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Began: 06/05/18 at 5:00 PM EDT
Ended: 06/13/18 at 7:00 PM EDT

Online Only * Victorian & Silver Jewelry Auction!
Bidding is Now Open!

100 plus lots of Victorian jewelry, cameos, watch chains, sterling and costume jewelry.

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Soft close begins 7pm , Wednesday, June 13th, 2018, with 2 items closing per minute, bidding continues as auction closes.

Items are located at 4644 Rt 309, Schnecksville, Pa., 18078

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  Schnecksville, PA 18078
  Phone: 610-799-0808  Fax: 610-799-2199

6-13-18 Online Estate Jewelry Auction  5/23/2018-6/13/2018

   1    Lot of 3 gold filled bangles
        2 bangles have etched decoration, 1 is plain, all 3 are

   2    Lot of 3 gold filled bangles
        2 bangles have etched decoration, 1 is plain, all 3 are

   3    Lot of 4 gold filled bangles
        2 bangles have etched decoration, 2  have clear stones
        (few stones missing), all 4 are hinged

   4    Lot of 3 gold filled bangles
        all 3 bangles have etched decoration, 1 has an enamel
        decoration, all 3 are hinged

   5    Carved Cameo pendant with chain
        20 inches, 2 inch x 1.25 inch profile of woman cameo
        pendant, chain has faux pearls

   6    Carved Cameo pin
        1.50 inch x 1.25 inch profile of woman cameo pin

   7    Carved Cameo pendant
        2 inch x 1.50 inch profile of woman cameo pendant
        surrounded by faux pearls

   8    Carved Cameo pendant with chain
        26 chain, 1.50 inch x 1.25 inch profile of woman cameo
        pendant on double chain with slide

   9    2 Carved Cameo’s
        largest cameo is 2 inch x 1.25 inches, both profiles of

  10    Lava cameo pin and pendant
        1.50 inch x 2 inch triple lava cameo pin, 1.50 x 1 inch
        lava cameo pendant on 24 inch chain,

  11    2 Victorian necklaces
        each 20 inches long-  1 with turquoise colored stones, 1
        with turquoise and seed pearls

  12    Victorian necklace with cameo
        18 inch long with brown cameo

  13    Victorian necklace with onyx and seed pearls
        pendant, beautiful 2.75 inch x 1.25 inch black onyx oval
        with seed pearl pendant, chain is 17 inches

  14    Lot of 5 Victorian pins
        includes bar pin with clear stones-3.25 inches long, 2
        inch pin with garnets, etc.

  15    Victorian jewelry lot
        includes necklace, 2 pair earrings, 2 pendants,

  16    Victorian coral jewelry
        includes 2 pins with natural coral, pair earring with
        natural coral, largest pin is 2 inches long

  17    Victorian jewelry lot
        includes 5 pieces-victorian braided bracelet, mother of
        pearl pin, victorian mourning hair pin, filigree pendant
        with 3 clear stones, bird pin

  18    Micro mosaic pendant
        2.5 inch x 2 inch floral micro mosaic pendant includes
        gilt bezel frame

  19    Lot sterling and other jewelry
        includes 1.25 inch round sterling pin with sapphires and
        clear closed stones, pair beautiful 1 inch x .75 inch
        earrings, 7 inch sapphire and clear colored stone
        bracelet with safety chain, and (2) 7.5 inch bracelets

  20    Lot of 5 Victorian gold filled bangles including K
        includes silver on gold signed Krementz hinged bracelet,
        nice black enamel hinged bracelet and others

  21    3 pieces Victorian jewelry lot
        includes 2 inch x 2.5 inch pin with purple stone, ornate
        black enamel and cameo hinged bracelet and hollow
        Victorian pin

  22    Victorian locket jewelry lot
        includes 7 gold filled victorian lockets, 2 with Art
        Nouveau woman, 1 lion and 1 with clear stones

  23    Victorian locket jewelry lot
        3 great gold filled locket pendants including 1 with
        black enamel

  24    Lot of 2 Victorian lockets
        largest is 1.75 inches diameter with colored stones, the
        other is heart shaped with 5 pearls

  25    2 Religious lockets
        includes 1.25 inch diameter with religious medal inside,
        the other is in the shape of a book

  26    Lot of 2 Victorian wax seal pendants
        includes neoclassical intaglio wax seal stamp, and horse
        head wax seal with initial stamp-this one come on a
        24inch watch chain

  27    Lot of 3 gold filled Victorian lockets on chains
        each locket is 1.25 inches diameter, 1 has an opal and
        clear stones, 1 has clear stones in shape of a bird, 1
        with pale amethyst color stones, all are on a chain

  28    Lot of 2 Victorian lockets
        largest locket is 2.5 inches x 1.25 inches and has a
        large amber colored stone-on a 925 Italy chain, the
        other has a cabochon amethyst colored stone- on a
        Victorian watch chain with slide

  29    Lot of 2 Victorian lockets
        both have enamel decoration, largest locket is 1.5
        inches x 1 inch, both on chains

  30    Lot of 3 gold filled Victorian items
        includes a cameo slide on 36 inch chain, Victorian
        engraved slide on 9 inch chain, and watch fob with
        amethyst colored stone on cord

  31    Lot of 3 gold filled Victorian lockets on chains
        largest locket is 1.25 inch, all are on Victorian watch
        chains with slides

  32    Lot of 3 gold filled Victorian lockets on chains
        largest locket is 1.25 inch, all are on Victorian watch
        chains with slides

  33    Lot of 6 Victorian lockets
        includes Art Nouveau, seed pearls and clear stones,
        largest is 1.25 inches diameter, no chains

  34    Lot of 4 gold filled Victorian items
        includes locket, slide, pendant with red stone, etc., 2
        are on watch chains

  35    Lot of 6 Victorian gold filled watch chains
        all 5 with victorian slides

  36    Lot of 5 gold filled Victorian items
        includes 2 Neoclassical intaglio wax seals both on watch
        chains, 2 agate , 1 lion on ball

  37    Victorian lapel set, change purse pendant,
        includes change purse is on watch chain with slide, 2
        heart charms on bracelet chain and lapel set

  38    Gold filled pocket watch
        2 inch Waltham pocket watch with Masonic watch fob,
        Tamara Lodge 238, engraved Masonic symbol inside watch
        case, no working

  39    2 Ladies Decorative watches
        includes Elgin Art Deco pendant watch own chain, Bercona
        rhinestone decorated watch pendant, neither watch
        appears to be working

  40    2 Victorian style gilt hinged bracelets
        2 Victorian style gilt hinged bracelets with purple

  41    Lot of 2 hinged bracelets
        1 gold tone and silver filigree with purple stone, the
        other gold filled with lion head, pink eyes and clear
        stone in the mouth

  42    Lot of 3 Ladies pocket watches
        all gold filled with beautifully decorated cases,
        includes 2 Elgin that are working, Hampden not working

  43    Lot of 3 Ladies pocket watches
        all 3 are beautifully engraved, includes closed face
        pocket watch with engraved lid  “Lady Spencer” no.
        208467, another closed face pocket watch with gold
        tones, and an open face pocket watch-none of the watches
        are working

  44    Elgin Enamel decorated closed face pocket watch
        1.5 inch diameter Elgin Enamel decorated closed face
        pocket watch, working

  45    Hampton Ladies closed face pocket watch
        engraved case open face pocket watch, Victorian watch
        chain with beautiful opal and seed pearl slide, not

  46    Tiffany & Co. 1880 Silver Dollar Money Clip
        1880 Silver Dollar Money Clip, money clip marked Tiffany
        & Co., Makers Sterling 23955

  47    2 Pins including Sterling bird pin
        3 inch sterling bird pin with colored stones including
        cabochon red stone, few clear stone missing, 3.5 inch x
        2 inch marcasite pin

  48    Perfume bottle necklace
        2.5 inch x 1.5 inch art glass bottle including hinged
        lid, lid has a red jewel, gold filled chain is 14 inches

  49    Victorian Lavalier
        1.5 inch Black enamel and seed pearl Lavalier

  50    2 Crystal necklaces
        includes 28 inch crystal necklace, 2.5 inch crystal
        pendant in filigree setting on 20 inch crystal bead

  51    Lot 6 Scarob bracelets
        all gold filled including 1 Stoneform Quartz wrist
        watch, 1 double strand bracelet, all approx. 7 inches

  52    Sterling and red stone bracelet
        hinged sterling bracelet with 13 emerald cut red stones,
        marked 925 China

  53    2 Sterling bracelets
        includes 7 inch sterling and gold wash bracelet with 30
        aquamarine stones marked 925, and 7 inch sterling
        bracelet with 34 clear stones

  54    Lot of 4 Sterling bracelets
        includes 1 with green turquoise stone, and 3 others

  55    Jewelry grouping
        includes ornate silver and gold intaglio wax seal, 4
        inch silver wax seal pin, 2 matching unmarked silver

  56    Vintage mesh belt
        40 inch double strand, with engraved Concho’s and linked

  57    Lot of 5 Victorian pins
        longest pin is 2 inches, 1 is a watch fob with an
        Masonic  intaglio cornelian

  58    7 pieces Victorian jewelry
        includes stick pin, Mother’s pin, cross, slide with red
        stone, etc

  59    4 Victorian FOB’s
        including 1 with locket

  60    Wrist watch bracelet
        Imperial Swiss wrist watch bracelet, amber lucite on
        each end, not working

  61    2 Cameo Bracelets
        8 inch cameo bracelet with 2 faceted green stones, 7
        inch bracelet with 9 cameos, marked 800 silver

  62    Lot of 3 cameo necklaces
        2 cameos are on chains, 2 larger cameos are 1 inch, all

  63    Victorian necklace
        victorian slide with amber colored stone on tasseled
        chain, 28 inches

  64    Sterling bracelet
        7.5 inches long with 6 colorful carved stones in a leaf

  65    800 Silver Cameo pin/pendant
        1.75 x 1.25 inches, 800 silver marcasite bezel, carved
        cameo of woman dancing

  66    925 sterling cameo pin/pendant
        1.25 x 1 inches, marked 925 bezel, carved cameo profile
        of woman

  67    Pair Sterling pins
        each is 1.25 x 1 inches with clear and sapphire colored
        stones, gold and silver tone

  68    Hobe’ necklace and earring set
        matching necklace and earrings with Amethyst colored
        stones, 16 inches

  69    Mikimoto Pearl pin
        2.25 x 1.25 inches, cluster of pearls, pin marked MS

  70    2 Sterling bracelets
        each bracelet is 7.5 inches long, 1 has 10 various
        colored polished cabochon stones and a gold wash, the
        other is sterling with 5 colored stones

  71    Sterling and Turquoise necklace
        30 inch turquoise and sterling bead necklace with a 1
        inch x 2 inch carved turquoise bear pendant, includes a
        removable 4 inch silver bead extender piece

  72    Silver and turquoise nugget necklace
        30 inches long silver bead and turquoise nugget necklace

  73    800 Silver charm bracelet
        7.5 inches long, marked 800 silver , made in Italy, 5
        charges each with a colored stone

  74    925 Art Nouveau necklace
        20 inch silver chain, 1.5 x 1.25 marked 925 Art Nouveau

  75    Lot of 2 Sterling necklaces
        includes marked 925 and marcasite 1.25 cameo pin/pendant
        on 17 inch chain, sterling and marcasite heart pendant
        with removable center stone (additional clear stone sold
        along with the necklace), on 16 inch chain

  76    Lot of sterling pins
        largest is 2.5 x 2.5 inches fruit pin marked sterling, 2
        inch x .75 inch Llily pad pin marked Jomichels sterling,
        1 inch Fleur de lis marked sterling

  77    2 Sterling animal pins
        1.5 x 2 inch deer pin marked silver Mexico, 1.5 inch
        sterling penguin pin

  78    Sterling bike chain necklace
        15 inch bike chain necklace marked sterling and signed

  79    2 Sterling perfume pendants
        2 inch sterling perfume on 18 inch thin chain, and 1.5
        inch sterling perfume bottle on 28 inch chain

  80    2 Sterling bracelets
        includes 7 inch bracelet with 2 cornelian and 1 onyx
        colored stone marked sterling, the other is 7 inch
        sterling bracelet marked BB

  81    1940’s Coin bracelet
        8 inch bracelet with (7) 1940’s Australian and other
        coins, the center coin is engraved- To my Darling

  82    Sterling buckle pin
        3 inch x 1.5 inch engraved sterling belt buckle pin

  83    Silver and Turquoise bracelet
        2 inches at the widest part, large center turquoise
        stone with 14 small turquoise stones, unmarked

  84    Silver and onyx bracelet
        7.25 inches long, 6 connected silver, onyx and marcasite
        circles, each approx. 1 inches x .75 inches, has a
        safety chain, unmarked

  85    Silver and Turquoise bracelet
        .75 inches wide, 16 turquoise stones, nice engraved
        band, unmarked

  86    3 Scarab bracelets
        includes 7.5 inch scarab bracelet with Colibri watch,
        the other two are 7 inch scarab bracelets

  87    Sterling pendant and chain
        2 inch x 2 inch pendant with large turquoise stone on a
        heavy 24 inch sterling herringbone chain

  88    Sterling bracelet
        7.5 inch bracelet marked 925 WK, 8 linked squares with
        colored stones including tiger eye

  89    2 Sterling bracelets
        both 7.5 inches long  including Malachite and Lapis both
        marked 925, Mexico

  90    Sterling necklace
        marked 925 Isreal, 13 orange coral stones, length of
        necklace is approx. 14 inches, has a magnetic enhancer

  91    Amber nugget necklace
        graduated Amber nuggets, 28 inches long

  92    Turquoise triple strand necklace
        26 inches long, 3 strands of turquoise stones with a
        braided cord

  93    Liquid sterling and Turquoise necklace and earring
        24 inch multi strand liquid sterling and turquoise
        necklace and matching earrings

  94    Black and turquoise bugle bead necklace
        28 inch multi strand black, turquoise and silver bead

  95    Amber bracelet and earrings
        unmarked silver bracelet with 1 inch x .50 amber stone,
        matching pair of 1.5 inch amber drop earrings

  96    3 Sterling bracelets
        including sterling with red stone, sterling bangle
        marked  hand wrought CW, and unmarked feather engraved

  97    Lot of 5 Sterling pieces
        including 2.5 x 2 inch sterling heart pin, 925 sterling
        & marcasite pin, hollow heart pendant, and 2 other

  98    Lot of 2 pendants
        including 1.5 inch sterling and hematite pendant on 29
        inch sterling chain, the other is a 1.25 x 1 inch Lapis
        and sterling pendant on a 29 inch sterling chain

  99    Flexible bracelet
        reticulated bracelet with black and clear stones,
        flexible wire band, unmarked

  100   2 Sterling items
        including 19 inch 925 sterling necklace with numerous
        clear stones and an aquamarine colored pendant, and 7
        inch 925 sterling bracelet with numerous clear and
        sapphire colored stones

  101   3 Sterling bracelets
        including 8 inch Noahs ark, 8 inch with 6 colored stones
        and 7 inch marcasite,

  102   Gotham Sterling Cross
        IHS all saints cross 3 inches x 1.75 inches, Gotham
        sterling 4011

  103   7 Sterling rings
        all 7 rings have turquoise stones

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