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Real Estate at Auction – Quickly becoming the Preferred Method to Marketing Real Estate!

Tom Hall Auctions boast one of the highest closing percentages (95 %+) in the real estate auction industry. Call today and allow us the opportunity to present you with a free no obligation consultation. Your call will remain confidential.

Thank you for your interest in our company and our real estate marketing program.

For over 30 years Tom Hall Auctions has been a leader in the use and development of the auction method of marketing as a viable and successful alternative to traditional list and wait real estate listing process.

Imagine selling your real estate on the day you choose, dealing with serious qualified buyers who want to own your property and having a quick settlement… Sounds too good to be true…It’s as easy as calling Tom Hall Auctions!

We are auction marketing professionals with over 500 successful real estate auctions conducted. Whether you’re selling a home, farm, land, investment or commercial property our staff is committed to providing you with solutions for selling your property quickly, effectively and for top market value.

No more waiting for offers. Our “Proven Accelerated Marketing Program” is designed and directed to expose your property to the greatest number of qualified buyers that are interested in owning your property. We attract these buyers by using eye catching advertising that includes: newspapers, internet, color brochures, direct mail, e-mail, radio, television, color signs, banners, open houses, realtor/broker participation and other public relations program.

Your property can be successfully sold within 3-5 weeks at a fair price that is acceptable to you. Through competitive bidding you will receive the highest offer available in the marketplace under your terms.


  • Quite simply auctions work! If your goal is to sell quickly and effectively auction is for you!
  • Sell in 4-5 weeks!
  • Settlement usually within 30-45 days after the auction!
  • Extensive marketing program designed to sell your property!
  • Known sale date! Known settlement date!
  • Deal with serious qualified buyers!
  • Sell (as-is) with no contingency contracts!
  • Seller sets terms & conditions!
  • Convert property to cash quickly!
  • Auctions appeal to buyers!
  • Eliminate carrying cost!
  • Seller can set minimum price!
  • Auction can exceed expectations!
  • Buyers compete for your property!

Homes • Farms • Land • Estates • Commercial & Investment Property
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