall by 15 inches wide by 8 inches deep, box is
decorated with 2 colorful paper labels and impressed on
the lid and two sides


235 Primitive milking stool
8.5 inches tall by 17.5 inches long by 8.5 inches wide,
remnants of early green paint still visible


236 Antique table top showcase
20 inches tall by 13 inches wide by 13 inches deep,
three glass side panels, (one as is), solid wood back
door, glass top and two glass shelves


237 Large wooden bird house
Garden Stuff, 17 inches tall, bird house is new


238 Blue decorated stoneware crock
3 gallon stoneware crock with blue swirl and number
three decoration and blue, good condition


239 Antique Quarter sawn oak table top file
6 drawer file cabinet; 15.5 inches tall by 10.5 inches
wide by 11 inches deep, six drawers, great condition


240 Antique tractor seat on wooden frame
36 inches tall, iron tractor seat mounted on wooden


241 Vintage croquet set
vintage croquet set, appears to be complete


242 Antique hanging shelf
29 inches tall by 13 inches wide by 7.5 inches deep, two
shelves, very decorative


243 Early wooden wash tub
13 inches tall (excluding handles) by 25 inches in


244 Antique wooden doll trunk
7.5 inches tall by 14 inches long by 8 inches wide, very
nice condition


245 Lot of three children’s antique chairs
a lot of three child antique chairs


246 Large antique wire egg basket
12 inches tall by 15 inches in diameter, includes
colorful Christmas balls


247 Early Windsor armless chair
38 inches tall, very nice condition


248 Antique wooden stool
21 inches tall with an 11 inch diameter seat, four legs


249 Victorian doll carriage
three wooden wheels, red painted carriage with fringed
canopy, wooden handle, carriage is unbalanced and will
not stand on it’s three wheels, needs something to weigh
down the front


250 Early woven field basket
17 inches to the handle by 24 inches long by 15 inches
wide, 4 footed basket


251 Vintage birdcage
16 inches to the top by 10 inches x 10 inches, painted


252 Frary’s Circular balance scale
Landers, Frary & Clark Scale with porcelain tray


253 New Milford Bottling Works box
Holds 24 bottles


254 Gillette advertising tabletop show case
12 inches tall by 18.5 inches long by 13 inches deep,
glass on all sides except for the base, drop down back
door, one glass shelf, oak frame, very nice condition


255 Champion Spring Balance Scale
with 13 inch porcelain tray, Brass face, 60 pound


256 Antique wooden Farrier’s tote
17 inches to the handle, 22 inches long by 14 inches
wide, iron handle, multiple compartment’s, remnants of
blue paint


257 2 Folk Art carved wooden black cat ashtrays
24.5 inches tall, one with green bass and one with red
base, cat with red base has some paint loss


258 Antique one door hanging cabinet
24 inches tall by 13 inches wide by 7 inches deep,
single door opens to expose four compartments


259 Very large antique wooden Firkin bucket
14 1/2 inches tall by 14 1/2 inch diameter, lid
impressed Our Centennial Best, 1776–1876


260 Antique shovel
27 inches long with a red painted handle, metal shovel


261 Antique blonde oak child’s high chair
40 inches tall by 14 inches wide by 16 inches deep,
split in seat otherwise very nice condition


262 Antique wooden tub
10.5 inches tall by 14 inches in diameter, two handles,
red paint, One metal band needs to be reattached


263 Child’s antique wooden ironing board
24 inches tall, collapsible ironing board


264 Antique wooden tub
10.5 inches tall by 13 1/2 inch diameter, Tub has cast
iron side handles, red paint


265 Vintage wicker doll carriage
South Bend Toy company, painted brown with accents of
ivory, yellow and green, nice condition


266 Antique wooden child size ironing board
16 1/2 inches tall, collapsible ironing board


267 Doll size long handled wagon
red stenciled wagon, Quick, with 2 wooden wheels


268 Antique wall hanging spoon rest
23 inches tall x 16.5 inches wide by 6 inches deep, open
shelf for resting spoons, three small drawers, nice
pegged construction


269 Tiger maple Chippendale style wall mirror
30 inches x 17 inches, nice condition


270 Antique wall hanging shelf
21 inches tall by 17 inches wide by 7 inches deep, comb
box with a small drawer over long divided drawer


271 Primitive wooden tote
6 1/2 inches to the handle by 26 inches long by 11 1/2
inches wide, has a slotted area to hold tools


272 Lot of two Treen ware bowls
14 1/2 inch butter bowl, and 11 inch smaller bowl with
staple repair


273 Large Treen ware bowl
19 inches in diameter, great bowl


274 Antique wooden Cupolla
27 inches tall, painted gray


275 Antique blue chest
18 inches tall by 21 inches wide by 15 inches deep,
consists of four drawers, top two are multi compartment,
paint is not in the best condition


276 Primitive wooden tote
8 inches to the handle x 23 inches long by 14 inches
wide, Multi compartment, old red paint


277 Antique hanging gas lamp
The Miller Lamp, brass with a green painted tin shade,


278 Early post office cupboard
Three pieces, center piece is 24 inches tall by 29
inches wide by 10 inches deep, both side or top pieces
are 23.5 x 5 inches, stenciled with alphabet, old green


279 Large antique cheese box
9 inches x 16 inches in diameter, two piece, nice box


280 Holmes and Coutts Biscuits box
10.5 inches tall 21.5 inches wide 14 inches deep,
colorful label on front of box and interior lid,
stenciled on sides


281 C.C. Parsons Household Ammonia box
11 inches tall by 21 1/2 inches wide by 12 inches deep,
stencil front, sides and back of the box


282 Antique measuring stick
36 inches, White Cat Brand, The Lufkin Rule Co. Saginaw,
Michigan, trunk and chest measuring stick


283 Antique tool chest
10 inches tall by 33 inches long by 9.5 inches wide, new
hinges, remnants of paint


284 Lot of two antique cabbage boards and cutting
board; cutting board is 19 inches x 13.5 inches


285 Large wooden antique slaw board
20 inches x 8 inches


286 Primitive wooden scoop and lemon squeezer
primitive wooden scoop and lemon squeezer


287 Lot of 17 antique sock darners
includes one with Sterling handle, one shaped like egg,
some with color decoration, etc. (total of 17)


288 Lot of three early wooden boxes
the largest is 11 1/2 inches long by 8 1/2 inches wide


289 2 early cast iron items
Cast iron beam scale 31 inches long, early cast iron
waffle iron 29 inches long


290 Lot of four rug beaters
two with green handles


291 Early cast iron balance scale
with three weights


292 Early wire hanging basket
basket is 11 inches x 15 inches diameter


293 Antique hanging mirror with four hat hooks
14 inches x 24 inches length


294 Antique hanging mirror with for hat hooks
14 inches x 24 inches length


295 Lot of three antique miniature lamps
including milk glass, painted milk glass finger lamp and
early blown glass finger lamp


296 Early pressed glass antique oil lamp
8 1/2 inch base, honeycomb pattern


297 Antique hay knife
with a 19.5 inch x 5.25 inch blade


298 Pair of antique ice skates, shoe mold, shoe
stretcher lot; ice skates are 15.5 inches long


299 Lot of 10 early kitchen utensil
including flat and round graters, nut meg grater


300 Lot of four antique Indian clubs;
17 inches in length


301 Lot of five antique juggling pins
Various lengths including 11 inch to 14 inches, includes
two pairs


302 Early wooden hat mold
two piece wooden hat mold


303 3 paper weights
Including the black cat, and to new Milford Presbyterian


304 Five vintage eyeglasses
One has leather case.


305 German 6” tall porcelain hat pin holder with 10
hat pins.


306 Bird cage; black bird cage with attached feeder.
12” tall x 12 x 4 1/2”.


307 3 victorian cameo pins
three Victorian cameo pins one is tortoise shell, one is
a lavander color, one natural.


308 Newer birdcage
new were birdcage measures 19 inches tall by 17 wide, 8
inches deep


309 Five children’s sad irons
five children’s sad irons.


310 Sad irons and trivets
three children’s sad irons and five trivets.


311 Five cast iron trivets


312 Spires spice set, Contains six spice tins.


313 Cast iron skin pelt scale
Remnants of red paint


314 6 sad irons
including 2 piece Sensible 6, Link & Mahony, Sensible 1,


315 6 children’s cast-iron sad irons.


316 Stoneware jug
stoneware handled jug approximately 12 inches tall.


317 West cloclk “ Big Ben” Made by Western clock
company, not working.


318 Annalee dolls Santa and Mrs. clause, Mrs. clause
has some staining on feet. Approximately 18 inches tall.


319 Box of kitchen items
see photo for description.


320 Pottery lot
6 inch Roseville vase, 6 1/2 inch McCoy picture.


321 Three cat related items
Meiji Tokei clock, rubber heels and Whiskers tin.


322 Kienzle Germany Kitchen clock
six day kitchen clock with pendulum and key, Clock has
been overwhelmed.


323 Hobnail lot
Includes creamer and sugar, basket, divided dish and 6
inch base.


324 Dietz no. 2 oil lamp


325 chestnut roaster
antique chestnut cooker measures 19 inches long, cooker
area is approximately 9 inches round.


326 2 Cast iron doorstop
one cat has yellow eyes, other cat has been repainted.


327 Brass bucket
hammered and dovetailed 9 inch brass bucket.


328 Dresser mirror
14 inch beveled dresser mirror on plateau.


329 Copper watering bucket
7 1/4 inches tall.


330 Two wooden bucket’s approximately 9 1/4 inches


331 Gathering basket, 9 inches tall approximately 14
inches wide.


332 Four pieces of blue and white enamel where,
tallest is 7 1/2 inches.


333 Three wire poppers, longest is 26 inches.


334 Porcelain salt box with oak lid
approximately 5 1/2 inches tall, made in Japan.


335 Mortar and pestle
Artist signed made in France. 2 inches tall.


336 To cracker jar’s
to cracker jars with green. 8 inches tall


337 16 victorian hat pins
!Tallest is approximately 12 inches.


338 Galvanized watering can with green paint,
approximate 11 inches tall


339 To glass cake stands
each stands approximately 4 1/2 inches tall and is about
9 1/2 inches round.


340 Cracker jar and water pitcher
antique pressed glass cracker jar and water pitcher,
cracker jar measures 8 inches tall.


341 1 gallon stoneware jug
blue and white banded, 11 1/2 inches tall.


342 Spice rack
Spice rack wooden frame with porcelain drawers, 14
inches tall by eight and half inches wide. Made in Japan


343 Two cheese boxes and sifter
tallest box is 6 inches, sifter is 12 inches round.


344 Early cast-iron coat hook
10 inches x 13 inches


345 Lot of three antique round wooden boxes
including 10 1/2 inch diameter, 6 inch x 8.5 inch dated
1845 and initialed VKR, Smallest box is 6 inch diameter,
none have lids


346 Antique cigar mold
12 inches long by 3 1/2 inches wide


347 Lot of four wooden boxes
including advertising bucket, 6 1/2 inch long by 4 1/2
inch wide oval box with lid, superior Cheroots box and
round box base(no lid)


348 Brass pail and two brass grain scoops
brass pale 6 inches x 9 inches diameter, two brass


349 A lot of 4 early tins
boy being chased by goose, Tindeco box, Howard Chandler
Christy box and McCormick Tea House advertising tin


350 Large cast iron sad iron
Dowd and Co. cast iron sad iron


351 Child’s kitchen utensils and flatware
utensils have white and blue painted handles including
mixer, masher, spatula, etc.


352 Lot of two early stools
7 inches tall by 14 inches long by 5 inches wide with
remnants of early mustard paint, other stool is 6 1/2
inches tall by 13 inches long by 7 1/2 inches wide


353 Folk art yard bird
49 inches tall, hand painted wooden folk art bird


354 Early wooden game board
20” x 15”, board does have a crack down the middle


355 Lot of two early cast iron fluters
one marked Geneva hand fluter, the other Magic, C. W.
Whitefield, New York


356 Lot of three items
antique wall mount drying rack, Lot of two 19 inch iron
corn racks


357 Lot of two antique wooden Indian clubs
matching pair, 20 inches tall


358 Lot of three cast iron sad irons
all marked A.C. Williams, Ravenna, Ohio, One with a
wooden handle


359 Lot of three cast iron sad irons
one marked C5, One marked Sensible number five, and one
Child’s iron


360 Early cast iron sad iron
unmarked number four


361 lot of three cast iron sad irons
Mrs. Potts,
Colebrooksdale, Pottstown PA, the Chalfont, two with
wooden handles


362 Lot of three cast iron trivets
I want U, Strause gas iron company, The Griswold
classic, W.H. Howell company, Geneva, Illinois


363 Lot of three antique sifters
largest is 19 inches in diameter, nice wood frames,
screening in tact


364 lot of 2 wooden adv. boxes H.P.S.A.C.
Philadelphia box, Montreal Canada cooked ham box.


365 Wooden adv. box
Independent Explosives Co., Pittston, Pa. decorated with
red Eagle


366 lot of 3 antique slaw boards: lot of 3 antique
slaw boards:


367 Green painted bucket & watering can
bucket is 9″ tall, can is painted grey.


368 Box of buttons
military buttons.


369 10 Spools
one is painted with Santa, tallest is 11 1/2″.


370 Lot of 6 spools
tallest is 16″.


371 5 wooded spools
tallest is 15 1/2″.


372 Group of child’s clothing
5 dresses, one pair leather shoes.


373 Lot of children’s vintage clothes
6 pieces incl. 2 white cotton baby dresses on 5 hand
painted wooden hangers.


374 Wooden foot stool
cut out top, 7″ tall x 19″ x 9″.


375 2 wooden boxes
incl. Brown & Sharpe providence Rhode Island 3″ tall x
20 x 12, Pure cinnamon box, Hudson & Huber.


376 Child’s wagon & shovel
32″ long wooden wagon with metal & wooden wheel, childs
22″ wooden shovel.


377 3 wooden stretchers
one 34″ sock, two 34″ skin


378 Kitchen items
approx. 15 pcs. incl. food molds, grater, ladle.


379 antique wall mounted grinder
13 1/2″ long. remnants of mustard paint.


380 Split oak basket
6 1/2 tall x 15″ long x 10″ wide, over nice condition,
filled with Christmas balls.


381 2 measuring sticks
Stanley Rule & Level Co. 50″ and Lufkin Rule Co. Doyle
Scribner 57″ stick.


382 lot of 5 kitchen items
2 rolling pins, wooden club, wooden stirrer, spoon.


383 lot 3 country items
incls. 13″ hook, early wooden scoop, 15″ x 15″ wooden


384 lot of antiques putz fences
3 styles incl. Adirondack.


385 Child’s drying rack, embroidered, napkins, hand
painted black cat hanger.


386 kitchen items
sifter, strainer, tin box, enamel ladles.


387 Victorian Christmas paper items
approx. 10 paper cut outs


388 2 large cutting boards
each 20″ x 20″.


389 Child’s sled
wood and wrought iron, 34″ long.


390 Wooden & iron sled
sled is 30″ long, handle is 31″ long.


391 2 wooden adv. bottle creates
New Milford Bottling Works & Dean Brothers Bottling
Works, New Milford, Pa.


392 Kitchen items
approx. 12 items incl. chopper, roasting rack, graters,
child size drying racks.


393 Kitchen items
approx. 20 items incl. graters, rolling cutter, iron
fork, advertising.


394 Approx. 25 tin food molds
Approx. 25 tin food molds


395 Tin pan mold & wall pocket
Tin pan mold & wall pocket


396 Antique child’s walker
wicker, iron & wood, original bell, painted white.


397 2 brass items
incl. bagger & straw holder by Benedict.


398 Oak dresser box
lift top, drawer, 7″ tall x 12″ long x 6″ wide.


399 4 advertising bottles
Warner’s Kidney & Liver Cure, Scott’s Cod Liver Oil,
Healy & Bigelow Indian bottle, Citrate of magnesia.


400 Industrial metal file cabinet
15 drawer industrial metal file cabinet. 27 1/2 tall x
31 1/2 long x 15” wide.






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