Fabulous Mulit-Estate Auction

Fabulous July Multi – Estate Auction!
Featuring fine art, stoneware, primitives, sterling, Warwick & Fender bass guitars

Began: 07/10/18 at 10:00 AM EDT
Location: 4644 Route 309, Schnecksville, PA 18078

Auction July 10th @ 10am
4644 Main St., (Rte 309)
Schnecksville, Pa 18078

Bid live in the gallery or online now!


Preview: 12-4pm Monday, July 9th, and auction day at 9am or call for an appointment to view now!

July Multi – Estate Auction!
Large auction featuring fine art, stoneware & primitives.

Here are several highlghts for our Tuesady, July 10th auction

Painting of a young girl with spoon by Johann George Meyer von Bremen, German 1813-1886

Oil on canvas covered bridge by Jerry Quier, o/b flowers by John Berninger, Richmond cigarette adv., 4 Japanese harpsichords –  longest is 64”, 2 early samplers- one dated 1841 by Eliza Garsides.

Decorated stoneware, chocolate molds, miniature baskets, oil lamps, large bronze 2 rams fighting 18” tall x 30” long, satin glass, Victorian glassware, coverlets, South American pottery, Sterling flatware, tinware, oriental mop inlaided dressing mirror, early pewter, old store jars, Harry Truman signature, collection of 1850s writing from Bethlehem, Pa & Germany, carved decoys, two Steiff bears, 50+ Hummel’s, lot of contemporary red ware, Waterford glassware & more.


and an original 1973 FENDER JAZZ BASS,  catalog #135 & 136


1973 Ford Mustang, Grande 3F01F204928, Body 65D… 2 door
hard top, automatic, black leather interior, British
racing green exterior, torn drivers seat, overall
condition good, chrome pitted, odometer reads 131859
miles, the car has been sitting, it is running but
should have all fluids replaced, has old gas, 302 small
block, v8

Terms: Cash, Check w/Photo ID, Major Credit Cards, 13% Buyer’s Premium w / 3% discount for cash & checks.

Online terms differ.

Tom Hall Auctions, Inc. (AU-1734)
610-799-0808 info@tomhallauctions.com


Catalogue Listing


7-10-18 Antique Auction 


1 2 Rabbit chocolate molds
smaller one is 6 inches tall. And numbered 83. The
larger one is marked Germany 313. No clips.


2 3 Piece chocolate mold of doves
Made by Matfer. 11 inches wide. 3 piece mold. Has


3 2 Large rabbit sitting upright chocolate molds
9.5 inches tall. 2 piece. No clips.


4 3 Gun powder flasks
They are roughly 7.5 inches tall. One with the fowl
game on it is unmarked and has some slight dents on it.
Leather one with the rabbits is made by am flask & co.
Leather is stiff and has cracks from age. Last one has a
hunt scene, made by J Matthewman. Has multiple dents
and the seam on the bottom is split in one spot.


5 Hen on nest chocolate mold
multi-piece Construction. 8 inches x 8 inches. No


6 2 Nancy Anderson plates
Smaller one is 10.25 inches wide. Noah’s Ark is from
1991 made out of redware. Other is from 1983 and made
out of a stoneware.


7 3 Miniature split Oak baskets
Roughly 3.5 inches wide. Nice tight weaves. Smaller
one is signed on the handle in pencil ES.


8 2 Miniature split Oak baskets
nice tight weave on both. The one is for hanging on the
wall. The size of that one 7 by 5 and a 1/2 inches.


9 3 Breininger redware plates
Dated 1980. Largest is 7 inches wide.


10 Three miniature split Oak baskets
the oval shaped one is 6 inches wide.


11 Split Oak round basket with swing handle
it is 8.5 x 6 inches in size, nice basket


12 Hummer E 184 cast iron rooster windmill weight
13.5 inches in height, cast iron, nice condition


13 General store counter top straw dispenser
11 inches tall, glass with metal lid.


14 Punched tin candle lantern
15 inches tall, dent underneath the door.


15 Unusual round 8 slot candle maker mold
soldered tin, 4 candles already made inside. Stands
9.75 inches.


16 Native American woven basket
Has wear on the edge from use. Oval 11.5 inches wide.


17 3 Hand woven baskets
used baskets, Largest one is 11.75 inches wide.


18 2 Early Skaters lanterns
One marked Jewel, 7 inches in height. Glass globes.


19 Winfield Manufacturing kerosene can
glass with wire frame, 11 inches in height. Glass is
untracked and has a floral design to it.


20 2 Early lanterns
Smaller one is a Dietz, Larger one is unmarked. Larger
one is 12 inches tall.


21 Blue decorated crock
Just under 10.5 inches in height. No cracks or chips.


22 2 Blue decorated floral crocks
One has damage on the front on the bottom. 11 inches
tall. Other has discoloration and rim chips on the
inside and outside.


23 Brady Ryan blue decorated crock hen pecking
2 gallon size. There is a crack and a stain on the
backside. Some chips on the inside rim. 9.25 inches
tall. Unusual design.


24 Blue decorated jug crock blue bird
Was made into a lamp but they did not drill a hole in
it. 2 gallon jug that is 13 inches tall, some roughness
on the lip.


25 1/2 Gallon blue decorated crock jug
No cracks or chips. Nice small size 8.5 inches.


26 3 Blue decorated crocks and mug
Mug has a chip and is marked K 1894 with 2 blue bands.
Other two crocks are fine. Largest is 7.25 inches tall.


27 Floral blue decorated crock
Unique shape, chip on the outer rim that was glazed
over. 8.5 inches tall.


28 Floral 1 gallon blue decorated crock
Unusual shape, 10 inches tall.


29 1 Gallon blue decorated crock
Blue decorated, approx. 7.5 inches tall.


30 Blue decorated batter bowl crock
rim chips, 11.5 inches wide.


31 2 Blue decorated crocks floral design
The smaller is Eldreth pottery in Lancaster County and
dated 1990. The other crock is 2 gallon, few rim chips,
cracked on the bottom and there is about a 2 inch hole
on the bottom.


32 Lot of two Victorian glass items
Blown 12 inch diameter brides basket and 9 inch tall
Fenton Spanish Lace cranberry water pitcher


33 4 Victorian satin blown glass vases
tallest vase is 6 1/2 inches, includes a blue and white
case glass pair of Vases 5 inches tall, 5 1/2 inch tall
pink vase


34 Seven piece Victorian satin glass pitcher and
tumblers set; cranberry and white satin glass water
pitcher with clear applied handle and 6-4 inch tall


35 Sterling dresser set
includes seven unmatched sterling items- two glass
dresser jars with sterling lids, brush, scissors,
hairbrush, buttonhook, Also broken handle mirror, comb
and hairbrush


36 Set of six Victorian cobalt Glass curtain
tiebacks; all matching, 4 1/2 inches diameter


37 Victorian cranberry glass jar
10 inches tall by 6 1/2 inch diameter cranberry glass
with decorative enamel and gilt painting on lid and
jar, minor flakes on rim of lid


38 Pair of Victorian satin blown glass rose bowls
5 inches tall by 6 inches diameter, blown pink rose


39 Lot of three Victorian glass items
includes 12 inch tall clear to cranberry vase, enamel
decorated jar with applied rigerre, no lid, single
cranberry quilted shaker


40 Two pair Sterling weighted items
includes pair of 10 1/2 inch tall etched candle stands,
pair 4 1/2 inch tall compotes, both bases are Sterling
and weighed


41 Early footed serving tray
12“ x 9“, beautifully engraved, Filor Family name, tray
marked Wood and Hughes


42 Blue feather edge meat platter
18 1/2 inches x 14 inches, Davenport, overall condition


43 Meissen Covered serving tureen
15 inches long by 9 1/2 inches wide by 9 inches tall
including lemon finial, Good condition


44 Lot of four Victorian satin glass items
includes 6 inch tall Zig Zag pattern blown peach vase,
5 1/2 inch tall quilted rose and white vase, 6 1/2 inch
tall pink and white basket, 3 1/2 inch tall yellow vase,
all are blown glass


45 Lot of two Victorian blown satin glass items
tallest is 9 1/2 inches, both pink and white case glass


46 Lot of 2 Victorian blown satin glass vases
includes 6 inch tall lattice pattern satin rose vase
with applied thorn handle, 6 inch lattice pattern rose
and pink vase


47 Lot of two Victorian glass vases
includes 7 1/2 inch tall Rose and white fern Fenton
vase, and 7 inch white enamel decorated cranberry vase


48 Lot of two coin spot Rose bowl’s
5 inch tall by 6 inch in diameter cranberry coin spot
and yellow coins spot Rose Bowl’s


49 Lot of two Victorian satin glass Ewers
Includes 11 1/2 inch tall cranberry and white case glass
ewer with applied clear handle, 9 inch Victorian art
glass ewer with hand-painted floral decoration and
applied it clear handle


50 Beautiful antique Tantalus/ liquor caddy;
Burled wood case is 10 1/2 inches tall by 12 inches long
by 9 inches wide, string inlaid hinged lift top, brass
inlaid plate, swing out hinged sides, fitted interior
holds two pair of early blown and polished decanters,
11 various cordials, also has two removable wooden side
slats for storage, caddy sits on 4 small bun feet,
excellent condition


51 Large primitive Treen ware bowl
26 inches long by 14 inches wide by 5 inches deep


52 Unique carved bone cane top
very detailed figure of a dogs head with mouth open,
one glass eye missing, 2 1/2 inches long


53 Early porcelain German doll
24 inches tall, fixed eyes and mouth, articulated
composition body, head marked H


54 Pair of French Faience vases
Each 14 inches tall, marked on the base Corniehet, One
vase decorated with a woman, one vase decorated with a
man, (chipped at the top)


55 Victorian music box under glass dome
7 inch porcelain figure of woman playing the harp,
overall size with drapes is 13 inches, glass dome is 20
inches tall including wooden base by 12 inches long by 7
inches wide, Music box is working but struggles.


56 Cloisonné vase
7 inches tall, beautiful blue background with for
decorative shields, minor ding on vase


57 Wood and polychrome figure of Asian priest
figure is 13 inches tall, sits on a one and a half inch
thick Lucite base, seated bearded man, opening in the
back of the figure, see photos


58 Royal Copenhagen figure of Mermaid
8 1/2 inches tall, the little mermaid, seated on rock,
Edward Eriksen, #4431


59 2 Art glass items
4 inch cornucopia paperweight, artist signed, and 4 1/2
inch fruit perfume bottle red and white, artist signed


60 Lot of three Russian Fairytale lacquer boxes
6 inch x 3 1/4 inch x 1 1/2 inch, 6 1/2 inch x 2 and
three-quarter inch by 1 1/2 inch, and 3 1/2 inch x 2 1/2
inch x 1 inch hinged boxes


61 Seven piece hand painted Limoges cider set
includes beautifully painted cider picture and six mugs,
signed Edith Kredell


62 20 piece hand painted Limoge dessert set
includes chocolate pot, cake plate, 6 cups and saucers
and dessert plates, Artist signed Edith Kredell


63 Modern Native American collectibles
it includes two story teller figures, 5 inch Kachina
doll, six Acoma, New Mexico wedding vessels, dove,
Bell, etc.


64 6 modern Native American pots;
largest is 3 inches tall by 5 inch diameter, two smaller
parts are Jemez Pue New Mexico, 1 Acoma, etc.


65 Lot of miniature modern Native American items
includes baskets And pottery; approximately 15 miniature
Papago Indian baskets, few small pottery pots, three
carved nut baskets, etc.


66 Antique eight day mantel clock
14 1/2 inches tall by 10 inches long by 4 inches deep,
frosted edged door design, metal face, has key and
pendulum, very nice wood case, not working


67 Beautiful Tiffany and Company sterling demitasse
spoons; 12 spoons with gold wash Bowls, signed Tiffany
and Company sterling, beautiful repose scene on handles,
6.36 Troy ounces


68 Set of six Sterling wine tasters
marked sterling A4695, 19.97 Troy ounces


69 Lot of eight various sterling napkin rings
none matching, 6.28 Troy ounces


70 Sterling forks and spreading knives
Sterling forks and spreading knives; six –three prong
forks, 12 sterling spreading knives, total weight 14.05
Troy ounces


71 Lot of sterling spoons
nine Sterling teaspoons 7.7 to Troy ounces, six Sterling
teaspoons 4.26 Troy ounces, total weight 11.96 Troy


72 Lot of seven large spoons including Coin;
5 coin silver spoons various makers including W. Pipkin,
Hull and Sangal, Tea. Goldsmith, C. Young’s Bridgeport,
two spoons – sterling silver, total weight 10.56 ounces


73 Lot of two Tiffany and Company Master salts with
4 salt spoons; Salts are marked Tiffany and Company
and sit on three ball feet with gold wash bowls, spoons
are marked Tiffany and Company also, everything has a
monogram, 3.79 Troy ounces


74 Lot of sterling spoons and forks
12 spoons marked Sterling – 7.80 Troy ounces, Five
salad forks and six dinner forks, one odd fork, total
weight 16.53 Troy ounces.


75 Lot of six Sterling items
including beautiful lavender enamel spoon, 2 sterling
sugar tongs, Tiffany and Company spreading knife, single
Horderve fork, Victorian filigree tongs, total weight
4.65 Troy ounces


76 Lot of six Sterling items incl. Tiffany
includes Heavy beautiful Tiffany and Company large
serving fork, W. Mohr straining spoon, pierced tongs,
W.N. Rudo etched serving spoon, large sterling engraved
service spoon and spreading knife, Total weight 12.18
Troy ounces


77 Three-piece sterling teapot, cream, sugar
total weight including finials and tea pot handle
30. 76 Troy ounces, monogrammed


78 Meyer von Brennen Oil on board
dated 1865 and signed lower left, 20 inches tall x 15
1/2 inches wide excluding frame, Little girl with
spoon, previously lined and glued, set in Early gilt
wooden frame


79 RCR Phila blue decorated crock
13.5 inches tall. Has some rim chips. RCR is for
Richard Clinton Remmey.


80 3 gallon blue decorated floral crock
There is some chips on the one handle. There’s a chip
on the bottom. 10.25 inches tall.


81 Lyons floral blue decorated 2 gallon crock
Discolored, Over 11 inches tall. No lid.


82 Whites Utica blue decorated bird crock
Some flaking below the right of the bird. 8 inches


83 Seymour Bosworth blue decorated crock water cooler
2 gallons. One chip on base. approx. 11 inches tall. No


84 Blue decorated stoneware pitcher
chip by the handle. Approx. 12 inches tall.


85 2 Blue decorated stoneware;
The ovoid shaped piece has a lot of miniature cracks and
there are two chips on the base,12 inches tall. The
other has two chips in the lip and a chip on the side.


86 Signed Turner oil on board
Knight with Lance, Signed lower right corner Turner.
Middle left side has a crease that runs 4 inches into
the painting, small tear above the crease, Image size 15
x 19.25 inches.


87 Chapeaux Mousesant Disney Mickey Mouse print
24 x 36 inches. Nice bright colors. From Walt Disney
Art Classics.


88 Jerry Quier oil on canvas snow scene:
Covered bridge, Signed lower right Jerry Quier. Size of
the painting is 23 x 19 inches.


89 Unsigned abstract oil on board
Oil on masonite, City scene, people walking in center
of the city. Size is 11.25 by 15.25 inches.


90 Richmond Straight Cut Cigarettes tin sign
Scene of a young lady smoking a cigarette, some wear to
the image. Size is 28.25 inches long.


91 Unsigned oil on canvas girl with dog
Unsigned, Lower right corner has a small spot where it
is missing oil. Size of the painting is 21 x 29.5


92 Large gold gilt frame of young girl
Size of the painting is 11.5 x 16 inches. Unsigned.


93 Wood W.E. oil on board snow scene tree harvest
snow scene- tree harvest, deep frame, image size is 15 x
11 inches. Signed lower right Wood W.E ., lady happily
awaiting for her husband as he brings home a tree on a
horse drawn sled.


94 1980 Shirley Bradley snow winter scene of village
Signed Bradley in the lower right. Large scene of
skating, sleigh ride, sledding and cattle in the fields.
Size of the scene is 23.5 x 17. Has a poem by Shirley
on the back.


95 1990 Bobbi Becker winter snow scene
Signed in the lower right corner 1990 Bobbi Becker.
Size of the scene is 17.25 x 12.25 inches. Scene of
children skating with in a small village.


96 1990 Bobbi Becker Summer Farm Scene
Signed in the lower right corner 1990 Bobbi Becker.
Size of the scene is 13.25 x 10.5 inches. Scene of a
farm with cows,chickens and people on the pond.


97 Bobbi Becker Limited Edition Herbal Rhymes
Signed and numbered in the lower right 255/1500 Bobbi
Becker. Size of the scene is 10.25 x 13.25 inches.


98 2 Lehigh Canal Delaware Water Gap prints
One scene is loading the canal boats on the Lehigh
Canal. Other is of peaceful boating on the Delaware
Water Gap. Size of the scenes are 9.5 x 6.25 inches.


99 Hammer 1934 Painting on Board Boat Scene
Signed lower left corner F or T Hammer ’34, image size
17 x 15.75 inches. Scene is a few sailboats docked by
the lake.


100 Portrait of George Washington on glass
Unsigned. Size of the portrait is 8.5 x 10.5 inches.


100a 1973 Mustang two door coupe
1973 Ford Mustang, Grande 3F01F204928, Body 65D… 2 door
hard top, automatic, black leather interior, British
racing green exterior, torn drivers seat, overall
condition good, chrome pitted, odometer reads 131859
miles, the car has been sitting, it is running but
should have all fluids replaced, has old gas, 302 small
block, v8,


100b 1998 Ford Explorer
1998 Ford Explorer, this vehicle was running, however
the battery is now dead, needs a new battery.


101 Framed Sampler Dated 1841
Some staining. Stitched Eliza Garside work age 17,
1841. Size of the sample is 8×8 inches. Scene is fruit
in a basket with a floral border and stars and flowers
in the corners.


102 1813 Sampler Catherine Anderson ABCs
Fading throughout. Dated 1813 by Catherine Anderson.
Size of the sampler is 20 x 8 inches.


103 J G Kuelemans Indian Broad Bill Roller Litho
It is a J G Kuelemans Litho and a Hanhart impressing.
Colors are bright. Size is 10 x 13 inches.


104 Tiffany & Co 16 pieces forks and spoons lot
All 16 pieces weigh 27.31 oz.. All the pieces are
monogrammed MJE. Marked on the back Tiffany & co
sterling pat 1898 t. Largest spoon is 8.25 inches long.


105 Tiffany & Co serving tray
12 inches diameter, 27 ozt.


106 Gorham silver sterling silver flatware set
Forks and spoons total weight is 25.54 ozt. Pattern is
Strasbourg, knives have sterling handles and are not
included in the weight.


107 2 sterling ladles floral pattern
Total weight 8.91 ozt. Matching pattern.


108 Large sterling silver bowl
Weighs 8.74 ozt.


109 Sterling silver Tiffany Co oval bowl
Monogrammed. Weighs 12.25 ozt.


110 2 Sterling silver serving utensils
Monogrammed. Total weight 10.58 ozt.


111 Misc. sterling silver flatware
Total weight 26.48 ozt. Some monogrammed.


112 Stieff sterling silver handle knife set
21 knives, not weighed, handles are stamped Williamsburg


113 Misc. sterling silver spoons
Total weight 14.48 ozt., Various patterns. Some


114 Coin silver spoon lot
21 spoons, most are monogrammed. Total weight 11.85
ozt. various makers include W. White, Brooks, E.T.
Peli, Ball Black, and JVD


115 Coin silver spoon lot
18 spoons, total weight 16.61 ozt. most monogrammed.
various makers include Notts, B Benjamin, W Pitkin, E.T.
Peli, Ball Black, J. Johnston and Willard Hawley.


116 Misc. sterling silver spoons
12 pieces, total weight 10.37 ozt. Some monogrammed.


117 S. Kirk and Son sterling silver floral plate
10 inches wide. Weight 12.92 ozt.


118 Sterling silver bowl
weight 11.50 ozt. Monogrammed, Chippendale pattern


119 Tiffany & Co and other sterling silver forks
spoons; 3 spoons and 2 forks are Tiffany. Everything is
monogrammed. Total weight 16.67 ozt.


120 6 Tiffany & Co spoons
Japanese pattern spoons, 6 sterling silver spoons,
weight 6.71 ozt. Spoons are 6 inches long.


121 6 Tiffany & Co spoons
Weight 7.02 ozt. Monogrammed.


122 2 Large sterling silver by Tiffany & Co spoons
Total weight 4.93 ozt. Monogrammed.


123 14k Gold wedding band ring
14k, 2.2 dwt. Monogrammed on the inside. Size 7.5.


124 14k Gold bracelet
Made in Italy. Weighs 7.3 dwt. 14k, Length is 7.25


125 18k Gold bracelet
Filigree bracelet, 4.3 dwt., 18k, Length is 7.25


126 2 -14k gold bracelets
Made in Italy, 14k, 2.1 dwt total weight, Length is 7
inches each.


127 3- 14k gold bracelets
Total weight is 4.9 dwt., roughly 7 inches in length.


128 14k Gold bracelet
3.3 dwt, Made in Italy, 7 inches.


129 2 -14k Gold bracelets
Total weight for both is 2.4 dwt. Each is 7 inches in


130 Cultured Pearl necklace with 14k clasp
Clasp is marked 14k Deltah, Length is 24 inches.


131 24 Coin Silver Spoons
Total weight 19.85 ozt. Makers include Pitkin, Notts,
Bridgeport, WBN, Hawley, C. Youngs, B. Benjamin and
Benedict and Squire. Most are monogrammed.


132 Reed and Barton Sterling Silver Flatware Set
Knives were not included in the weight, Total weight of
forks and spoons is 39.7 ozt. Monogrammed floral


133 Sterling Silver Handled Carving Set
Monogrammed. Hallmarked sterling silver handles.


134 16 Sterling Silver Handled Dinner Knives
Monogrammed. Handles are marked sterling. 12 matching
knives, and 2 pairs


This Masterbuilt bass was hand made in the Warwick
Custom Shop and is a work of art.
This virtually brand new Masterbuilt Custom Shop Nobby
Meidel 4 string bass kept continually in a climate
controlled environment and played in
The set up is spot on and it is perfect in every way.
It comes in a flight case, the custom designed Warwick
guitar stand, all the tools, polishing cloth and Users
Well balanced and comfortable to play, this “headless”
bass features a ball-end holder (made from Wilferite),
and a zero fret.
The complex sandwich body has a birdseye poplar top,
maple middle lamination, and wenge back. The neck is
made from wenge with a maple stripe and a wenge
This 2007 Nobby as not only a great instrument but is
woodworking art.
It is equipped with active MEC twin Jazz and Jazz-style
pickups, paired with an active MEC three-band preamp.


Body: Wenge body with maple center and Bird’s Eye Poplar
Neck: 26 fret Wenge/Maple, Neck Through
Fingerboard: Wenge
Pickups: 1 MEC Twin-Jazz pickup and 1 MEC single “J”
Electronics: Active MEC 3-band
Hardware: Gold
Finish: Natural Satin
Includes: User’s Kit
Case: Original Hardshell Case


136 1973 Fender Jazz Bass
1973 Fender Jazz Bass
Original Walnut Finish
Black Block Inlays & Binding
8 lbs. 13 oz.


100% Original & Complete
Both Original Chrome Covers
Original Hardshell Case


Structurally sound
No cracks, breaks or repairs
Good playing neck with great frets
Headstock has slight forward lean
Does not affect playability if string winding kept low
on E & A tuning pegs
Electronics work and sound great
Authentic ’70s Fender Jazz Bass tone
Bridge position pickup recently rewound by Lindy Fralin
Pickup detached where wires meet pickup
Solder joints in control cavity unmolested
Looks good, cosmetic wear and tear
Minor nicks & dings
Minor finish checking
Discolored area atop headstock


137 7 Pieces of weighted Sterling Silver
3 pieces are monogrammed. Some have dents and dings.


138 Sterling Silver Column Candlesticks
10.25 inches tall, Weighted and monogrammed. The one
has the cement popping out of the bottom.


139 Grouping of dollhouse sterling
15+ pieces Including pair of candelabras, pair of
candlesticks, beverage dispenser, pair shakers, gravy
boat and under dish, bowl, etc.


140 Mother of Pearl inlaid Asian motif dresser mirror
Inlaid, beveled mirror, right two corners of the frame
are missing the flower, needs to be tightened, Size is
32 x 19 inches.


141 Large folk art painting;
Moose wading in the water, signed lower left Herbert,
1997, Nice natural wood frame


142 Henriot HB Quimper and Le Croisic lot
Le Croisic includes 5 cups 4 plates. 3 cups have a
scene of a lady sitting other 2 have a man. Plates are 7
inches wide, and Henroit HB Quimper includes 6 knife
rests. 1 plate that is 8.75 inches wide.


143 3 Tin soldered coffee pots
Largest one is 9 inches tall. Largest one has a small
hole in the base. Others are good


144 3 Wooden cow /steers figures
White one with the black eyes has a chip on the one ear.
Well detailed and well done. 9 inches long.


145 2 Large German lead stags
One that is lighter in color both his front legs were
resoldered Height is 8.75 inches with the horns.


146 German composition Santa Claus
Stamped on the bottom made in Germany. Some flaking of
the boots and belt. 8.5 inches tall.


147 Sterling silver cordials lot of 5
Weighted. 3 inches tall. Made N S Co. Some are
slightly dented.


148 6 sterling silver cordials
Marked sterling. Total weight is 3.70 ozt.


149 Paul Herzel Indian on Horseback
Signed Paul Herzel on the backside. 10 inches tall.


150 3 small sterling silver bowls
Total weight is 7.23 ozt., oval one is by WM Wise and
has damage in the lattice, other two bowls are
monogrammed in the center.


151 Primitive Hand wrought iron hook board
12 hooks. 32 inches wide.


152 Primitive hand wrought iron hook board
15 hooks. 33 inches long.


153 Finstain Pewter Graduated Tankards
7 graduated tankards from 10 inches to 2 3/8 inches.


154 WJG Polychrome painted Folk Art wooden bird
Signed on the bottom WJG 85. 7 colored. 10.5 inches


155 Walt June Gottshall Polychrome paint wooden birds
2 birds on branch, 4 colored polychrome. Signed on the
bottom Walt + June Gottshall. Roughly 10 x 10 inches.


156 Early D. Curtis Pewter Tea/Coffee Pot
Signed D. Curtis. 8 inches tall, engraved initials on
the bottom KE.


157 Early William Mcquilkin pewter coffee pot
Stamped WM Mcquilkin on the bottom, 8 inches tall.


158 3 Antique Pewter Coffee Pot and Pitcher
Largest one is 11 inches tall. Has some dents and
repairs. Second tallest is quart size monogrammed. Has
hallmarks and a few dents throughout. Smallest is a
pint. Hallmarked BSY, engraving but hard to make out.


159 Early Mallard Hen Wooden Duck Decoy;
Unsigned. 2 piece, lead weight on the bottom. 13.5
inches long. Has wear from use.


160 Antique wooden goose decoy
Unsigned. 23.5 inches long. Has cracks in the wood from
age. 2 piece construction


161 Antique wooden duck decoy
3 piece construction. Wood has age cracks, Well used.
22 inches long. Beak is nailed back on.


162 Black duck wooden decoy
Large wrought iron loop on the bottom, painted black, 16
inches in length.


163 Herb Miller Canadian Goose Wooden Decoy
Beautiful hand carved and painted, signed in pencil and
stamped H Miller. Dated 92. 20.5 inches long.


164 Unique Duck decoy silhouette foldout
right, left and center silhouette of a duck, wooden with
metal hinges, 23 inches long closed


165 Earlier wooden duck decoy
Nice hand painted decoy, 2 piece construction. 14
inches long.


166 Coker Creek Crafts Split Oak Basket
10 inches wide. Stamped in the center on the inside
Coker Creek Crafts Coker Creek TN.


167 Steiff Golden Hair Jointed Teddy Bears
14 inches long. Fur is nice and soft. Tag is marked
Made in West Germany, Limited Edition 81 2827, comes
with jointed baby bear marked the same way on its tag.


168 Steiff Classic Pull toy Bear on Wheels
Clean bear with soft material. 11 inches long. Still
has the hang tag written in German.


169 Antique hobbyhorse
32 inches tall by 34 inches long by 11 inches wide,
painted wood platform on casters, horse in as is


170 2 Early pewter coffee pots
including 10 inch tall Edanforth #15, and 9 inch tall R.


171 Modern 10 1/2 inch red ware plate
marked Breininger 1980, slip decorated


172 Early antique wood and tin small critter Cage
15 inches tall by 24 inches long by 10 inches wide,
house shaped cage With rotating wheel, wooden platform


173 Folk art painting on board
36 inches tall by 48 inches wide, by Shirk’s paint shop,
Marvon PA, Dated 1980, depicting mare with foal,
Artist signed lower right


174 6 Early brass and iron utensils
the longest is rat tail 2 prong fork 26 inches long
Signed with and impressed letter T, three other items
signed FBS and dated 1896, etc.


175 Early papier-mâché jackal lantern
5 1/2 inches tall, still has paper insert


176 Early coal miners hat and lantern
canvas and leather hat, early tin removable lantern


177 Lot of 7 early pewter plates and bowls
Largest plate is 14 1/2 inches, rim is initialed and
dated 1777, impressed mark on reverse, additional plates
and bowls have various markings, see photographs


178 Early painted wooden game board
17 inches x 14 1/2 inches


179 Large blue and white transfer platter
20 inches x 17 inches, Peruvian Hunters pattern


180 Lot of two oil lamps
one has a cobalt blue font and milk glass base, the
other has a green font and milk glass base


181 Lot of two oil lamps
one has a green heart pattern font and clear base, the
other has clear font and cobalt base


182 Early brass pale with hinged lid
8 inches tall by 15 inches long by 9 inches wide, swing
handle, pierced lid, signed Harry Dunn, 3515 Carrollton
Ave., Indianapolis, Indiana


183 Antique foot warmer
pierced tin and wood frame, decorated with heart pattern


184 Early Miniature wooden boat and decoys
boat is 16 inches long by 6 inches wide, canvas
windshield, 2 removable oar’s, 14 carved wooden
miniature decoy ducks, boat sits on wooden platform,


185 Set of eight early blown glasses
colorless 8 1/2 inches tall blown glasses with applied


186 Tom Ahern Carved and hand painted duck decoy
overall size 8 inches tall by 9 inches wide, duck is 6
1/2 inches tall by 9 inches long, signed Tom Ahern 1984


187 Lot of 2 oil lamps;
Both colorless glass, one with blown out flower base 9
inches tall


188 Set of 12 French service plate
each plate is 9 inches in diameter, made in France for
Coldwell and company


189 Set of 11 Waterford 7 inch stem glasses
set of 11 Waterford 7 inch stem glasses


190 Set of seven Waterford 7.75 inch stem glasses
set of seven Waterford 7.75 inch stem glasses


191 Set of 12 Waterford 7 1/2 inch stem glasses
set of 12 Waterford 7 1/2 inch stem glasses


192 Seven pieces Goebel Religious and Nativity
Includes 9 inch Madonna, 2-7 inch Madonna and baby Jesus
on Donkey, Joseph, etc.


193 Hummel covered box and three plaques
largest plaque is 6 1/2 inches x 6 inches


194 Lot 5 Hummel figurines
largest is a double figure, 6 1/2 inches tall, and


195 Modern red ware bowl
13 inches in diameter by 3 inches deep, decorated with
hen on nest and eggs, Foltz Pottery 1996


196 Lot 3 Modern red ware plate and bowls;
Including 11 1/2 inches in diameter, (2) 10 inch bowls,
each signed Becky Mummert, East Berlin Pennsylvania 1989


197 Lot of two modern red ware plates
10 inches in diameter, decorated with roosters, Foltz
pottery, 1996


198 Lot of five Hummel figurines, tallest is 6 inches
Lot of five Hummel figurines, tallest is 6 inches


199 Lot of 5 Hummel figurines
Lot of 5 Hummel figurines, tallest is 7 inches


200 Lot of four Hummel figurines
Lot of four Hummel figurines, tallest is 5.75 inches


201 Lot of four Hummel figurines
Lot of four Hummel figurines, tallest is 7 1/2 inches


202 Lot of five modern red ware slip decorated plates
matching set, each is 10 inches in diameter, Signed
Foltz pottery


203 Lot of two modern red ware items
13 1/2 inch platter and 12 inch diameter by 2 1/2 inch
deep bowl, both marked Foltz pottery 1983


204 Lot of three modern red ware plates
each is 9 1/2 inches, All decorated with single bird,
Foltz pottery 1983


205 Lot of two Hummel figurines
Lot of two Hummel figurines, tallest is 7 inches


206 Lot of three Hummel figurines
Lot of three Hummel figurines, tallest is 7 1/4 inches


207 Lot of three Hummel figurines
Lot of three Hummel figurines, tallest is 7 1/2 inches


208 Lot of three Hummel figurines
Lot of three Hummel figurines, tallest is 7 1/2 inches


209 Lot of three modern redware pie plates
each is 9 inches in diameter, 2 apple pie, one cherry
pie, all Foltz pottery 1983


210 A lot of 5 modern red ware plates
all 9.5 inches diameter,each decorated with a single
snowman, signed Becky Mummert, East Berlin PA, 1997


211 Lot of five modern red ware shallow bowls
4 Live stock shallow bowls are approximately 9 inches
diameter and 1 1/2 inches deep, The cat plate is 9 1/2
inches in diameter, all our FOLTZ pottery 1983 and 1982


212 Large red ware serving platter
slip decorated 14 1/2 inches long by eight and
three-quarter inches wide, FOLTZ pottery 1983


213 Lot of 2 Hummel figurines
Lot of 2 Hummel figurines, tallest is 7 inches


214 Lot of two Hummel figurines
Lot of two Hummel figurines, tallest is 7 inches


215 Lot of three Hummel figurines
Lot of three Hummel figurines, tallest is 6 inches


216 Lot of three Hummel figurines
Lot of three Hummel figurines, tallest is 6 inches, 1
as is, see picture.


217 Lot 7 modern redware items
includes hen, egg, salt and pepper shaker, Rosemary
spice jar and 2 snowman mugs, makers including Becky
Mummert and FOLTZ pottery


218 Lot of red ware miniatures and small plates
Includes two 8 inch x 5 inch small trays, 3-
5 inch diameter small bowls, miniature blue and white
stoneware bowl, pitcher, under dish, red ware pitcher,
bowl, frog etc.


219 Lot of 3 Modern red ware pieces
includes 6 1/2 inch and 5 inch tall FOLTZ pitcher, and 5
inch Becky Mummert figural handle planter


220 Lot of four modern red ware shallow bowls
each bowl is 12 inches in diameter, all the same floral
pattern, FOLTZ 1984


221 Lot of four modern red ware shallow bowls
each bowl is 12 inches in diameter, all the same floral
pattern, FOLTZ 1984


222 Lot of three pieces modern Foltz redware pottery
pieces; includes 12 inch x 9 inch x 4 inch baking dish,
13 inch x 10 inch x 2 1/2 inch baking dish and 10 inch
shallow bowl


223 Lot of three modern red ware bowls
10 1/2 inch diameter by 5 inch deep, 9 1/2 inch diameter
by 6 inch deep, 9 inch diameter by 4 inch deep, all
FOLTZ pottery 1983


224 Lot of two Modern red ware serving pieces
includes 10 inch diameter by 4 inch deep covered serving
dish, 12 inch diameter by 7 inch deep large mixing bowl,


225 Lot of 2 modern Eldreth redware pottery serving
bowls; includes 14 inch diameter by 3 inches deep
serving bowl, 13 inch diameter by 3 1/2 inch deep
serving bowl, both with blue and white glazed
decoration, dated 1996


226 Lot of 3 modern red ware pieces;
includes 10 inch diameter by 2 inch deep Lizzie puddles
and the garden, 8 1/2 inch diameter by 2 inch deep
snowman bowl, both Becky Mummert pottery, East Berlin PA
1989 and 1995, and a 13 inch tall storage jar, unsigned
and repaired


227 Brown Caldwell oil on canvas
20 inches x 24 inches, Seascape, signed lower left,


228 Oil on board bearing the signature Eugene Boudin
Oil on board, Image size a 9 inches x 14 inches ,
overall size including frame 17” x 22”, seascape with
ladies at the beach, Trouville (France), bearing the
signature E. Boudin lower right


229 CCM Oil on board Seascape
image 8 inches x 12 1/2 inches, overall size including
frame 13 inches x 17 inches seascape, signed lower
right CCM


230 Oil on board attributed to Charles Streight
image size 8 1/2 inches x 12 1/2 inches, overall size
including frame 13 inches x 17 inches, Mountain gap,
attributed to Charles Streight,


231 Large ornate F. Weber & Co. gilt frame
34 inches x 44 inches beautifully carved and gilt
decorated, some very minor pieces missing, Stretcher
holding very as is print, bearing the label F. Weber and
Company, 1125 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, PA


232 Oil on canvas, unknown 20th century Artist
image size 21 inches x 26 inches, 27 inches x 32 inches
overall including frame, Palisades, unknown 20th-century
American artist


233 Lot of three early General Store jars
includes a matching pair with hinged lid’s and single
jar with hinged lid


234 Lot of two brass pails
large pail is 14 1/2 inches diameter by 6 inches deep,
both have fixed handles


235 Lot of three early wire baskets
including two egg baskets and a heavy 10 inch diameter
by 8 inch deep wire basket with fixed handle


236 Riverside Dairy frosted milk bottle with handle
16 inch tall milk bottle, swing handle, Belmar New


237 Primitive wooden stool
Primitive wooden stool, 16 1/2 inches long by 71/2
inches wide by 7 1/2 inches tall


238 Lot of 2 early wooden chest
largest 10 inches tall and has five drawers, veneered
chest is 7 inches tall and has three graduated drawers,
and some veneer loss


239 Lot of two primitive wooden trays;
Includes 25 inch long by 12 inch wide slatted wood
basket, and 32 inch x 8 1/2 inch wood tray with six


240 Hand painted Gone with the Wind lamp
rare matching shade and base, both in very nice
condition, Overall size 32 inches tall


241 Hand painted Gone with the Wind lamp
Rare matching shade and base, overall size 23 inches,
Overall good condition


242 Lot of three blue agate coffee pot
Lot of three blue agate coffee pot, tallest is 11 inches


243 Lot of two Agate items
lot of two Agate items Includes blue and white coffee
pot and blue and white pot with handle


244 Wooden slatted goose
17 inches tall by 20 inches long by 9 inches wide
slatted wooden goose, hand painted


245 Lot of 2 early iron fireplace trivets
very similar, 24 inches long, trivet area 8 inches in
diameter, both have twisted iron fork attachment


246 Lot of 3 early iron fireplace implements
including fabulous 14 inch swivel toasting device, Two
24 inch long spatulas


247 Lot of 2 early iron fireplace items
three footed iron tripod and pan with a rat tail handle,
tripod is 9 1/2 inches in diameter by 9 inches tall, the
pan is 29 inches long to the tip of the handle


248 Lot of 2 early oak gathering baskets
larger basket is 17 inches long by 12 inches wide by 9
inches deep with a solid wood handle, round basket is 12
inches diameter by 8 inches deep with solid wood handle,
both baskets are in very nice condition


249 Lot of 2 early two handled gathering basket
20 inches diameter by 12 inches deep with two handles,
The other basket is 15 inches diameter by 13 inches deep
and has two Interior handles,Condition is good on both


250 Lot of 2 early baskets
including 18 inch diameter by 13 inch deep gathering
basket, and 12 inch diameter by 10 inch deep basket
with swing handle, both baskets are in nice condition


251 Very early carved and gilt Newcomb Macklin frame;
34“ x 29“ overall size, early oil on canvas as is,
original Newcomb Macklin label on frame


252 Seltz Folk art carved wooden bird
8 1/2 inches tall by 10 inches long, carved wooden
figure of a bird sitting on wood stump, pencil signed
underside of bird S. G. Seltz


253 Lenox Winter Greetings Chickadee dinnerware
service for 8+, three piece place setting, 4 additional
winter greetings every day bowls being sold with the


254 Lenox Lowell pattern china service
Service for 12+ extras, six piece place setting, 2 gravy
boats, cream and sugar, salt and pepper, tea pot and
coffee pot, 16 inch platter and 2 oval open vegetable


255 Unique Victorian box with German and English notes
3 inches x 5.5 inches booklet box with circa 1850’s
beautifully hand written notes in German and English


256 German helmet
German helmet


257 Argus 35 mm camera
Argus f 2.8 Cintar with case


258 Harry Truman White House autograph, Air Force
book; Harry Truman White House autograph, also the
ninth Air Force service command book


259 Golden view Motorola television in wood case
Golden view Motorola television in wood case, needs new
cord, case scuffed, working order unknown


260 Fire chief pedal car
nice red paint, stenciled fire chief, has original bell


261 Primitive table top cabinet
15 drawers, red paint, white porcelain knobs, 24 inches
tall by 24 inches wide by 8 inches deep


262 Antique doll size jelly cupboard
stencil and paint decorated, 22 inches tall by 14 inches
wide by 8 inches deep, white porcelain knobs, very nice


263 Antique cranberry scoop
wood and canvas construction with metal teeth fork,
impressed BCC


264 Child size dome top trunk
original fitted tray, wall papered interior, refinished
and in very nice condition


265 Advertising bakery box
J. S. Ivin’s and Son Superior Biscuits, Philadelphia
Pennsylvania, colorful label on front of box and
original black and white label on interior of hinged


266 Pair of early wooden Ice skates
skates are 16 inches long with iron blades, one ankle
strap missing


267 Lot of two primitive wooden trays
largest slatted tray is 58 inches long by 17 inches
wide, Smaller tray is 32 inches long by 14 inches wide


268 Primitive 1854 German Folk Art bench
Unique bench, 43 inches tall by 14 inches long by 8
inches wide, hand painted German, dated 1854, carved
tulip decoration


269 Early dovetailed box with wood planes
box is 6 inches tall by 21 inches long by 9 inches wide,
dovetailed, painted blue interior, comes with four wood


270 Antique Flax spinning wheel
Antique Flax spinning wheel, three Legged flax wheel


271 Butter churn and rug beater lot
wooden butter churn barrel and wire rug beater


272 New Haven Wall clock
24 inches x 16 inches, Wooden case, white face, reverse
painted door


273 17 piece Luster desert set
Includes teapot, cream and sugar, waste bowl, 6 cups and
saucers, dessert plate, all in nice condition
considering the age


274 Lot of 2 early cast iron floral bouquet doorstops
Lot of 2 early cast iron floral bouquet doorstops,
largest is 8 inches


275 Carved and hand-painted wooden goose decoy
21 inches tall by 21“ x 9“ wide, stands on three metal
legs , Signed V 230, beautifully carved and painted


276 Early Carved and hand-painted wooden goose decoy
21 inches tall by 27 inches long by 8 inches wide,
stands on three removable metal legs, no signature


277 Pair Japanese porcelain jar’s
9 inches tall including lid by 4 inches in diameter,
each vase depicting village scenes and landscape, each
lid has a small chip on the rim, jars are in very nice
condition, red rain mark on bottom


278 Koto Japanese zither stringed instrument;
beautiful teak wood case with carved decoration, 64
inches long by 12 inches wide, 21 strings, velvet lined
fitted case, Also comes with metal instrument stand


279 Koto Japanese zither stringed instrument
beautifully carved wood instrument, 39 inches long by 8
inches wide, 15 strings, comes in red velvet lined
fitted carrying case


280 WuYue Chinese 2 string violin
Traditional National instrument, 34 inches long, teak
wood with bone decoration, comes with violin bow, fitted
carrying case


281 Koto Japanese zither String instrument
18 inches long by 8 1/2 inches, wide comes with fitted
wooden box, nine string


282 Decorative Parisian street scene print
29 inches tall by 34 inches long overall size includes
professional Matting and framing


283 Graciela Rodo-Boulanger print
overall size including Matting and frame 31 inches x 31


284 Diminutive antique settee
17 1/2 inches tall by 25 inches long x 10inches deep,
six leg settee with plank seat


285 Lot of three silver plate trophies/loving cups
Tallest is 16 inches, circa 1930s, earliest is a Junior
Tennis Championship Pennsylvania 1921


286 Porcelain three piece serving tureen
includes tureen with lid and 12 1/2 inch under dish,
Paris Royal porcelain


287 Three miniature pillboxes
includes 2.5 inch diameter round bow with frog finial
and hinged lid, 2 touch marked silver pillboxes, one
repose putti figures, one engraved European scene


288 John Berninger oil on board
Still life floral, overall size 27 inches x 23 inches,
signed lower left John E. Berninger


289 Lot of 4 Asian Embroideries on silk;
three are set in plexi glass frames 20 inches x 17
inches, one unframed 25 inches x 12 inches, all
embroidered on silk, some minor stains


290 Modern Bronze sculpture of 2 fighting Rams
Bronze sculpture, 18 inches tall by 29 inches long by 8
inches wide, with impressed signature TR on base


291 Antique 4 color coverlet
103 inches x 92 inches includes Fringe, floral pattern,
with church building border, Overall condition very


292 Lot of 6 early brass candlesticks
including pair push-up candlesticks, two single
push-up candle sticks, 2 early chamber sticks


293 lot of eight brass candlesticks
tallest pair is 11 inches, four pair total


294 Lot of five early wire items
Includes two wall hangers- one is 12 inches diameter, 2
bottle carriers, etc


295 Tin punched chandelier
Six arm tin punched chandelier, 26 inch diameter


296 Lot of two Royal Worcester serving dishes
Evesham Vale pattern, Fruit finials, one round dish 8
inches diameter, one 10 inch x 6 inch oblong serving


297 Lot of 2 Royal Worcester serving dishes
Evesham pattern, Each is 12 inches long x 9 inches wide
x 5.5 inches deep


298 Lot of 6 Royal Worcester serving pieces
Evesham pattern, including two large round bowls, 2
shallow oblong dishes, two covered serving pieces


299 Lot of 14 Royal Worcester egg coddlers and
Lot of 14 Royal Worcester egg coddler and containers;
various sizes and patterns


300 Art Glass tulip shaped hanging light
24 inch diameter frosted with pink edges


301 Fisher price limited edition Buzzy bee clown
Coming out of a estate where the owner worked for FP.
They were never played with. Stored in the boxes. FP
numbers are 76593 for Squeaky the clown and 6550 for
Buzzy bee.


302 Fisher Price Toy Town Snoopy Prancing Horses
The previous owner worked for FP. Never played with.
They are 6558 Snoopy and 6590 Prancing Horses.


303 Fisher Price Toy Town Molly Bell Prancing Horses
The original owner working for FP. They are limited
editions from the Toy Town Fair. They are 6599 molly
bell and 6590 Prancing Horses. Never used.


304 Fisher Price Toy Town Toot Toot Squeaky
The original owner worked for FP. They are limited
editions from Toy Town Fair. They are 6575 Toot Toot and
76593 Squeaky the Clown. Boxed and unused.


305 1966 1990 Boxed Fisher Price Snoopy Sniffer
The original owner worked for FP, They were never used.
The one from 1966 is numbered 181 and the 1990 version
is 6588.


306 Fisher Price Boxed Village
The original owner worked for FP, Factory sealed never
opened. Box has some wear from storage.


307 Fisher Price Toy Lot
The original owner worked for FP, The clock was never
out of the box. Numbered 997 and the box has some wear
from storage. Dr Duck is a desk piece for the 50th
anniversary of fp. Other two are clean vintage 60s 70s
version of snoopy sniffer and prancing pony.


308 Fisher Price 1987 to 1990 Toy Town Posters
Coming out of a estate of a FP employee. The 87, 88 are
signed in pencil by Mel Epstein. 89 is autographed in
pencil and numbered 40/1500 Melvin Epstein.


309 1990 to 1993 Fisher Price Toy Town Posters
The original owner worked for FP, Missing 1992. All
three are signed in pencil by Mel Epstein.


310 Jydsk Telefon
wooden wall hanging telephone, 27 inches tall x 10
inches wide x 4 inches deep, wooden vase in nice


311 lot of 2 early large pewter chargers
largest is 13 1/4 inches, smaller charger 12 inches with
impressed maker mark


312 Lot of Limoges hand painted porcelain plates and
bowl; includes 10, 7 inch hand painted plates and a 9
1/2 inch diameter limoge bowl


313 Stone ware water pitcher and bowl
Blue and white stoneware water pitcher is 7 inches tall,
and bowl is 9 1/2 inches diameter by 4 inches deep


314 Lot of six bird decoy and other books
includes American bird decoys, wildfowl decoys, shore
bird decoys, Early American iron ware


315 Child’s singer sewing machine and tin alphabet
plate; plate is 10 inches diameter


316 Modern redware pottery cat
18 inches tall by 12 inches long by 4 inches deep,
Eldreth pottery 1996


317 Enamel Taystee Bread advertising signs
9.5 inches x 16 inches, Red and white enamel, some as


318 Dansk International wooden salad bowl
14 inches diameter by 7 inches deep


319 Lot of three blue and white stoneware mixing bowls
largest bowl is 11 inches diameter by 3 1/2 inches deep


320 Cast iron bull doorstop
bull is 4 1/2 inches tall by 8 inches long


321 Lot of three modern blue and white pottery
serving pieces; Bennington Vermont, including covered
11 inches x 4.5 inches, loaf pan and small


322 JFK composition bust on marble base
overall size 8 inches tall, by Robert Burke, Few chips,
see photos


323 Antique 1883 Mechanical bank
Bird feeding baby birds, one bird needs repair, working


324 Antique cast iron single stirrup;
9 inches tall cast iron stirrup, ornate engraved design
still visible


325 Aluminum Atlantic city sign
Atlantic city world Playground sign, 12 inches long by 5
inches tall, some paint missing


326 Folk art Wood carving
heart with bird, 10 inches tall by 15 inches long,
hand painted, unsigned


327 Lot of 2 early Red ware pots
tallest is 7 1/2 inches


328 Oil on canvas by Bertram Alper
well known geometric artist, painting Titled autumn
triangle, signed on reverse, 32 x 32 x 32


329 Lot of three original paintings on canvas
image size approximately 5 inches x 4 inches each,
overall size including frame 11 inches x 9 inches,
depicting Indonesian Gods


330 Lot of two heavy wire baskets;
Largest is 12 inches tall x 18 inches diameter, smaller
basket 5 inches tall x 15 inches diameter, (size does
not include handle)


331 Six volumes of Robert Burns Complete Works;
Spines and book covers are as is, water stains on some
pages, illustrations are very nice


331a sterling doll house pieces
approximately 15+ pieces including candelabra, beverage
dispenser, hurricane candle sticks, salt and pepper,
bowls and platters, etc. marked Sterling


332 Early brass floor lamp
Three footed adjustable floor lamp, 41 inches tall


333 Mid century style white metal table lamp
base of the lamp is 16 inches, five various height
square pillars


334 Modern folk art painted wall cabinet
red painted, approximately 37 inches tall by 20 inches
wide x 10 inches deep, two doors open to one shelf,
towel rack, ornate brass hinges


335 Blue decorated stone ware jug
Blue floral decoration, jug is 13 inches tall
approximately 10 inches wide


336 Hand painted and carved wood goose decoy
20 inches tall by approximately 30 inches long, three
metal legs signed BM ‘87


337 Hand painted and carved goose decoy
23 inches long by 11 inches tall, car up and hand
painted, unsigned


338 Ornate Brass three candle wall sconce
20 inches tall by 16 inches wide,


339 Metal wall sculpture/sconce
three candle sconce, floral sculpture, 25 inches x 40


340 Lot of to Mont Blanc ball point pens
lot of to Mont Blanc ball point pens


341 Lot of to Mont Blanc pens
lot of two Mont Blanc pen’s






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broze Truman signature
Jerry Quier painint Early letters, some Bethlehem, Pa John Berninger Mechanical

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