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After three years in an assisted living facility and paying all expenses on her home, our sister was  convinced it was time to quickly do something about selling her home. This home was essentially still the way she left it three years earlier.Certainly all furniture, furnishings and personal documents and the like accrued over fifty years were still in the dwelling. Even the heat and all services had been maintained.

After reading articles on selling a home quickly via auction, we investigated this approach. Having

other interactions with Tom Hall Auctions, this was our first choice contact on this activity. We met with Bill Hall late in September to discuss the procedure.  Bill’s examples of previous sales he managed convinced us to try this approach.

We first had to clean out the house prior to any Open House. Bill provided us with the name of a contact who would do the complete job. His contact’s price was MUCH less than other quotes provided by  contacts found in the yellow pages.

The clean out was done so quickly we were able to have Bill set up two Open Houses before the end of October.

The Real Estate Auction was set for the first week in November and the sale was completed that day at a price that we considered very favorable.

Bill Hall handled the complete activity from start to finish. Very ample advertising thru USPS and local newspapers was provided as well as display signs.

Our family has been extremely impressed with the very thorough and professional coordination of this activity provided by the Tom Hall Auction in general and Bill Hall in particular.

This is a very satisfactory method of selling a person’s real estate. Selling a property from start to finish at a good price in less than five weeks is really impressive!


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