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We make selling your real estate easy.

We all love real estate until it comes time to sell it. Long listing contracts, ongoing showing, contingencies, negotiations, inspections and the list goes on.

What if I told you there was another way, where contingencies, inspections, ongoing showings and long listing contracts don’t exist.

Would you be interested?

What if I told you the answer to a fast, effective hassle free sale has been around for decades and our company has been on the leading edge of developing this process.

What is it you ask? AUCTION of course.

By choosing Auction you will achieve a successful sale in 30 days, under terms that have no contingencies and go to settlement within 30-45 days after the auction.

And by selling quickly you will eliminate ongoing carrying cost such as taxes, maintenance and liability if the property is vacant.

Call today for a free no hassle consultation, like what we have to say, hire us & your property will be sold within 30 days.

Why Tom Hall Auctions?
When it comes to selling by auction, no one does it better. Our reputation demands that we provide the best level of service to both sellers and buyers alike.

Whether you’re selling a home, land, farm, commercial or investment property our 35+ years of marketing experience is certain to benefit you. We know what works and how to best market your property.

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Types of auctions

    Absolute is without a doubt the best way to auction real estate because it guarantees to the buying public that the property will in fact be sold to the highest and best bidder. Absolute auctions create the highest level of urgency on the part of the buyer because buyers must come prepared to buy. Absolute auction removes price barriers and forces buyers to buy on your terms and timeline, because with absolute auction there is no tomorrow, the property will be sold and there will be a new owner.

Opening Bid Auction
    With an Opening Bid Auction the Seller agrees to starts the bidding at a pre-set price and absolutely sell the property at or above the Opening Bid. In order to be effective the opening bid must be drastically lower than the perceived value, otherwise potential buyers may not see the value in the auction and take the risk of purchasing under the auction terms.
    The Opening Bid will be posted on auction signs, brochures and all printed material. The Opening Bid becomes one of the key marketing drivers. In order to be effective the opening bid must be low enough to create urgency and create competition.
    If the above two types of Auctions are too risky, then an auction with an undisclosed
reserve may be the best solution.

Undisclosed Reserve
    At an Undisclosed Reserve Auction, the Seller has the right to accept or reject any and all bids that fall short of the reserve set by the Seller and Auctioneer. The reserve is the lowest price a Seller will accept for a property, the reserve is not shared with the public, therefore making it undisclosed. Sellers are legally bound to sell the property at or above the reserve price, in the event the auction falls short of the reserve, the Seller has the right to accept or reject the  high bid.  The key benefit to a Seller with this type of auction is they get to garner all the benefits of the auction without taking any financial risk. The downside to this type of auction is buyers may not be as motivated to perform all the necessary due diligence in advance of the auction knowing that the highest and best bid may be rejected by the Seller, resulting in wasted time and expense for the bidders.

Tom Hall auctions provided extraordinary service and advice after my brother’s sudden passing last September in Allentown. Since I live in Texas, I interviewed several auction companies and found Bill Hall, President to be patient, professional and extremely knowledgeable They were able to sell my brother’s home for more than double the early estimated value of other auction companies. When the closing happened, they quickly sent the proceeds to my estate attorney in Allentown. They removed my brothers automotive vehicle, kept it on their lot until Title issues were corrected and sold it for almost twenty percent over the Blue Book value. Again, the proceeds were sent to the estate account expeditiously. Tom Hall Auctions has a group of professionals that can assist with your questions and guide you to correct PennDOT help, tax liens payoffs and other invaluable information. What could have been a logistical nightmare, turned out to be a silver lining in a sad experience. Bill Hall clearly knows what he is doing and was super receptive to my calls and messages and above all very honest. Also, I never had to return to Allentown to complete the transactions, everything was done by email or phone calls from Texas. They are EXCELLENT!
Marlene Rankin
Super experience start to finish with our real estate auction. Bill Hall clearly explained the options, handled all the details, linked me up with a professional but very reasonably priced company to clean out the house. He kept me informed through the process which only took a little more than a month contract to auction. I was pleased the final bid was more than I expected which I attribute to the advertising and option chosen (low starting bid) which pulled in many bidders. Auction is a way to quickly dispose of properties “as is” without having to deal with realtors, inspections, buyer demands, etc. I highly recommend Tom Hall Auctions for their superb service.
Holly Edwards

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