Jewelry Auction… Gold rings, necklaces, bracelets,  pendants, diamonds and other semi precious stones.

Began: 07/27/18 at 2:00 PM EDT
Ended: 08/07/18 at 7:00 PM EDT

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150 Lot  Estate Jewelry Auction!
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Jewelry is from Lehigh Valley, New York and New Jersey Estates. 10,14 and 18k gold rings, necklaces, bracelets and pendants, diamonds and other semi precious stones.

Auction begins closing 7pm Tuesday, August 7th, 2018 with 2 items closing per minute, bidding continues as auction closes.

Extended bidding, if a bid is placed within the last 2 minute of a lot’s scheduled close time the bidding will be extended 2 minutes from the last bid.

Items are located at 4644 Rt 309, Schnecksville, Pa., 18078

Jewerly Preview Monday, August 6th from 2pm-4pm and Tuesday, August 7th from 9am-12noon or call for an appointment.

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13% Buyer Premium will be collected * 6% sales tax collected unless sales tax exempt

Real Estate * Downsizing * Estates * Business Liquidations
Personal Collections * Jewelry & Couture

Where do all these items come from?
Lehigh Valley and surrounding area estates, collectors & people downsizing.

Catalogue Listing

  Tom Hall Auctions, Inc
  4644 Route 309
  P O Box 310
  Schnecksville, PA 18078
  Phone: 610-799-0808  Fax: 610-799-2199

  151   14k signet ring
        7mm at the top, two rose cut dia, cracked, size 5, 1dwt

  152   10k bloomsburg class ring
        20mm wide at top, synthetic stone, size 8, 9.25dwt

  153   14k green stone ring
        6mm stone (synthetic?), size 7, 1.6dwt

  154   14k garnet ring
        three oval garnets, light damage, 7×5 and 6x4mm, size 8,
        2.5 dwt

  155   14k garnet/pearl ring
        (4) 8×4 marquise garnet, pearl center, heavy damage,
        size 6.75, 2.8dwt

  156   14k garnet cluster ring
        (7) round garnets, 6mm and 4mm, size 6.5, 2.3dwt

  157   14k diamond fashion ring
        .08ct round diamond, size 6, 1.15dwt

  158   14k semi precious ring
        marquise amethyst, peridot, garnet, citrine, size 9,

  159   10k opal/pearl ring
        3 opals, 7 seed pearls (one missing), size 6.75, 1.25dwt

  160   10k class ring
        12×6 onyx, size 8.5, 4dwt

  161   14k blue stone ring
        12mm round blue stone, size 6.5, 2.7dwt

  162   10k synthetic stone ring
        6.5mm synthetic stone, engraved shank, size 6, 1.25dwt

  163   10k filigree ring w/onyx & turquoise
        10×8 onyx, 5×3 turqouise, size 6.75, 1.65dwt

  164   14k sapphire/dia ring
        8×6 sapph, (2) .08ct diamonds, size 7, 1.75dwt

  165   14k diamond ring, 1ctw
        14 stones, rounds, .07ct each, K/L, I1-3, size 7,

  166   10k ring w/ brown stone
        large oval brown stone, prong set, in 10k split shank,
        size 6.5, 3dwt

  167   10k sapph/dia ring
        (4) 3.5mm sapph, (8) .01ct diamonds, size 6, 1.4dwt

  168   10k emerald ring
        (7) 2mm emeralds in ribbon style ring, size 6, 2.35dwt

  169   10k white synthetic blue stone ring
        (1) 10×8 blue stone, (2) small white stones, size 7,

  170   14k pink stone/MOP ring
        12×10 pink stone, damaged, mother of pearl inlay, size
        7, 5dwt

  171   14k blue topaz ring
        14×10 blue topaz, size 7, 3.25dwt

  172   14k moissanite band
        (7) 3mm moissanites, size 6, 1.6dwt

  173   14k wedding set, no center stone
        ladies – size 6, gents band – size 11, 3.5mm width,
        2.85dwt total

  174   14k ruby cluster ring
        Seven 3mm stones, finger size 6, 2.1 dwt

  175   10k ring
        (1) 2.5mm synth ruby, 3 rose cut dia, one missing, size
        6.5, 1dwt

  176   Gold plated sterling ring, green stone
        (1) 12×10 kite shaped green stone, size 9, 5.3g

  177   10k onyx ring
        (1) 16×12 oval onyx w/dia inset, filigree, size 6.5,

  178   14k ear pins
        set of yellow gold ear pins, .7dwt

  179   14k smoky ring
        12mm round smoky quartz, prong set, size 6.5, 2.45dwt

  180   14k gemstone butterfly ring
        (1) 8×4 marquise opal, (8) 5×3 pear garnets, size 7,

  181   14k two tone pearl ring
        (2) 8.5mm cultured pearls, A+/AA quality, size 6.75,

  182   18k – 20″ chain, 1g .999 swiss ingot
        1g .999 ingot in 18k bezel, on 18k twist sparkle chain,
        20″, 3.9dwt total

  183   14k/18k wedding set
        eng ring – 14k/18k top, no stones, size 7.5, .95dwt,
        band 18k, size 8, .7dwt

  184   14k wedding band
        7mm band, size 7, 3.1dwt

  185   10k turqiouse ring
        7x5mm turquoise in vintage ring, size 9, .85dwt

  186   10k blue stone pinky ring
        3mm blue stone, size 3.5, .7dwt

  187   sterling/rose plated pink stone ring
        8×6 pink stone (quartz?) surrounded by promo quality
        dias, size 6, 4.8g

  188   (2) 14k skinny herringbone chains
        (1) 30″, (1) 18″, both kinked, 3.4dwt

  189   14k fiagro bracelet
        8″, lobster clasp, 3mm wide, 2.8dwt

  190   14k blue stone ring
        5mm stone, size 8.75, 1.8dwt

  191   (3) 14k bracelets
        7″ all, one missing clasp, ok condition, 1.8dwt total

  192   sterling amber ring
        14×10 stone, floral mount, 3.7g

  193   10k mount – damaged
        four stone mount, three missing, heavily damaged, size
        6.5, 1.9dwt

  194   14k gents dia ring
        7 diamonds, all round, graduated, 1ctw, size 11.5,

  195   amber drop pendant
        2″ long teardrop amber pendant, wrapped in 14k wire,
        4dwt total

  196   18k flower cameo pendant
        18k bezel and bail, carved flowers, 1.25″ round, 2.9dwt

  197   14k star sapphire ring
        10x8mm oval, loose stone, size 6.25, 2dwt

  198   14k ball dangle earrings
        hangs 1″, 8mm balls, 1dwt

  199   18k/green stone earrings
        3/4″ long, large green stones (apatite?), omega backs,

  200   10k shepherd hook green stone ear
        8mm synth green stone, 1.5dwt

  201   14k dia/emerald dangles
        18 total .01ct dia, 5×3 emeralds, 1.2dwt

  202   14k ladies watch/GF band
        23 jewel Bulova, functions, 6 dia chips, 7.5″, 10KGF
        band, 14k case

  203   14k ladies watch
        46 dia chips, 14k case and band, quartz movement, box
        clasp, 6.5″, 8.75dwt

  204   14k s link tennis bracelet
        53 promo quality dias, one missing, 1.5ctw, 7″, box
        clasp w/ safety, 5.2dwt

  205   14k two tone gents mount
        heavy gents mount, stone cut out and prongs missing,
        size 9.25, 5.3dwt

  206   14k double strand bracelet
        8″, two open link matte-finished strands, clasp with
        safety, 15.9dwt

  207   18k thimble with black enamel
        inscribed AGA, 18k yellow black enamel wheat pattern,

  208   18k/bloodstone brooch
        1.5″ broch, 18k frame, base metal pin part, 6.7dwt total

  209   14k locket
        1.5″ locket, 14k, .05ct dia in center, 5.15dwt

  210   14k fashion ring
        1 inch long, open scroll work, size 7, 2.2dwt

  211   14k fashion ring
        lattice work ring, size 6, 1.75dwt

  212   14k chain ring
        articulated top, solid shank, size 7, good condition,

  213   1/20 oz panda, 14k bezel
        1/20 oz .999 panda, 14k bamboo bezel, 1.85dwt total

  214   14k cuff links
        engraved A, 7/8″ long, 3.85dwt

  215   10k black hills gold ring
        tri color grape & leaves ring, size 7, 2.6dwt

  216   14k cigar band ring
        open scroll work, 11mm at widest, size 6, 2.5dwt

  217   14k/ruby band
        (5) 2mm rubies (damaged), gypsy-set, 5mm band, size
        7.75, 3.1dwt

  218   14k dia ring
        .15ct mine cut dia in claw prong mount, size 5.5,

  219   14k double dolphin ring
        2 dolphins, bypass style, size 6.25, 1.3dwt

  220   18k blank mount
        6 completely worn prongs, size 6.5, 2dwt

  221   14k blue topaz ring
        8×6 emerald cut stone, 6 dia chips, size 6.75, 1.75dwt

  222   10k Beaver College ring
        carnelian stone w/ statue of liberty carving, size 4,

  223   14k pearl/dia ring
        5.5mm pearl, .01ct dia, size 6.5, 1.15dwt

  224   10k Clarkstown HS ring
        1967, 12×10 purple stone, size 4, 6dwt

  225   10k class ring
        too worn to read, 11×11 synth garnet, size 7, 3.2dwt

  226   14k dia band
        (6).02ct dias set in fishtail prongs, size 6.25, 1.25dwt

  227   14k ruby and dia ring
        5×3 oval and (4) 4×2 marquise rubies, (4) .01ct dias,
        size 6, 1.9dwt

  228   14k emerald and dia ring
        (8) 4×2 marquise emeralds, 8 dia chips, size 6.75,

  229   14k sapphire and dia ring
        (2) 6.5×5 pear sapph, 5 dia chips, size 6.25, 2.35dwt

  230   14k herringbone chain, 24″
        2.5mm, 24″, box clasp w/ safety, great condition, 5 dwt

  231   14k herringbone, 18″
        2.5mm, 18″, spring ring, great condition, 2.35dwt

  232   14K enamel/dia flower brooch/pend
        1″, opalescent enamel, .05ct dia, 2.7dwt

  233   14k two toned cuff links
        5/8″ long, yellow inside, white border, soft rectangle,

  234   18k tiffany & co cuff links
        3/4″ long, patterned oval, 9.1dwt

  235   14k thimble
        unmonogrammed, house and flowers engraving, 2.85dwt

  236   1900 – 2 1/2 dollar gold piece
        good/very good condition

  237   14k oval pin
        3/4″, concentric open oval design, .7dwt

  238   14k fan earrings
        1 1/8″ long, posts, no backs, 1.2dwt

  239   14k rippled hoops
        3/4″ long, posts, no backs, .65dwt

  240   14k hoops w/ starfish dangles
        1″ long, charms removable, .25dwt

  241   18k leverback dangles
        1″ long, button leverbacks w/ teardrop dangle, 1.4dwt

  242   14k flower and pearl brooch
        1 1/4″ long, 3D flowers, 3 seed pearls, 1.65dwt

  243   14k filigree/sapph brooch
        2 3/8″ long, 3.5mm sapph, 1.9dwt

  244   14k pearl/sapph brooch
        2 1/2″ long, 19 seed/6 freshwater pearls, (1) 3mm/(2)
        2.5mm sapphs, 2.7dwt

  245   15k clamshell earrings
        1/2″, posts, no backs, .25dwt

  246   14k teardrop earrings
        1″ long, diamond cut/matte finish, shepherd hooks,

  247   14k flower/seed pearl earrings
        3D flowers w/ inset seed pearls, shepherd hooks, .6dwt

  248   14k flower earrings
        3/4″ long, plumeria on wires, 1.1dwt

  249   14k crescent moon/shamrock pin
        10 seed pearls, enameled shamrock, 3/4″ round, 1.05dwt

  250   18k, 3mm band
        3mm plain band, size 5.5, .9dwt

  251   14k and diamond victorian hair receiver locket
        tests 14k, 2.5″ long, approx .75ct mine cut dia in
        center, M+, I1-2, 13.3dwt

  252   14k white wedding set – blank eng
        both 14k white, size 5, blank 4-prong mount, 2.35dwt

  253   10k mourning pin
        1.75″ mourning pin, 10k yellow, large black stone,

  254   14k mourning pin
        2.5″ heavy black stone pin w/ (4) 4mm pearls, 14k pin

  255   14k flower brooch
        1.75″ oblong pin marked 14k, dogwood flowers, 1.9dwt

  256   14k feather pin
        2.5″ feather pin marked 14k, 2.25dwt

  257   14k enamel ivy pin
        1.75″ pin marked 14k, light blue enamel, ivy pattern,

  258   14k enamel ivy pin, small
        1″ pin marked 14k, light blue enamel, ivy pattern, .7dwt

  259   14k cuff links, JFF
        engraved JFF, oval, 3/4″ in length, 6.4dwt

  260   14k victorian drop earrings
        tests 14k, teardrop pattern, hangs 1.75″, shepherd hook,

  261   14k scroll pin
        marked 14k, 1″ long, 2D scroll work, .6dwt

  262   14k enamel & pearl pin
        tests 14k, base metal pin part, with black enamel and 26
        seed pearls, 1″, 3.85

  263   10k crescent moon & floral pin
        tests 10k, blue & white enamel flowers, 3 seed pearls,
        1.25″, 1.1dwt

  264   14k & pearl crown stick pin
        tests 14k, features 12 seed pearls in crown, 1.75″
        total, .5dwt

  265   sterling/marcasite/purple stone pin
        marked 925, art deco style, 3 large purple stones,
        marcasites, 2″, 11.1g

  266   silver tone antique pin
        appears to be silver, unmarked, oblong 2″ sculptural w/
        engraving, 5.3g

  267   multi karat watch chain w/ enhancer
        enhancer tests 12k, chain & clasp tests 8k, black
        enamel/pearls, 42″, 26.5dwt

  268   lot of single 14k earrings
        6 single earrings, all test 14, 2.65dwt

  269   12k acorn charm
        top/bottom test 12k, .75″ long, clear center (quartz?),

  270   14k horseshoe pearl pin
        1.5″, 35 seed pearls, marked 14k, 3.4dwt

  271   silver cameo
        marked 800, marcasite accents, 2″, missing one stone,

  272   14k/Gutta Percha mourning button
        Gutta Ppercha top w/ pearl center, 14k back, 1.2dwt

  273   NO ITEM

  274   strand of AA+ cultured pearls
        19″ w/ clasp, clasp is 14kw, 6mm pearls, excellent

  275   silver cameo small
        1.25″, marked 800, pin w/ bail, 6g

  276   10mm pearl studs
        large cultured pearl studs, 14k posts, golden hue

  277   mismatched pearl studs
        9mm and 10mm, both cultured, 14k posts, gold hue

  278   7mm pearl studs
        AA quality cultured studs, 7mm, 14k posts

  279   sterling/purple stone set
        5mm earring studs, 6mm pendant

  280   sterling/cz heart pendant
        8mm heart pendant

  281   sterling/purple stone studs
        5mm stud earrings

  282   sterling/turquoise leaf earrings
        leaf design, Native  American style, 3/4″ drop

  283   sterling/blue topaz brooch
        2″ ribbon pattern, 10×5 marquise, 4.2g blue topaz

  284   14K pendant opal on rope chain
        chain tests 10K, 16″ rope with spring ring, 1.25/2.3, 12
        opal pendant, 1″ long

  285   18K ladies pocket watch with enamel
        13 jewels, key wind, 24.65 no crystal, enamel, rose cut

  286   14K tennis racquet pin
        14K, 3/4″ with seed pearl

  287   14K coral cuff links
        coral attached to 14K backs, 3/4″ long, 2.45 wt total

  288   cameo in gold colored bezel
        1-3/4″ cameo, set into gold colored, braided bezel

  289   Micro mosaic Victorian St. Peters square
        micro mosaic in excellent condition, set in black onyx,
        onyx chipped, 1-1/2″ x 1″

  290   3 stone mine cut diamond ring
        center is approx. .50, sides approx .25 each, 2.25 clear
        stones, K+ in color, 14K mount

  291   lot of costume jewelry
        chains, pendants and single earrings

  292   lot of antique enamel pendants/pins
        2 pins and 2 pendants

  293   lot of antique pins with black enamel
        3 pins, 1 with seed pearls, all gold tone

  294   lot of antique brooches
        3 pins, all gold tone

  295   lot of turquoise/coral pieces
        2 turquoise pendants, 1 coral pin

  296   lot of older costume jewelry
        1 enhancer, 2 pins and set of cuff links

  297   GP sterling/pearl earrings and bracelet
        double pearl studs, 6mm and 8mm, synth pearl, 2g posts,
        7mm bracelet, 8″

  298   14K pearl dangle earrings
        6.5mm pearls, 4, all parts in 1.35 14K, posts

  299   14K pearl ring
        7.55 mm pearl, 8 diamond chip accents, 215, size 7-1/2

  300   14K pearl cresent moon brooch
        1″ long, graduated size, 1.15

  301   Sterling and semi precious stone bracelet
        7.5 inches long, 6 linked semi precious stones including
        onyx and jade

  302   Marked 750 gold cameo pin
        pin is 1.5 inches x 1 inch, nice profile of woman

  303   14k yellow gold and garnet bracelet
        7.25 inches long with nice red garnets

  304   14k gold bracelet
        7.25 inches long,  made in Italy, 7.3 dwt,

  305   18k yellow gold bracelet
        filigree bracelet, 4.3 dwt, 18k, 7.25 inches long

  306   Blue and green bead necklace with carved bears
        26 inches in length, five white Alabaster carved bears.

  307   Hand painted portrait pin
        1 inch diameter pin, hand painted portrait, woman in
        period dress, appears to be signed along edge, illegible

  308   Three Victorian pins
        Including braided mourning pin- 1 inch long

  309   2 pins
        largest is 1.75 inches with blue center stone, the other
        is nice filigree

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